Sending out my vintage faucet SOS to the world

marcoloNovember 27, 2012

I am now in the seventh Malebolgia of kitchen planning, the Sink Fixture Bolgia, wherein homeowners in search of 1920s vintage charm are chased by gigantic living fingerprints and hurled repeatedly into a molten river of FaucetBrite.

I need to find two sets of fixtures that work together in vintage harmony.

The main cleanup sink (a cast iron undermount) gets this, in polished chrome:

The prep sink in the island (an 18" cast iron undermount) gets this, in polished stainless steel (no chrome available):

I realize they only sorta go together. But the Jaclo is the only fixture I can find with the function I need and a look I can live with. No way can I abide a clumsy sidespray at a prep sink, but at the same time, real pull-down faucets are big, bulky and look like something that the Trojan corporation is currently distributing outside a nightclub in Boston. I am hoping the two main fixtures look OK together.

Problem is, I've been looking for matching accessories for so long I'm developing nervous tics.

For the prep sink I need:
- Airswitch
- Soap dispenser. I just can't see leaving a freestanding bottle sitting on the island.

For the main sink I need:
- Airswitch
- Side spray
- MAYBE a soap dispenser. I could live with a bottle here. Unfortunately this counter run is 30" deep so I can't use the cool vintage wall mounted dispensers I've seen online.

So here are some options. For the prep sink:
- The matching Jaclo soap dispenser. Technically it matches--look at the shape of the flange and such. But it's way too mod, unless it would just look sorta invisible.

For the main sink:
- Sidespray, there's this Newport Brass Number.

- Matching soap dispenser

There's a Kohler "Traditional" soap dispenser.

There's also the Kohler HiRise independent side sprayer, which has its own temperature and flow control, sort of. The function is great, but it doesn't seem to go with the main sink faucet. I'd actually considered using it as the only prep faucet, as someone else did here, but I don't know if I could stand it.

So--any ideas?

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Airswitches are airswitches. Nothing "vintage" to be had. For the remainder, I've become very fond of much of Newport Brass lately. They have an unlacquered brass that's just yummy. But, I can see chrome as being the most suitable for your space.

For your prep, look at Nadya by Newport Brass. I think it works very stylistically with your main faucet. I realize it has a side sprayer, but I think that it works well functionally, even if it's not quite as unified as a pull down.

There's a smaller scale "prep sink" version.

It comes in a pulldown as well if you must have one.

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That is a great picture of the HiRise. I was thinking of that faucet as I read the beginning of your post. I bought this for my bath/mudroom. I have not installed it yet. I don't think it will go with your faucets though.

No on the Jaclo soap dispenser too.

The other items look fairly good with your prep sink faucet only. The main cleanup sink faucet needs something different, something more institutional looking - no frills. Can you see if a plumber can put something together for you out of parts?

BTW the kohler HiRise is a pretty good match with the chrome Hansgrohe Axor Montreux line, that I will have in my BR. They have a few kitchen faucets.

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I think small things can make it all come together, and to me what stands out is not different finishes or handles, but rather that there is black on the prep faucet and not on the main. If the main handles have black "button" caps, that little detail could help connect the fixtures (many faucets come with 2-3 styles of buttons). I think the handle of the Newport sprayer you first pictured has a black handle, too? It appears the Newport soap dispenser also has an interchangeable button but the Kohler does not.

GreenDesigns examples are nice, too! Personally, I love the look of the double handle faucets, especially the cross design you have here, Marcolo, and I lurrrrve the look of bridge faucets. It's the vintage industrial look I want, but functionally I need a mixer on my main sink.

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Hmm. The Nadya pulldown does look a bit less...pendulous than most of the others. And the bulbous body part echoes the main sink. But it's 17" high. I think the Jaclo is only 10"? And the small scale Nadya prep faucet lacks a pull down.

That Hansgrohe line is cool, but different vibe.

The Strom faucet at the main sink has white porcelain buttons. The Jaclo has a black handle with white stripes but also comes with a white handle. I did think the white would look wrong on the island, though. It will probably not match the range behind it, and will contrast sharply with the soapstone counters.

ETA: This guy almost looks a little Art Deco, no? It's American Standard.

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That little guy belongs in a malt shop, yes?

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I think that American Standard one looks like R2D2, so on that basis, I'd pass!

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I bought a Hamat Danielle off Ebay about five years ago, and adore it. They have a lot of nice, vintage options.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hamat faucets

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Yikes! sorry for the massive, awful picture.

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Fori is not pleased

I don't think any of them look especially vintage, as in what one might actually find in a kitchen in the 1920s-30s.

They all look like products of the last few decades, which is not a BAD thing, but if the goal is something that looks like it walked out of the '20s, these are not it. These will certainly make for a better faucet experience though and they are pretty.

The decoish AS dispenser though--I could see basing a faucet search on that. It is adorable. I bet its matching faucet looks like it came out a 1985 Miami condo though.

I remember decades ago some fun was made of Martha Stewart for suggesting a crystal soap dispenser in the kitchen. I probably wouldn't do that but I could see using a Fire King inspired bottle on the counter by the main sink...

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The top (main sink) faucet is a pretty dead-on reproduction of a '20s-'30s model. A wall mount would be a bit more authentic but I can't do that for a number of reasons.

The advantage of the Jaclo is that it doesn't look particularly like anything else--it's not as recognizable a shape as a regular pulldown.

Most of the things that pass for vintage these days aren't much so. A lot are based on Edwardian plumbing, or earlier, then kind of bloated out to accommodate modern function.

I'm very miffed at the sprayer search for the main sink. Sprayers do date to the '20s, so this shouldn't be that hard.

Problem with the AS fireplug is that it gets really terrible reviews, unfortuately.

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Sometimes there are no perfect solutions.

I love the first faucet, the bridge, shown. Unique in a way only a connoisseur would notice.

I don't like those big sprayer things, just a bias. I think they will look laughable in a decade (shielding head with forearms, as I know they are beloved).

I much prefer the Kohler HiRise independent side sprayer, for your prep sink. Do you have good water pressure? If you do I think it'd be fine.

I veto the soap dispenser thing. IMHO, not necessary and not pretty either, so why?

PS Ahh, the benefits of a classical education.

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Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, mi ritrovai per una selva oscura, che' la diritta via era smarrita

And all that.

But the main sink still needs a sprayer.

I don't know if the HiRise will really function as a prep faucet--the GWer who used it never reported back.

And while the soap dispenser isn't necessary on the main sink, I still think it's better than a bottle of Dawn sitting on my island all the time.

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Marcolo, regarding the Hi-Rise, Segbrown has one and uses it. She posted recently on a thread about Bridge Faucets that is currently active. I haven't got mine installed yet so can't report on usage. I did try one out last winter at a supply place when I was visiting a large metro area. It seemed ok at the time but I wasn't thinking of a solitary faucet back then. But I have wondered how it would work as one.

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c'mon, you been to Whole Foods. You can do a lot better than Dawn!

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I have the top faucet and after installation was told I could not use an independent sprayer. Do you know of any sprayers that will work? I really miss a sprayer, but I love the look of the faucet.

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Gigi, the only independent sprayer I know of is the Kohler HiRise, which needs its own water supplies piped in from below, completely separate from the sink.

Do you mean you can't use a regular sidespray? Why was that?

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melissastar have doubtless thought out all your wants and needs very carefully, so this is probably moot. you really need soap at your prep sink? Do you expect to wash your hands or dishes there? I ask because although I have a dispenser at the prep sink in my current home, it's because that sink really serves multiple purposes and is often used as a pot and pan cleaning sink. But in my previous home, where prep sink was located on a butcherblock counter used pretty exclusively for prep, I didn't have one and didn't need it, because I didn't wash anything there except produce (no soap needed) and occassionally my hands. And If they really needed more than a rinse, I moved to the other sink.

For what it's worth, I like the Jaclo prep sink faucet and, though yes, it's not vintage, it has a sort of utilitarian vibe that feels right. Don't care for any of the dispensers with it though.

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It's for handwashing, mostly. It would be a drippy walk to the main sink otherwise.

Glad you like the Jaclo. It comes with a white handle.

I'm wavering between that and the Nadya pulldown...although that is still too recognizable as a common transitional element.

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Ooh..I like the striped white handle. Reminds me of vintage glass globed kitchen lights.

As I suspected, you had given careful thought to what you needed and wanted.

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Apparently the Madeira is not set up to accept a side sprayer. Do you know a way to set up a sprayer independent from the faucet?

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I called Sign of the Crab, which makes Strom faucets, and appear to have gotten an actual crab. Anyway, the crab said no, they have no way to hook up a sprayer. So you'd have to use a Kohler HiRise, which has to be plumbed separately with its own hot and cold supply.

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Haha, I talked to that crab too. So, are you still going to use that faucet?
If so, will you use the Kohler HiRise? I think I might just swap my faucet out for a chicago faucet with a side spray.

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I'd prefer a Chicago for longevity but none of the deck mounts have the right look.

I found the HiRise soap dispenser. It might go with the Jaclo.

This Delta is marginally OK with the Madeira faucet.

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I like the look of that kohler, I never think to look at kohler for some reason. What are you going to do about a sprayer on your main sink?

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Looks like I've got to go with the Hi Rise on the main sink. Can't not have a sprayer.

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I posted this on the other thread, but make sure there is room for the second set of plumbing for the Kohler sidespray. I have one on my main sink, which is quite wide, so it fits fine, but I couldn't fit it on the prep sink, because we didn't leave room underneath the island for the extra plumbing.

(As a result, I would have one to sell you for cheap, except it's brushed, not polished.)

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Hi Marcolo, sounds like you are close or have made your decision but just thought I'd say that I have a chrome Chicago Faucet similar to the one you posted from Strom. And I have the Kohler Hi-Rise sidespray mounted right next to it on my main clean-up sink. The faucet is not sold as I have configured it so I had to assemble it using parts from their spec sheets. This is a great faucet - the function and look are just what I wanted.

It is deck mounted and I chose different handles which ended up matching the shape of the handle on the sidespray, and the faucet and sidespray have similar hex nut fittings which also help tie them together. Cross handles are available too- look in parts/components section for the options. The biggest issue though was that the HiRise only came in 2 finishes and chrome wasn't one of them. I chose the polished SS.

My prep sink faucet is a pull-down spray and doesn't match in style or finish. I purchased a soap dispenser but didn't install it - I thought it was too much on the counter. I just keep the soap dispenser in the sink. Mine aren't fancy sinks, more utilitarian so it's fine with me.

Here it is shortly after installation. I'll try to get a better photo if you want. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chicago faucet 540

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Just came across this bridge faucet with a side spray.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barber Wilson

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segbrown, thanks for that tip!

amarantha, hugely useful. I sort of feel that the HiRise doesn't "go," exactly but it's utilitarian enough that it's fine. How does the SS go with the chrome?

I wanted to go with Chicago but shopping with them isn't very user friendly if you want to mix and match.

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Circus Peanut

I feel your pain, Marcolo. My dream vintagesque faucet would be the Kohler Essex with a pulldown on it. Failing that, the Jaclo looks good and doesn't Teresasomethingsomething on this board like her Jaclo wall model?


(no offense to Teresa intended; I'm taking a lot of drugs right now and am a bit loopy)

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onedogie, not a bad looking faucet at all. Not sure if gooseneck faucets work for my '20s vibe or not.

circus, I hope they're good ones. If you're still on antibiotics try Align probiotics from the drugstore. Worked tummy miracles last time I was on the pills.

Waterstone has a very MOD pulldown with a skinny tip. It looks just like a regular gooseneck--no uncomfortably suggestive knob at the end of it. However, did I mention, it's MOD? Why can't somebody make a slender pulldown that looks vintage?

Yes, theresse liked her wall-mounted Jaclo.

So between the Newport Brass Nadya pulldown (green designs' last pic) and the Jaclo, I'm still leaning toward the Jaclo. Thoughts?

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I got so discouraged about soap that I gave up. But I have your Jaclo at the prep sink and a Perrin & Rowe bridge at the main sink with a side spray. One is in stainless and one is polished nickel, so I worried about different finishes. Turned out they are far enough apart that finish does not matter and the arc shape ties the two faucets together.

Originally we planned for all Chicago faucets. The company was bought by a another company and discontinued the residential line. The Chicago shape (like your first photo) had just the right look but now there are very few choices in that style, so we switched to the arc. Have Newport in same shape in the wet bar.

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How do you like the Jaclo? Does the spray work out for you? Can you leave it on spray sitting on the gooseneck? Does the hose look eye-catching and bizarre? You'll mostly see my prep faucet from the rear, where the hose sits.

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Marcolo in answer to your question on the finishes, it is close but not exact. Slight differences to me - the chrome is cooler/bluer compared to the warmer polished SS. From across the room not obvious but on close scrutiny I would say the stainless steel appears to be a touch darker (not duller) comparing it to the "brighter shine" of the chrome. Certainly not an exact match but the difference is slight and definitely not jarring. This sink is not centrally placed though and depending on your sink's location, design, and colors you may see the difference more. I think you really should compare the chrome next to Kohler's polished SS in your own kitchen light.

I went through the same as you trying to find a match to the faucet and was surprised at so few choices, especially that there wasn't a spray available for the Chicago one.

When initially searching for the Chicago faucet it wasn't clear that I'd be able to get the faucet I wanted. But I had a good experience working with them on the phone - the woman I spoke with was very helpful and started me off on how to find the necessary items to build my faucet. When I called back with my order list she confirmed that I had all that I needed.

the first item listed here is the "Wall Mounted Fitting Less Spout and Arms" which can be deck mounted
L9jKCP is the 9" spout
ssjkcp are the angle shanks, etc. The cross handles are available too.
I really like this faucet and have had no problems with it.

Again, hope this is helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home > Chicago Faucets > Parts and Components > Handles >

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Holy cow. Thank you so much for doing that.

When you look at the Strom fixture at the top of this thread, what differences do you see from yours? Chicago obviously has the edge in terms of proven reliability. But there are a couple of design details I like better on the Strom--the thickness of the bridge and the bulby cross handles. Or does your faucet look more like the Strom than I realize?

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Sorry it has taken me a bit to reply. DH leaves the Jaclo on spray because he uses that sink for his coffee maker clean up but I switch it back when I find it because while we have the smaller size faucet the sink is not that large and I try to contain the splashing.

Ours is offset so you can see clearly that it is a hose but I think it looks fine, not weird. I planned for it to serve as an alternative to the once-trendy pot filler and it works very well for that purpose. The prep sink is stainless and next to the stove. The hose can clear the edge of our tallest pots and the whole works swings out of the way for dumping hot water (no dumping hot water into the main fireclay sink).

Jaclo worth the $$.

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I thought I had seen every faucet option and was unimpressed (a pull-down was a necessity but most have a slightly phallic look). Then, Marcolo, you posted that Jaclo! How have I never seen that before?!

So, now I'm the proud owner of a Jaclo 1022 (with the metal wheel handles - not as practical as the ceramic levers but so adorably steampunk-ish). It won't be installed for another month or so - maybe I'll just put it on the mantle in the meantime...

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Finally getting to reply on your question about the differences between the Chicago and Strom faucets. You noted the bridge thickness - the Strom widens and is rounder where the Chicago is straight and narrower under the central spout area. The cross handles of the Strom do look rounder and plumper(at least as far as you can tell from pictures) and I think better looking than the Chicago ones - I have the fatter lever handles, which I had to add on as an extra. My faucet came with the standard smaller lever handles which were not vintage enough for what I wanted. I am remembering now that the type of handle I wanted wasn't available on the Strom otherwise I would have picked the Strom for the vintage features too.

I'd rather not add a bunch of photos here but if you click on photo above you'll see more so you can take a closer look at my installed faucet. You'll see that I have the optional swivel aerator attached to the spout. I wasn't sure I would even attach this since I had the sidespray but I actually use it a lot (actually more than the sidespray) for rinsing out the sink etc. It swivels to point in all directions. If I had to do over again I wouldn't even get the sidespray and would just use this.

You'll also see a couple inspiration photos that I found in a kitchen book. I knew when I saw it that this was the faucet I wanted. Also a couple other options, the Kohler Parq and the Strom too. I would have picked the Strom but for the handles I wanted, which I could only find on the ChicagoFaucet.

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Tuxedo-clad side sprayer. There is another one too so do a search on Dornbracht in case you haven't looked before.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dornbracht side sprayer

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californiagirl, thanks for Jaclo review. "Once-trendy pot filler?" You might want to run for cover.

junicb, sorry I was the cause of extra cash leaking out of your budget. Those handles are way steampunk, although I'd like to see them operated by chains and pulleys.

amarantha that photo album was hugely useful, much more so than the tiny thumbnails the manufacturer's websites provide. I think I'll be OK with the Kohler. There's another independent sidespray that echoes the Strom/Chicago look more closely but it's only available in the UK. My one concern with the Kohler/Strom combo is the difference in finishes, but yours seem OK. Stainless and nickel are better matches to each other, but I will never willingly purchase a nickel faucet again.

onedogedie, both Dornbrachts are cool, but probably a little too dapper for my look.

I'm still debating the the white porcelain handle Strom versus the cross handles.

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I think those faucets look great together. Just in case you haven't considered it, ikea (gasp!) has some great hidden pull down faucets. We have an elver dam and I love it. The only issue is that the pull down is so well-hidden that visitors don't realize it is there. They are very inexpensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea faucets, in. Axe anyone is interested

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Marcolo, you mentioned the Waterstone pull down faucet as being uber mod. They came out with a "traditional" version earlier this year, with regular and extended reach.

Here is a link that might be useful: Waterstone Traditional pull down

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