Need some input on your kitchen floor tile grout

chicgeekNovember 12, 2012

We're in the midst of our kitchen/FR/DR/Foyer remodel and are planning on having a cherry wood plank porcelain tile installed with 1/8 inch grout line-grout will be nearly same color as tile ( and warm wire will be underneath). For those of you that have floor tile in your spaces, what type of grout did you use and are you happy with your decision? We initially we going to use urethane grout (expensive but no maintenance, impermeable, etc.), then considered epoxy grout (little less expensive and impermeable, but concerned about allergic reaction possibilities), and now are wondering if just regular grout with a sealer (least expensive) would be adequate enough.

Thanks for your help!

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Here is the scrollwork design. Opinions?

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I meant to post this to a different thread. I have no idea how it got here! I'm sorry!

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I am confused about your concern regarding allergies with epoxy grout. Is this DIY? Does someone in your family have a known allergy to epoxy? What is the source of the concern?

I used epoxy grout, and am glad I did. So far it is bulletproof, and am very happy to know that it will never need sealer and to believe that it won't darken over time.

Nonetheless, the tiling expert Bill Vincent has expressed the opinion that cementitious grout is perfectly adequate. He acknowledges that epoxy grout performs great, but it seemed to me that his main objection to epoxy grout is the cost. To me, that wasn't a huge factor: it cost me about $250 for epoxy grout, and it would have cost only about $40 for cementitious grout. A big difference, sure, but in the context of the whole ~$3000 floor job, not such a big chunk.

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Hi Angie. Our concerns revolve more around odor/respiratory sensitivity/inhalation than topical exposure. We have some family members that are very sensitive to these issues. Have read some things online and looked as some MSDS information referencing this.

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