Can we talk about New Venetian Gold granite, please?

tiskersNovember 21, 2008

In my soon-to-be new kitchen, I plan to have creamy off-white cabinets. For countertops, my husband and I both liked the sample in the showroom of New Venetian Gold granite. In the near future, we hope to go to the granite yard and see (and choose) our slab in person.

In the meantime, can anyone share any info, experience, photos, etc., regarding this particular granite? I'd like to know if you like it or not... and why.

And if you have it in your home, can you show me some pictures, please?

And one more question... what color to paint the walls?!! Our home is a Cape Cod style, very light and airy and "cottage-y" looking, with rooms all painted in colors of the sea.

Thank you very much!

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Someone? Anyone?! No one?! ;o)

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sorry I don't have any info for you, but I wanted to give you a bump.

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I have NVG and love it! Our kitchen has medium cherry cabinets and light colored tile floors. There are tons of pictures posted here (check out the search feature at the bottom of this page, not the top) and in the Finished Kitchens Blog.

I found that slabs can vary quite a bit. When we were searching for a fabricator I saw slabs at one particular yard that I loved. But by the time I went back to pick "my" slabs, they had gotten in a new shipment which had a TON of black in it, which I didn't like. Luckily, they were getting in a new shipment the next week and when I went back the new slabs looked like the first group I had seen and I loved them!

Here are a few pictures from my kitchen. Note we are not finished with painting the walls and putting in our backsplash (but we have chosen it):

I hope that helps you make your decision. NVG is very versatile and, in my opinion, a great choice!

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished Kitchen's Blog

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Oh ME78, thanks for the post.

Your kitchen is gorgeous! The NVG granite looks exquisite. Thank you for so much sharing!

I can only hope that the NVG looks as wonderful in my kitchen as it does in yours... I'll have Showplace antique white cabinets w/ ivory glaze, and stainless appliances. I also have a biscuit silgrant sink coming in.

Our kitchens will be two totally different *looks*... won't it be fun to compare when they are both done?!

Your tip about choosing my own slab is well taken, I do plan to do that. I'd like it to have a lot of the silvery color in it, and the garnet flecks.

I can't believe we are the only owners of NVG granite around here?!! ;o)

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I have New Venetian gold in my kitchen and love it more every day! We have cherry cabinets and a light is a sample...

I chose to paint my kitchen BM's brookline beige and that looks great with it, but I think it looks REALLY good in the bathroom with BM Clay. I'll try to get a photo of that this week. I don't know how it would play with seaside colors, I chose the beige-y ones. Mine is more gold than I thought it would be.

My favorite part of the granite are the little chunks of pearly quartzy looking stuff that shimmer. Every day I find a spot that is different.

Good luck with your search!

OH, here's another look

Hope that helps, I will try to take new photos with the new wall color today.

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I have New Venetian Gold and love it. I have stainless steel appliances and my cabinets are cream on the perimeter and cherry with an espresso finish on the island. Here are a couple of pictures

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Bethpen and Jackie -
Thanks for the posts and the photos! Yum, GORGEOUS! It was especially helpful to see it with the creamy white cabinets. Droolworthy, for sure!

Our home's "seaside colors" are all very soft and neutral greens, beiges, yellows and blues. I think I could pull off a lovely warm, beige-y cream color paint that would really make the kitchen soft and neutral. Then pack the color punch with accessories, etc. I'm not toooooo worried about the decorating part, I love to do it and usually have pretty good instincts about what will look good and what we will love.

I definitely want to visit the granite yard and choose our own slab, though... and we are planning to do that.

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I have it in my old, very modest kitchen ( we are building, almost done). I do love it & could very easily have put it in my new kitchen.
I have only sealed it once. It is durable and for us seems to be be stain resistant. We have coffee & wine spills, much cooking & it still looks as good as it did the day it was installed.

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Here's a photo of the NVG with the BM clay color that I love....Sorry it is blurry, I am a bad photographer!

You really can't tell how "blingy" the white and garnet spots really is lovely.

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Thanks for starting this thread, I was just at the granite yard yesterday. I will have medium cherry cabinets as well. I was looking at Kasmir gold and Giallo Ornamental and grabbed a sample of NVG as an after thought. But after getting it home and seeing all these pictures of these beautiful kitchens I am leaning towards it also. I am not starting demo till after the first of the year but I am looking forward to seeing your progress. Good Luck!
Mary Beth

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I have it in my master bath. I absolutely love it with my dark cherry cabinets. But I also love the way it looks with the white cabinets. The only draw back is that is doesn't show any dirt. You have to feel it to see if it's dirty. So far nothing has stained and I have spilled a number of different things on it.

I don't know why the first pic is so washed out. The second pic is much truer. I painted my walls a golden beige color. I mixed it myself, so there is no name for it.

Best wishes! I'm sure your kitchen will be gorgeous!

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Oh, this thread just gets better and better!!! I LOVE seeing all the different variations of the NVG, AND all the various edges, accessories, paint colors, etc., that you all use. THANK YOU!


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We have it in our kitchen and on the Butlers Pantry! Our bathrooms have Tropical Brown granite, or travertine slabs.

The NVG goes with just about everything. However, I can't say that I love my granite. Two reasons, with the first being the main reason.

#1 - We picked out our slab from a local yard. The fabricator did no extra polishing to the granite, and it is not real smooth. Plus, it has some noticeable divots on the surface. I complained and they said that's how it comes when they receive it, and they do noting more to the surface...they only cut and polish the edges. So, when picking out your slab, if the stone is not silky smooth, ask the fabricator if the surface feel will improve, or if that is what you will get.

#2 - The pattern is just busy enough that I cannot see crumbs, dirt, etc., very well. While some may like this, it drives me crazy! I like to have a spotless countertop, and it probably looks spotless, but I know it isn't always clean.

Our previous granite was Tropical Brown and it had the best shine. I could see every little smudge, and I loved to clean the nice silky smooth tops. :)

Butlers Pantry


Old kitchen

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I am so happy I found these posts. My husband and I just went and bought NVG this past weekend. We are not doing a full remodel but we are replacing the counters, flooring, & lighting. We currently have dark brown oak cabinets and dark red walls called red red wine. The walls were painted this color when we moved in, and usually I probably wouldn't have chosen this, but we decided we liked it and were going to keep it. Our kitchen is not very big, so there isn't too much red to be overwhelming. We have gone with a little bit of a wine theme. I was concerned about picking a granite color so quickly but after seeing all of these pictures I am very happy with what we chose. I wanted something a little lighter since we have dark walls and dark cabinets and the dark brown flecks and the little red flecks I think will come out next to the walls and cabinets. The only issue now, is that we have to pick a flooring before the counters arrive. We are thinking about ceramic tile, but I am having issues thinking about a color. This is my first house, so I have never done projects like this, and am having trouble seeing the be picture when looking at samples. Does anyone have any suggestions of tile or any other material that would work well in our kitchen. If I had a picture I would post it. We thought about wood, but we are leaning away from that since our dining room which right next to the kitchen has one kind of wood floor and then the kitchen cabinets is another color so I thought it would be too many different colors. Please let me know if any of you have suggestions of flooring types or colors.

Thanks so much!!

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Your kitchen is gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the name and make of the paint color?

Thanks so much.

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I too like your kitchen very much... so much that mine is starting to look very similiar....could I please have the name and make of the paint color also?
Thank YOU!

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Back in July 09, you sent the newhomebuilder a post requesting paint color... I recently sent one too, asking for the paint color...I have received no answer, I was wondering if you ever got a response... I would greatly appreciate knowing the color.
Thanks a lot!

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RE: NewHomeBuilders wall paint color choice.

I'm not positive about this, but the color looks to be a very close match to an old Duron color: Tobacco Road.
If you go into any Sherwin Williams store, they will be able to mix it for you...they have sample cans that you can purchase for around $5.00.
Hope this helps!!

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I just had Venetian Gold installed in my kitchen. I have stainless steel & black appliances & kind of a honey oak cabinets. What would you recommend for the tile backsplash to give my kitchen a good contrast & make it pop? I would also like to know what paint color & color/type of laminate to put down on the floor? I already have a wood floor in my adjoining formal dining room so I think I would need to go with a specific color on the floor. Please advice. Thanks.

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Sandy P or anyone else,
If I can ever make up my mind, I might be buying venetian gold for my new kitchen. Just wondering if you are still happy with it or is there anything to be mindful of with new venetian gold. I too have stainless/black appliances and I am installing Tawny Hickory cabinets. My other choice is coffee brown. Thanks... Chris

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I KNOW this is an old link.. But, we just picked out NVG for our remodeled kitchen. We, too also were going to get "Giallo Ornamental", but after seeing the slab - we decided to get NVG. NVG has more movement, whereas the "GO" looks more like paint swirls to me.. I wanted it to look like it was stone, not paint :--D.. After seeing these pics I am happy with the decision! Our finished product should look VERY similar one of first posts here..

Unfortunately with holidays, etc. We will be "topless" (& sink-less!) until after Christmas! BOO! Here is a pic of our kitchen so far... (also glad to see light yellow walls in this post - which is what we have).. We haven't decided on wall tiles yet - figured we'd wait til we get he counters first (thinking ceramic & some glass colored inserts to add color).

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I'm sure you're going to be as happy as I am with your choice. Be sure to post pictures when your finished!

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Any recent pics of this granite?

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Newhomebuilder, could you please tell me what color paint you have in your kitchen with the cherry cabinets? It looks great! Thanks!

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I love NVG! I don't have it, but mine is very similar. We did a mini brick backsplash that has matching tones & we went with Avocado by Valspar for the paint. I think all of the colors are very earthy and warm.

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Here is a pic of my wall color with the granite. This is on a side wall, so it doesn't have the backslash.

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I'm so happy to see this. We will be starting our renovation in a few weeks hopefully and my husband and I went today to make some decisions! We have been horrible about changing our minds every other day. I found our cabinets last week and today we went and picked out the granite and tiles. We looked at just about every granite slab in existence I think and in the end we both fell in love with New Venetian Gold. We will have the McKinley cabinets in Cognac by Shenandoah, and an 18x18 tile called Mesa Beige sold at Lowes. I'm finally starting to get excited! I hope my kitchen looks 1/2 as good as all those I see on this site.

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Hi ladies since this topic is about NVG . And the builder just installed granite & when we went to look at it .I dont believe its NVG.. Can you ladies give me your opinion of this countertop....thanks in advance

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