Where to buy range burner trays?

swampwizNovember 20, 2012

I'm not sure what these items are called, but they are the trays that are located below the range burner element, to catch the stuff that might fall into the cavity of the range.

Anyway, the ones I have are very corroded, and I'd like to get new ones. I tried all the usual places, but couldn't find the exact fit. The range is a Kenmore gas, with the tray basically a square (9-1/4" wide x 9-1/8" deep with one edge having a 3/4" fillet.) Any ideas for store that might have one?

And if that is not possible, what options do I have of safely painting them?


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Have you checked searspartsdirect.com? Find your model number on the stove and then look for the part number. You can search elsewhere online once you know the right name or part number.

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That website only lists electric ranges for Kenmore and mine is a gas. I'm not sure it I have the right model number (it's listed on a sticker on the inside of the oven), but nothing came up when I did a search for it.

I will call during business hours.

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All I seem to have other than that number is the service date sheet that lists a P/N (which is different that the number on the sticker, although the first 3 digits are the same.) When I did a search for that P/N, I got the response "this is not returnable". The number seems to be the part number for the service sheet itself.

Where should I look for the model number?

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Often inside the door frame but it could be elsewhere. The Kenmore model numbers are typically in a format of ###.##### I think. There is a current gas range on their website that is 790.72503. I was able to look that one up and see parts.

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By searching for for 9-1/4 drip bowls, these sites came up, not sure if the part is a match for your model or not....



Here is a link that might be useful: Kenmore Drip Bowls

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Wow, thanks for the links! That is exactly what mine look like.

I currently have the ones with the larger hole. I am wondering if the ones with the smaller holes would fit as well. I would think that the burner for either is the same, just that smaller hole fits snugly with the burner.

My burner is 2-1/4" at the top and immediately below the burner, and the smaller hole seems to be 2-5/16", so there is just a tiny bit of clearance, and it looks like that the ring of that circle would rest right on the bottom section of the burner for a snug fit.

I just have to presume that Kenmore used the same size burner and that the smaller hole pan was meant to fit snugly up to the burner while the large hole pan was meant to have extra space.

Would there by any ventilation issue by having the pan be snugly against the burner? I would go and get the larger circle one, but it seems that all of these larger circle pans are outrageously priced! The small hole pan is the only one that is properly priced. (How can there be such a huge differential in price?)

They seem to be on Ebay too, and it is chrome, with the big hole - and at a proper price.

So, this brings up the question - should I go with what I have now, or go with the smaller hole that seems to fit snugly? It would seem that the snug hole should get very hot, while the larger hole would not.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay

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