What is the best shelf liner?

saydeNovember 6, 2010

What is the best shelf liner for wood shelves that will store dishes and glasses? I would like something that will not stick to the wood, something not plastic. Is there anything that is like a cork or other non-plastic material?

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I have both cork and Cushy Cupboards. The cork is lots prettier. The Cushy Cupboards (which is pretty much plastic) is superior.

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When we remodeled 10 years ago, someone recommended the non-sticky ridged plastic liner.

It is excellent. Still going strong, and easy to wipe down.
The slight ridges mean that air can make its way into dishes and glasses that may not have been completely dry when put away.

Just cuts with scissors.

It used to be hard to find, but now it is at hardware stores, BBB, and Target

Here is a link that might be useful: PlastoMat Shelf Liner

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pillog, why is the Cushy Cupboards better than cork?

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I used white cotton duck (canvas) - No rubbery residue to stick to the wood, easy to cut, and I had an extra pile of it in the closet from an upholstery job. In our humid environment, the cork product couldn't breathe enough with the doors closed. Easy to clean. Slides a bit if I'm trying to cram too much into the shelf; this lets me know to get rid of something or find another hole to stuff whatever it is into.

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