Just want a simple undermount cast iron sink!

jenniestoweNovember 14, 2012

I'm getting desperate. We're in the middle of a kitchen renovation and I've been looking for a sink for a while. After much research I've concluded that i want just a simple, single-bowl, undermount, cast iron sink. The problem is that I can't really find any out there! I think the main problem seems to be that all of the single-bowl undermount cast iron sinks seems to come with holes for the faucet, but we probably want to mount the faucet on the backsplash wall. The pictures that are shown of these sinks installed don't show the actualy holes -- the holes seem to be underneath the counter as well. I guess first of all I'm wondering if anyone knows of a sink without precut holes? And second, whether we could just ignore those holes and mount the faucet on the wall anyway?

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My Kohler undermount did not have precut holes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler cast iron sinks

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Our Ceco sink did not have holes. Try the Ceco 754-UM at www Ceco.com.

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Yes, you may ignore the holes. They will be covered by the countertop!

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Since you're undermounting, ignore the faucet cut outs. Put the faucet wherever you want it. That should make your choice easier.

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I have the Kohler Lakefield cast iron undermount which I love more than anything in my kitchen. One huge bowl, and one small sidebowl which we use to drain washed fruit and the occasional dish. You can use some of the holes, or just ignore them. Ours had 4 or 5, and we drilled out 3 during install.

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I have the Kohler Lakefield and you can definitely just ignore all the holes. There are 5 of them but we only used one of them, you would never know the others are there as they are covered by the granite. Here is my beautiful sink that I love so much : ) ~holes completely covered

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If you end up going with this sink, notice that it has a decorative reveal and you can either have it show or not, it is sort of a waterfall edge. I have it revealed just a little on ours. It has a nice very slight curve to the back you can see in this picture. This sink weighs about 120 lbs. Be sure they support it with wood supports underneath so it won't pull away from the granite. Our installers did that but did a poor job and so my engineer husband went in and did them all over again. He usually re-does everything contractors do, lol. HTH.

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Thanks, everyone, for the info and suggestions!

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Have you look at the Kohler Bakersfield? It can either be a drop in or an undermount. It's a beautiful sink! I had it in my previous kitchen.

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