help with flush install of cooktop? Thanks!

jeffw_00November 14, 2013

Hi - I am replacing my 20 year old GE glasstop gas cooktop with a new GE Profile (steeltop) cooktop (PGP943DETBB). The final gas connection will be done by a licensed plumber. The installation manual is very general, so I'm hoping I can tap the experience here on some specific things...

1) My glass cooktop had foam tape between the cooktop bottom and the corian top for a snug fit. This steel cooktop does not come with tape. We're concerned that countertop spills will get under the edge of the cooktop (which is a metal lip in an upside-down big-dipper shape


QN: What can I do to improve the seal?

2) The cooktop has a 3/4" lip all around. My hole will provide 1/2" of support all around. However, in the middle of each side, in the lip area, is a little hard rubber cube 3/4" wide x 1/4" high x 3/8" deep, which protrudes into the support area and will raise the lip and prevent it from resting snugly on the corian.

...........:x ...........:----corian------

QN: What is this cube? Why is it here? I'm thinking it's a "snugger" but it's sticking out too far into the lip area, and doesn't seem to be designed to be easy to trim with a box cutter.

Thanks Very Much!


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Have you altered your cutout to accommodate the new cooktop? If so, all tool marks must be removed and all edges should have a 1/16" radius sanded smooth. The corners of your cutouts should have high-strength Corian reinforcements and a layer of aluminum heat conductive tape must be applied to the top (just shy of the flange) and draped into the cutout.

The bump you're describing sounds like packaging to me. How about a picture?

If you're worried about stuff getting under the cooktop, run a small bead of clear silicone between the deck and cooktop. It is easily removed and replaced if you ever need service.

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Yes, I have done the prep properly. It is not packing material, it wasn't touching anything in the carton and it's glued in tight. I called GE but even the supervisors are puzzled by it. They're now saying it's a spacer and that the cooktop is supposed to sit on these 4 spacers and not the rim.

So it's a mystery which is why I posted here. Your comments about preparation are benign but really don't address the problem 8-(

thanks though

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