UCL's - What to use?

BlackChamoisNovember 22, 2013

I am not working with a GC and not DIY'ing and need advice on UCL's.

The electrician I met with today said they could install whatever I wanted, but only warranty the type that they use which is the Nora brand - either LED or fluorescent.

He showed me one and it was about 5"w - I was expecting something more like a 1" strip. What I did like about what he showed me was that the entire casing was white and seemed to "disappear" under the cabinet and blend right in. Very inconspicuous. (My cabinets will be white.)

He also said they (usually) mount them toward the back of the cabinet - and those that I have seen installed are toward the front.

And he didn't seem to care for the tape. Does it come unstuck after a while?

I am just about max'd out in terms of researching one more kitchen purchase to death ... and just feel like I should let them install whatever and wherever ... but I don't want it to be hideous!

In laymans terms, can you give me any advice?

Where is the best place to mount them? Front or back?

Should I buy my own from HD or somewhere else? If so which kind?

I do want them dimmable so I think that means LED, correct?

Can you show me yours?

Help! Thanks!

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I have installed legrand undercounter system. No crooked outlets interrupting the back splash. All is installed at the back under the cabinets. You can mix and match lights add or take away outlets, put in outlets for phones and iPads. It eliminates unsightly crooked outlets and all the other stuff.

I am loving it. We are the first house in the area to install this system. It was funny when the inspector came for the rough in electrical. He said, "where are my outlets?" There aren't any, at least in the traditional way you find them!


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I've been quite happy so far with the Philips color kinetic powercore led lights. They are very low profile, and the build quality is very nice. Run off of line voltage (something we needed). We have them mounted at the front of the cabinet, the illuminate the backsplash and counter nicely.

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Mine are not installed yet, but the KD's electrician said he ordered American LED, and will be mounted rear, after BS installed. He was negative about light strips for UCL, though uses them in other places. If one uses the strips under cabinets, then one has to take space in a cabinet for transformers.

I stopped in a lighting store, and listened to pros and cons. Since my cabinets have a lip to them, I am content to just go with KD's plan.

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I don't have them, but I'm fairly certain they're supposed to be installed at the front of the cabinet, behind the light rail, to illuminate the workspace.

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