Thought of you all today in Busch Gardens ...

EngineerChicNovember 27, 2012

While in the ladies room I noticed the granite that was used as stall-walls was something so many here would have loved as a countertop. It was mainly a very pale grey with darker gray bands running through it. Like a marble, almost, but with more "sparlklies" and less softness that a marble shows in its pattern.

I thought about taking a pic because it seemed like such a beautiful stone and also a near-crime to use it in a public restroom. I scanned the other stall-walls and noted a lot of variation in the pattern in the stone.

And then I realized I am at a freaking amusement park, for cryin out loud, and need to get back to reality :)

I'm not even redoing my kitchen and you guys have made me TKO (I'm normally a lurker!)

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So funny. I HAVE taken photos of tile in the Welcome Center restroom along I-95 when you first enter South Carolina (traveling South).

Oh, the things we do....

...and I didn't even mention the great tile in the restroom in Barnes & Noble I saw last week....

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I was coveting the dimensional tile on the bathroom stall walls last a Thruway rest stop! I wonder if the state keeps records of tat stuff, I would imagine they are reasonably priced if the state used them!

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Here is a picture I took at the hospital I work at. This is a repurposed surgical room. They match booked the marble.

And for fun this is one of the restrooms we use on the same floor as the old OR (operating room):

Oh yeah, we love stone!

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