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rngalNovember 13, 2012

I'm currently redoing our kitchen and have the option to rotate our island 90 degrees which will give us more space near the stove and sink and allow us to put in a couple stools at the end of the island. However, in doing so, we will add a tight space to our kitchen. Overall, I think it's good, but there's one corner that will be 26" or 27" diagonally from our refrigerator. Attached is a picture of our kitchen with the island as it currently is - but our refrigerator sticks out about 6 inches farther into the walkway. Thoughts?

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You mean rotate it so it goes lenghthwise across your kitchen between stove leg to fridge leg?

I'm sorry but the math doesn't add up: Two times 24" counters plus 3 inches counter overhang =4'3", subtract another 3'6", plus 3" for the long length of the island and overhang out of 13' 5" total width of the room, you're using up 8' leaving just 5'5" to be divided into TWO aisles of 32.5" apiece?

In addition, in the case of the fridge which sticks out a further six inches (plus the 3 or 4 " shown on plan), that would mean you are now down to a choke point of 22".

I wouldn't do it as this will make both the main pathways very narrow and in addition inadvertently funnel increased traffic past the range as it will look like the widest path to enter the work zone.

Options: shorten rotated island. Or change shape of island (make it round). Make island into a peninsula attached to cabs by stove or fridge. That would be better for seating. As you now have it, only one seat at island that is viable (on end farthest from sink.) Others will create endless hassles while working in the kitchen.

Do you need an island? Do you need counter-height seating? What are you willing to give up to get them?

Another suggestion consider 30" deep counters all around to make open space smaller, decrease hikes in kitchen and increase storage and prep possibilities, and skip the island completely, or turn it into a small counter-height snack table out of the main kitchen work zone.



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