Heed my advice--do NOT clean your oven today

breezygirlNovember 19, 2012

I knew better. I had a small, nagging voice in the back of my head telling me to wait until Friday. I hit the self-clean button on my year-old Wolf's upper oven anyway. After all, I had cleaned the bottom oven in September without issue. I had planned to wait to clean the upper until after Thanksgiving, but when I was roasting the turkey wings for turkey stock yesterday, they spit all over the oven.

I found the perfect combo of having someone at home in case the house caught fire from the hot oven and yet not having the kids and I in the house smelling the awful oven cleaning smell so I went for it. I self-clean pushed the button and heard an awful sound of metal grinding on metal from the area where the oven latches itself closed for cleaning. As I was standing there with mouth agape, both ovens shut down and flashed the F1 error. Oven won't open and won't stop ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, dinging at me.

I cannot fix them. After multiple calls to multiple appliance services and Wolf, I found someone who took pity on me. They are overnighting a new control board (I really, really hope this is what will fix a stuck latch) and hope to install it Wednesday afternoon.

Did I mention I'm cooking Thanksgiving for a dozen guests? A smaller group than usual, but still lots of people. And I cook everything. Potluck is a dirty word in my house. I have 2 warm apps that need the oven, as well as the turkey, stuffing, and two of my desserts.

If you were even remotely thinking about cleaning your oven this week....


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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

I was but I won't now! And the exhaust fan doesn't seem to be doing its job like it should.

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I am soooooo soooo sorry!!!! I hate it when I don't listen to that voice. Why is it always right? I hope your part does the trick.

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OH NO. I cleaned mine yesterday with no problems. You are right though, don't mess with Murphy's Law. Good luck!

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I got one of those error codes on my new GE oven first time cleaning it and the trouble shooting said to flip the circuit off at the main box. When I flipped it back on it reset the oven control and unlocked the oven. It has been working fine since then and didn't need any new parts. I have not tried the selfcleaning since and probably won't. Self cleaning equals super high heat which is never good for electronics of any kind. I will just do the cleaning manually

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I do think it's the number 1 rule of Thanksgiving week. At least you didn't do it Wednesday. Bless that person who took pity on you!

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This is just too awful. I'm sooo sorry for you, and really hope the repair folks come through for you. And I won't clean my oven before TG, thanks. (I roast wings ahead of time, too! So nice to have stock and gravy at the ready on the big day.)

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Actually I was thinking about doing that tomorrow. I have not used the self clean yet. Just a little goo on the bottom and the back. Was thinking someone might actually look in there when I took the bird out and I want it to look like new of course. I have a dozen people coming for dinner Thursday...heeding your advice. Oven cleaning will wait till the weekend! The inner voice is always right.

Hope the new control panel is the answer to your prayers.

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Did mine last week, thank heavens no problems! Hope you get it fixed in time!

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Oh no! You poor thing! I hope it can be fixed in time!!

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flip the breaker and see if that resets it!

my sister kept telling me to be sure to get a self cleaning oven. I ignored her cause I knew I'd never ever use it. I've heard too many horror stories like this one.

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Thank you for all the well wishes.

The breaker is off. I HAD to turn it off to shut up that infernal ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding sound the oven was making telling me there was an error. I flipped the breaker for that and for the slight possibility the oven, like a computer, would reset itself. No luck. But at least the thing shut up.

Following some advice I read after doing some online research while on hold with Wolf, I can get the code on the screen to clear by pushing certain buttons in a certain sequence. As soon as it does, though, the oven tries to unlatch itself, grinds again, and then gives me the error code again. The latch is stuck. The door won't even open. This is what makes me nervous that the new control board is supposed to fix the stuck latch. ((nervous tapping....))

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I know you did some research on this problem but in case you didn't see this one on fixya.com I thought I'd post it for you. The second response gives an addition suggestion for making the fix work. Good luck to you.

"I had the same problem with a Wolf L-Series double wall oven (Model DO30) and called for service (under extended warranty contract). The tech told me that the F1 error is a latch problem (you know the one that grabs and locks the door during self-clean cycles). He cleared the error using a series of "secret" button presses on the control panel and the problem cleared. Now, when it happens (which isn't very frequently), I do the same thing he did ... press "0" and "Temperature" for the oven causing the problem and hold them for about 5 seconds. The oven will ding and the display will show some diagnostics, including the error event. Press "Cook Time" and "Stop Time" while in this diagnostic mode to clear the error register, then press "Off". I've also tried to keep the area across the top of the oven opening clean (with a little degreaser), especially around the latch, and I've sprayed a bit of WD-40 into the latch periodically for lubrication and cleaning"

"All - Thank you for the post to the resolution to this problem. We have a Wolf oven and the same thing happens, and it seems it happens every time after we self clean the oven. This resolution worked, but took us a couple tries with the solution, and then realized there is a small clarification to this that might help. In order to clear the error, you must press and hold the Cook Time and Stop Time buttons, and hold both for 5 seconds until the console beeps again. This clears the error, then press Off. Then restart the oven, and it should work ! Thanks again for the tip, this saved us another bill we can easily do without."

Here is the full Sequence Reiterated:

Press "0" and "Temperature" for the oven causing the problem and hold them for about 5 seconds (be sure its the Temp Button for the oven having the issue). The oven will ding and the display will show some diagnostics, including the error event. Press "Cook Time" and "Stop Time" while in this diagnostic mode AND HOLD for 5 SECONDs to clear the error register, then press "Off". Now your oven should work properly.
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ok now - waiting for you to try this fix and see if it works!

let us know

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What a horror story! I hope the fix posted above will work for you. I can't imagine the stress with Thanksgiving looming.

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This is at least a reminder for me to try my new oven before Thursday. I am one of those "non-cooks", gave it up after decades! My new range has a small top oven which I use a few times a week and a large bottom oven. I've been in the house about 6 weeks and have never turned it on! I really should try it before I begin to cook the feast!

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the service guy told me that if i wanted my oven to last, i shouldn't use the self clean function.

we use our grill to cook all meat and fish so it doesn't get very dirty.

hope yours gets better.

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Oh, that's terrible! I will definitely wait until after Thursday, thanks for the warning. During Sandy, we stupidly had our new GE Cafe locked (we keep it locked when it's not in use, so little munchkins can't play with the gas dials). Well, if you use the child lock feature, the gas is shut off...there is no way to turn it back on if the power goes out. Grrrrr.

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Sorry about this Breezy. We should all heed those little voices more often. I hope the secret code will unlock your oven.

I have never in my life used an oven's self-cleaning mode. I love tech, but I don't know why we need so much electronics for cooking.

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I am so sorry Breezy! I'll kep my fingers crossed that the part comes in time and works!

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I realize it's sacrilege for a cook like you to buy Thanksgiving dinner, but sometimes needs must. If you live in an area with a Wegman's, I think their turkey dinners look pretty good. If I had a disastrous oven malfunction, I'd let Danny [Wegman] cook at least part of the meal.

I do hope it doesn't come to that, but just in case.

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A long time ago some repair guy told me that more ovens burn themselves out before Thanksgiving, because people who have never cleaned their ovens out get this brilliant idea they should. Now. Evidently the huge electrical draw (obviously on electric stoves) frequently burns out the element.

Now, as far as your fabulous stove and oven?
I just can't believe it. What a nightmare.

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Eeek, not a stress to have before the big feast.

I have never made it completely through an oven cleaning cycle. The smell is soooo bad. I normally start it and go as long as I can (about 30-45 minutes) and then turn it off and clean it out. It seems to do the trick. Very easy to wipe off what is left. Maybe that's why my oven has never 'burnt up'. I've never thought about it.

I know that doesn't help you now though. Were you able to get it unlocked?

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Badgergal--yep, that's the secret sequence I referred to yesterday. When I push those buttons, I get the flashing F1 error code to clear from the screen. Hooray! Then the oven tries to unlock itself, grinds the metal latch, and goes into error code again. The problem is that the latch is stuck. I'm not getting the error code as a random computer board malfunction. It's just plain stuck! I appreciate you researching for me! How very kind!

I had planned to avoid self-cleaning, but wasnt diligent enough along the way over the past year after install to clean up immediately after spills. So, my ovens were dirty. That's why I ran the self-clean on the bottom oven weeks ago. If my computer board was fried, I would have plenty of time before thanksgiving to get the ovens repaired. I guess I got cocky yesterday figuring if I didn't ruin the ovens by cleaning the lower one, I'd be OK cleaning the upper. And the upper one wasn't even very dirty before the turkey wing roasting as I use the bottom oven exclusively if I'm just using one at a time.

I tried flipping the breaker back on today. No luck. The latch won't open.

I'm trying to come up with back up plans in my head just in case.....

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Breezy, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that the new board will fix your problem.

You don't say if you can still use your lower oven. If you can, maybe you can borrow an electric roaster from someone to make your turkey, leaving your lower oven free to cook all your other dishes. The only thing about an electric roaster is that the skin doesn't get golden crisp like it does in an oven (at least in my limited experience). They're also not expensive to buy if you can't find one to borrow.

If your lower oven has also been put out of commission by this problem, I'd go out and buy a Breville Smart Oven (as well as the roaster). Its smaller capacity may change the timing of dishes since you'll only be able to do one at a time, but it's a great little oven--unfortunately, it's not as cheap as the roaster at $250.

Best of luck today with the replacement board!!

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Another fall back position: grill the turkey. We do this on our charcoal grill, indirect method with a pan of water or cider or something under it. It's wonderful; it tastes smoked. A 14 lb bird takes about 2.5 hours, I think. Unless you live someplace with reasonably dependable weather, Wegmans or its ilk is still probably a better option.

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Flwrs--I did get the F1 error code to clear from the bottom oven. However, when the breaker is flipped on to use the oven, the upper oven does that constant and annoying ding, ding, ding, ding, ding,ding, ding, ding to tell me it has an error. I'm not sure if a house full of people can stand the constant noise if I were to use the lower oven. So that's an issue. Plus, I'm afraid that the tech coming tomorrow won't be able to fix it and in the process will disable BOTH ovens. I have thought about passing out earplugs during cooking time Thursday if just the lower one would work. Hmmmm...

Ginny--I told DH he may need to use the gas BBQ for the turkey. We have portable electric convection oven from several years ago. We had been planning on selling it, but I hadnt gotten to it yet. It doesn't cook very evenly, but if it was sitting on the counter in the kitchen where I could monitor food and rotate as necessary, I could get by. I would just cook items one at a time and pop them into the warning drawer to hold until meal time.

I wonder if rosemary biscuits or stuffing would hold better longer in a warming drawer?

Off to toast my many cups of nuts on the rangetop instead of oven!!

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Oh goodness, I hope this gets fixed. Had a friend who had their Viking lock up on them the night before Christmas, and they ended up having a stovetop meal of pasta and salad, saving the holiday meal for after the repair guy came.

(Having served pasta and salad myself, by choice, for Thanksgiving 2010, I can say with certainty: nothing wrong with it at all.)

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If it were me, I would go with Plan B and buy the best prepared Thanksgiving dinner available in my area and not put any faith in your oven being fixed before then. I could not stand the stress of the uncertainty. I realize that you have a fabulous new kitchen and love to cook the entire meal, but sometimes a meal is just a meal. I have endured the most heinously prepared Thanksgiving Day meals with family (better food is served at some of our soup kitchens), but it didn't matter because we all love each other and being together was what mattered. I would eat PB&J if I could have them back again.

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I think either biscuits or dressing would be find held warm for a long time. I don't think you could ruin either.

This menu sounds wonderful, BTW. And you sound calmer. You're doing great job of alternate planning.

Once we were at some friends' house for a dinner party for 8 people. The power in their whole neighborhood went out while we were having drinks. The menu was to include chicken cutlets and rice. Fortunately, it was summer and still light out, and they cooked it on the gas grill - even the rice. It was delicious. I was really impressed - I would have ordered in Chinese. We still talk about it. At least you have power! (knock on wood)

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Try pushing "In" on the oven door before and during the time it is trying to unlatch.

I think it is extremely unlikely a new board will fix this problem.

Usually I put up a "Pre-Thanksgiving Message",


I'm sorry I did not do so this year.

Try my trick , "pushing in on the door", (as close to the latch as possible).

Wonder where SZ/Wolf is today, now that you had to CRY
"WOLF"???? (LOL).

We are having about a dozen for Thanksgiving, so I can certainly relate to your problem. I've never had oven problems, but I show videos and Slide shows that I make during such get togethers, and one time neither the old cmptr I had hooked to the TV or the LG DVD player would operate, I did finally get the LG going but it created some
"Interesting Moments"---guests sitting around with a, with,a , well You know!
New computer now and all tested!!

Hope My trick fixes it for ya--Best of Luck with it!!!


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Zeebee--I think I'm too much of a traditionalist for pasta and salad, but the important thing is that we are together as a family!

Linelle--I'm going to research BBQ turkey cooking tonight so I'm prepared if ovens aren't fixed. I've already picked the spot on the counter for the portable convection oven.

Ginny--We had a terrible wind and rain storm yesterday with power flickering for hours. If only the power HAD gone out I wouldn't have tried to clean the oven! LOL! I am calmer today. I only freaked out for about an hour. I've found that since my Dad passed away in May things just don't get me as riled up as they used to. Am I finally more laid back? Not sure. I know I couldn't change gears like your friends at their dinner party.

Here's the full menu, or at least what I was planning before yesterday.

Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese and almonds
Stilton tart with cranberry chutney
Spiced nuts
Cougar Gold cheese with rosemary crackers

Spiced apple cider (spiked with rum for adults)

Curried squash with cilantro garnish

Fall greens with persimmon and hazelnuts

Roast turkey and pan gravy
Simple sourdough stuffing
Mashed potatoes with roasted garlic
Haricots verts and walnuts with lemon vinaigrette
Cranberry ginger sauce
Rosemary biscuits with cranberry butter

Wine still tbd. I have a tasty sparkling chard I may use.

Honeyed walnut tart
Pumpkin bread pudding with caramel sauce
Honey cinnamon ice cream (made this last night--WOW!!!)

Tawny port

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oh no!! hope it gets fixed in time. in the meantime, do you have an outdoor gas grill you can use? i have read that they make pretty good birds, not sure about tarts though (but i would think just homemade ice cream would be plenty nice!!). you can also consider deep fried turkey.

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breezy-we have grilled a whole turkey before and it was wonderful! We did brine it overnight first though - anyone around you have a deep fryer? Those work too. That is a bright spot - might not be as you pictured but it will be memorable and the bird will get cooked!!!

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Cougar Gold!!!! Yum! Haven't had that in so long. You are going all out... Quite a wonderful sounding meal!

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Gary, it worked!!!!!

Thank you a thousand times!!

DH pushed hard right up on the oven door at the latch while I flipped the breaker. I had tried pushing there yesterday, but must not have done it hard enough or at the right time.

On closer inspection, it looks like the upper door is out of alignment and that's why the latch stuck. Remember, the oven did NOT even heat up at all for cleaning. It stopped as soon as the latch couldn't properly engage.


Gotta run and call off the appliance repair service planning on making a special trip more than 30 miles tomorrow to replace the control board.

Rhome--It really pains me, being a Husky, to eat Cougar cheese, but it's just soon darn tasty!! As far as dinner, I scaled back a little knowing only 12 were coming. Our lights are flashing again today. Yours?

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Have bitten my nails while watching this saga unfold today. So happy to tune in to find a very happy ending. Congrats to you, and well done to Gary!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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Wow! I love a happy ending like this. Is the latch only used for the self-clean function? IOW, no chance of the door deciding to seize up while there's a turkey inside?

Happy Thanksgiving Breezy. I know this will be a tough one without your dad, but I'm sure he will be present in your hearts.

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Yeah! glad to hear you will have your ovens working.
For future thanksgivings you might want to try the turkey on the grill. I always make one in the oven and one on the Weber with indirect heat (also add a couple wood chips for a little smoke flavor). It doesn't have to be brined. Everyone loves the grilled turkey. It usually get consumed faster than the oven baked one.

Happy thanksgiving to you. The first Thanksgiving after losing a parent or child is very difficult. I know that on both accounts. You will get through it somehow. You are in my thought and prayers. Sorry you had this oven malfunction to add to the stress.

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Breezy - I was following your saga at the airport and so excited to hear that your oven is back working
I am not having TDay in our new kitchen but definitely will remember - Don't clean the oven right before a holiday - no matter how tempting..

Sounds scrumptious!

We will need to see a picture of this spread!!

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Woohoo! Great news - let the festivities begin! Back on track. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

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Kris and Autumn--Happy Thanksgiving to you also!

Linelle--Good question. Every oven mode I've tried has not engaged the latch. As far as I'm aware, the only mode that engages the latch is the self-clean. My old, POS range was like this.

Badgergal--maybe next year I'll try one turkey on the grill. It's usually pouring down rain on Tday so I don't send DH out in that to grill. You always cut right to my heart when mentioning the loss of your child. I cannot imagine the gut-wrenching sorrow.

A2--Have a great flight and Tday. I'll try to grab some pics of the food if I'm present enough in my head to remember! Usually I'm running late and am stressed trying to finish all the last minute tasks.

Thank you all for the support on facing my first Tday without my Dad. He always said the prayer before the meal, ending it with "May this meal nourish and strengthen our hearts, our minds, our bodies, and our souls."

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Do you think it will hurt to have the control board replaced now that we know that's not the issue? The repair company said there was a bulletin out about the F1 error code calling for replacing the board. Even if the board wasn't the problem this time, does it make sense to just replace it anyhow?

And, does the board replacement entail taking out the ovens from the cab? That sounds like an awful task with an island 41" in front. The ovens are stuffed so nicely in the cab it seems like it would be difficult to remove them.

Thank you again, my Thanksgiving angel!

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Take care both of you.
My DM has never recovered from losing DS.
I am headed to a memorial for a friend this weekend who lost a DD to a rare form of ovarian cancer last year on Thanksgiving. I am thankful that my brother did not pass on a holiday and my DD held on past by birthday.
Life is not fair.

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I will have to do some research on the F! error code,and also will have to check to see if it is necessary to pull the ovens out to replace the boards, like You I wouldn't want to have the ovens removed.

Fortunately, You have plenty of time to decide!

Here is the order I would do things:

First and FOREMOST, ENJOY BAKING THANKSGIVING DINNER WITH YOUR OVENS, and serving what we all here know will be a FANTASTIC MEAL!

Second, (at your convenience), Call wolf and ask them about the error code F1, also ask if it is necessary to remove the ovens to change the circuit board/s.

Meanwhile I will see what I can find out, but again no hurry, since that board did not "FRY" trying to open the stuck latch, (TO Me) it's a good one, (Board).



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My $0.02: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I would, however, have a repair person realign the door so the latch doesn't jam.

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Hi Breezy - I am happy to read the issue is resolved! The control panel on my L Series double oven was replaced today. It is a very simple process and the excellent service technician had everything completed in 30 minutes. The doors are removed first to reduce the weight followed by a series of screws. The tech pulled out the oven about 8 inches, removed a piece of metal on the top of the oven, pulled out the panel and installed the new one. Put everything back together and it works perfectly. I must also say the breaker was shut off during the process.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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"My $0.02: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I would, however, have a repair person realign the door so the latch doesn't jam."

Peter's advice is "Spot On", and He much more "Concise" than me.

I can not find many F1 errors regarding Wolf Ovens, and those that I do find, recommend replacing the latch assembly, not the board---at least those (that I feel) know what they are talking about.

Googling Wolf Oven F1 repair bulletin also turned up nothing, although Wolf, (most likely), would not want such bulletin as "Common Knowledge".

So as Peter says-------

CAll Wolf after your Great Thanksgiving, ---just give it a "Trial run" to be sure everything is "AOK"


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awesome that it's now working!

do have that door realigned - or a whole new one put on.

"May this meal nourish and strengthen our hearts, our minds, our bodies, and our souls."

that's a lovely prayer!

Happy T day to you and your family!

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breezy - I was following this and am so glad for you that the oven is fixed, and with help from one of the great people here!

I don't think I've ever cleaned the oven right before a big holiday. All that 'seasoning' on the interior walls just gives the food more flavor. ;o)

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Been thinking about your situation all day. So glad Gary's advice worked! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Yay! Glad it worked out well!

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Oh breezy~ If anyone could pull off a lovely Thankgiving dinner, it will be you! No matter what is going on in your kitchen, your aesthetics and organizational skills are amazing.

I am so happy that everything is working for you! Relax and have a lovely time w/your family and friends.

You never know what lies ahead. I lost my father last yr on Nov. 30th. Thanksgiving was our last holiday. I have not recovered by any means. In some ways, its getting harder.

Whats amazing, is the GW website. It has helped me thru so many nites when I have been unable to sleep. And it is the best diversion that totally tricks my brain into concentrating on something else. Needless to say, I am TTTKO. I have wandered thru your kitchen many times, in awe and excitement. It is comforting to know you will be entertaining in your beautiful space this holiday.

God Bless. Enjoy every moment!
Your menu made my mouth water. Be sure to post pics!!

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Yay!!! What a relief! That menu is incredible.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Turkey Day.

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Wow, great news! hope to see pics of your feast! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Glad to hear everything will be OK!

I used the self clean on our oven last month. A dutch apple pie had cooked over, and I forgot to put a cookie sheet underneath. I had to run the self clean. It was a little scary, but everything is OK and I'm all set for tomorrow.

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Wow! So glad that everything appears to have worked out. I can't imagine the stress of suddenly having no ovens for Thanksgiving! Your menu sounds lovely. Also want to send you some hugs and support as you go through this first holiday season without your father. Hopefully you will feel his love and warmth as you remember all the years past.

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Your menu sounds just so yummy! Cranberry Ginger Sauce sounds amazing..

Hugs to you as this is the first holiday since your dad passed away..

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On the Monday after Thanksgiving, I phoned Wolf CS and spoke with a service dept pro who assured me the tech coming the next day would evaluate the oven situation to see if a new control board was needed. When the tech came the next day, he removed the door, quickly made a slight adjustment, and all was fixed!! Just to make sure, he began the self-clean mode about five times. Each time the latch engaged properly and the oven began to heat. Hooray!

Now I realize why the upper oven sounded differently than the lower when closing it. The side of the metal door was hitting the side of the oven cavity so what I was hearing was metal scraping metal. The lower door, since it didn't hit, made a satisfying, sturdy "thump" noise. The ovens were floor models and then sat in my garage for months before install. Who knows when the door came out of alignment. I can say that I am happy with the customer service I received from Wolf and from the nearly local repair company.

On a funny side note, the repairman was very impressed that I thought to check the web about the oven latch, but even more so that a stranger would be so helpful as to suggest the "push against the door" technique that resolved the problem enough to open and use the ovens. Great job, Gary! I sung the praises of GW KF!

Btw, every person I know IRL who heard about my ovens (and there were many) now knows that a GW friend named Gary came to my rescue! Thank you, again!

On a sadder side note, the holiday wasn't as joyful as usual without my father. I appreciate the thoughtful messages from you all on this thread. Christmas is going to be even worse, but I'm determined to enjoy my kids and make their holiday a magical one.

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Motherof3sons--Thank you for letting me know about the control board replacement process. Glad to know it isn't as invasive as I'd feared. And your sharing reminds me again of just how awesome GW is. Where else can I hear from someone who had the exact part replaced on the same ovens in the same time period? Incredible!

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You are most welcome BreezyGirl! My service technician traveled more than 1.5 hours one way to service the double oven 3x!!! He is wonderful and will be the person I request if there are future problems.

I am delighted to read your oven issue is resolved. Happy baking!

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