Help dissecting this kitchen image

fireberd350November 4, 2012

I love this kitchen and am using it as inspiration for my own remodel. Long story short...We started with picking out Wellborn Divinity colored cabinets and planned on doing a brownish granite. Then we fell for the black or white granites and ultimately a dark gray called Steel Grey. Brown tones were out and I was on the hunt looking for off-white kitchens with dark counters and found this one and LOVE it. Can anyone help me dissect it? I think I see a little dark brown in the granite. I'm wondering if I should do a darker floor too. I'm not crazy on the white flooring.

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It looks like classic black and white with maybe also a bit of dark grey b/s to go along with the grey of the S/S - at least to me. I see no brown. Only color accent is the Wolf-knobs.

It also looks very formal and shiny/glossy to me - and with its fancy furniture-ish molding trim and door profiles. It has a high-end, show-room display quality to me.

Is that the look that you're going for?


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Fori is not pleased

I think folks here would be making their tile guy come back and flatten out that field tile. :P

Overall it looks very blueish to me, like it was glazed with a newspaper instead of the typical brown glaze. It's definitely dressy instead of warm, but that's not a bad thing.

I'd prefer it with a darker flooring than light (I can't see what's actually there). I think the floor would be place to bring in life--a really rich wood would be nice.

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Sorry, I don't dark brown in the granite in your inspiration. I see white (maybe off-white) cabinets with raised panels and traditional styling and maybe a glaze to highlight. I see polished black (or maybe black and charcoal or a hint of blue) granite with a moderately detailed edge. I see an uneven white with a hint of gray backsplash (maybe marble?) with a detail inset and line of a dark grayish blue color that seems to have some sort of textural element.

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Subtle luxe tone on tone details is what this kitchen is about, with a few high contrast elements thrown in. White and black. No brown. Unless the floors are a brownish wood or tile. Highly detailed raised panels doors. Multi stacked crown molding. There's probably 10K worth of molding in that kitchen in a "moderate" priced line. In a custom line, probably at least 20K worth. There's the specialty cabinets too. The funky transition angled (pantry?) cabinet next to the fridge, and the appliqued mantle hood. The ogee edge to the stone. The textural element of the tile which is the same colors as the cabinets, but detailed to provide visual interest.

It's a very expensive and traditional look that will be difficult to replicate without doing the charcoal and white look. AND putting a LOT of money into the details. It's ALL about the details. Using only two colors lets the textural quality of the elements used be the star. And that's why it's not over the top like it would be if you had more than two colors happening here.

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Fori is not pleased

Hey they copied my old fridge cabinet! Except I also put doors in the end. I didn't notice that somehow. :P

Anyway, does anyone know offhand what that fridge is? I'm all about the built in towel bar!

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Here's wider view of the same room which shows the island and floor a little better...

Traditional Kitchen design by Toronto Interior Designer Isabel Beattie @ K Cabinets Oakville

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Fori is not pleased

Oh. You can definitely do better on the floor. It looks like they didn't want to replace the tile they had spent so much on in the 1980s. I'm sure it's better in person. :)

If you want a kitchen without brown to go with your granite, you could do a lot worse for inspiration! I like this much better than brown glazed brown granited stuff.

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