Pendants are FINALLY hung after almost a year!

breezygirlNovember 3, 2012

These pendants have been a thorn in my side for almost a year. I bought them from One Kings Lane for $49 each intending to do a DIY mercury glass technique. I like the shape, but was afraid of bare bulb/glass glare. The Krylon paint for the MG technique is not easily found IRL so I kept looking and was too cheap to pay shipping from Amazon on an already expensive can of spray paint.

Upon closer inspection I saw one of the pedants had black marks on the white cord and some odd flaws in the glass. When OKL tried to send me a replacement, they found the fixture was discontinued. I searched and searched all the sites where I'd seen them, but they were, indeed, gone. OKL kindly refunded my money on the one damaged light and offered to buy back the other from me since I needed two. I figured the cord might be cleanable and the glass flaws would be covered with paint so I kept them both. At $49 for the pair, it was worth the risk.

Then, my sparky came to hang them many months ago and discovered they needed some additional parts in order to do the actual hanging. I spent a couple of weeks searching them out and thought we were good to go. Sadly, my sparky went dark for months. DH finally stepped up to call him and he appeared the next week. Got the fixtures out, handed him the parts I'd scrounged, and stepped back preparing to be amazed. The screws were wrong. Arggggghhhhhh!!! Sparky jokingly said that's what I get for buying India-made fixtures. After a few more days, he found the right screws and here they are!

Unfortunately, the wonky fixture is also crooked. I wish sparky hadn't hung that one at the open end of the peninsula. It may take my procrastinating DH months to swap them, but I think I'll ask him if he'll do that for me. Maybe that will hide the crooked one a bit.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

Worth the wait! I notice you have 3 orbs in two of the photos. Must be good spirits hanging out around your peninsula.

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Thanks, love_mkitchen. I didn't even notice the orbs until now! Good spirits? I'll take 'em!

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They are just beautiful, and they really go with your kitchen. Such a gorgeous space!!

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I almost think the pendants are hung a bit too high. Do you agree??

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Hi Breezy, No, I don't think so. I like them for the space, quite the bargain too:) If you post a closeup of the wonky one maybe someone can figure out how to correct. And perhaps someone has come across these recently and could point you to another one? Best, oldbat2be

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Very pretty, Breezy. To my eye, they might just be a tad high, but it's hard for me to tell without actually being in the space.

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They are really pretty. I don't think they are too high, since your bar there looks like a place where you would put someting tall, like a big centerpiece in a buffet, or a small Christmas tree.


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Gorgeous! Not sure about the height. They seem fine to me, but I don't like lighting too low either.

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Agree they could be a tad high like you said, but i thought you did it purposely as it looks like an area that people would stand around to converse near the bar. It makes for a better conversation area than if pendants are dangling down in people's faces. :)

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Always love to see photos of your gorgeous kitchen. I do think the pendants are a tad too high, but certainly look good as is.

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Breezy girl, Love the pendants . I have one that is very similar and paid 2x that price. Maybe a little more. Mine also hangs crooked and I don't know how to fix it. I think it has something to do with the chord. I did read that complaint when I ordered it. If you figure how how to get it straight, please let me know.

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I would not want the lights any lower, they look good at the current height and the almost bare bulb strength is better off being higher, not so in your face. Please do not take offense but that crooked one does not look good and the space may be better off with just one fixture anyway, why not swap them and cap off the second?

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They look nice! Maybe wonky is part of its charm! :)

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Wonderful bling from the pendants. I agree, no lower. You don't want the light in your eyes when you stand at the counter. The whole kitchen is gorgeous. I spent a long time looking at it. I must have missed if/when you posted the finished kitchen. Nice eye candy everywhere.

Can a washer be used, shimmed on one side, to straighten the glass? I wouldn't have noticed it was crooked if you hadn't said so, but now my eye does go to it. A shimmed washer would sure be an easy fix. Maybe between the glass and the socket?

How do you shim a washer? Maybe bubble gum (LOL)!

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Breezy - they look great in your kitchen. What is the height from the counter and height from the floor - another way of saying this - Will you hit your head or be looking into the pendants.
I don't think you want to have the pendants in visual line - your kitchen is too gorgeous to block the view.
I agree on the crooked one- hopefully you can figure out how to make it straight.

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very lovely! if it is a little crooked, maybe you can try bending it a little, or adding a small weight to one side, even a little bit of wire or bent paper clip might work? i have read that complaint of a lot of light fixtures because the electrical inside prevents the weight from distributing evenly.

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Breezy, I think the lights look lovely but boy you sure went through a lot to get them up. I saw a couple of kitchens on here that have mercury glass pendants and I loved the look but the clear glass really looks great. This is a little off topic but I wanted to know a little more about your cabinet pulls. I have 3 that I am considering Aubrey is number one, then Ephram and Chatham for my kitchen. My cabinets are going to also be a white shaker style with a bead on the inside edge. After a year, how do you like them? Did you choose polished nickle or chrome? Are you happy with the color? I know I have looked at your kitchen often and saw a post about the pulls but I can't remember if you used different sizes. My drawers will vary in size from 20" to 28", trash pull out and spice pull out are 16". Then of course doors. Just curious the sizes of your drawers and then your pull selection size. I appreciate any feedback you have. I have truly admired your kitchen!

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Breezy, they look great. I think the heighth is good because there is a clear view to your kitchen when you are at your dining room table. I like that openness feel. I agree, also, that if you are standing at the bar peninsula you can converse with someone on other side without interference from the pendants. Enjoy!

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Breezy, FYI True Value Hardware stores carry Krylon Looking Glass paint, and it is free ship to store. Hope there is one near you, I am eager to see how the project turns out.

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The height seems fine to me. It may well depend on the height of people in the home that might be conversing across the peninsula. A tall family is going to need higher pendants than an average family.

The wonky angle would bother me, though. My pendants went up last week and weren't quite right. I ended up standing across the room from the end of the peninsula where I could see all three pendants in line and I gave our builder feedback as he finessed them in line. I made sure that all three of the rods they hang from lined up, as did the decorative parts (bowl? shade? oval? I realize I have no idea what the part that houses the bulb is called in a mini pendant). Hopefully, you can find a way to get them hanging in a more conventional way.

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I actually like the clear glass better in your kitchen..just seems to go better with the clean lines aesthetic you have going there with the walnut, the stools and the faucet.. I am glad these are up. I love love your wrap around peninsula.. Just so useful for bth the kitchen and the dining.. You must find it a convenient spot for drinks/ appetizers etc. during parties.. I wish I had the space :)

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I think they look a teensy bit high, but I could certainly live with it. Especially if you put anything under them or people gather at the peninsula as others have said above. I didn't know what mercury glass technique was so I googled it. I definitely think you should still do this. Leaving them bare looks too stark and modern for your beautiful kitchen, IMO. I found a picture of a fixture very similar to yours and think this would be gorgeous !!!

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Beautiful pendants and kitchen! Enjoy!! :)

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Breezy, those are some lovely pendants! They fit well in your beauteous kit!

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Pretty, pretty!

I started to answer this yesterday, but was torn about the pendant height. They look high, and maybe elongating them could balance out the size and make them look more graceful. But because they are substantially sized, they might be too big to have at closer to eye level. You can tell I'm confused, but when you can't decide, and they're already up... "As they are" wins! ;-D

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