What should be expect for cost of cabinets

mbarstowNovember 6, 2008

We have just had a KD measure our kitchen for Decora cabinets. We will have about 18 cabinets total, with a hood and a 9" roll-out next to frig. Before we get the price, what should I expect for a quote? We got a price of $13,000 for Diamond cabinets, but I think Decora might come in higher. I am trying to prepare myself for sticker shock.

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It's almost impossible to give a ballpark for you, since so much depends on the finish, the interior fittings, the sizes and any customization that you are considering. 18 cabinets could run anywhere from $5K to $50K!

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I was just in a shop today looking at Decora cabinets. I was pretty impressed with them overall.

For the shop that I was in, they were their top-of-the-line cabs, followed by HomeCrest, Timberlake and Legacy (according to the slaesman).

Without knowing what cabinets, options, finishes, etc. a price really can't be guessed. But, just for the fun of it, I will take a 'blind guess': $36,000.


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My guess is for an installed price. : )


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For 18 cabinets, there are over 32,000 different ways of combining them with types, finishes, woods, options and level of construction. And that is just in a lower level stock cabinet line. A semi custom line or fully custom line will have even more options available.

There is no way to know what your quote will be, even with the number of cabinets, the wood, the finish, and even half a dozen other options finalized. There are still 2000 options even with those three plus variables taken care of. There is only a good guess when you narrow down some things.

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Thanks for the responses. I am using pretty standard cabinets. All base cabinets, except for 36" corner sink base, will be drawers and three or four bases will be transitionals (angled) on corners. The top cabinets will be standard, maybe 2 with mullins and glass and next to frig is a tall 9" pull-out. That's it. I shutter when I think they could run $36,000 yikees!

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As was previously stated by others, there are a lot of factors that go into the cabinet cost.

for decora, the largest factor would be the % off the full price (that nobody in the right mind would ever pay) that your KD would offer. we got ours for 55% off retail. The other place that also offered installation was offering the cabinets at about 25-30% off. Huge difference!!!

the other factor for decora would be the door style. there were some styles that in maple were more expensive than a cherry in another door style.

be sure to check out their on-line catalogue, if you educate yourself with it, you can play with the design and get rid of unneeded extras and get the most for your buck. I got rid of a couple smaller cabinets by moving things around and just getting a larger cabient in place of 2 smaller ones.

i know that for this line the drawer-based cabients are a bit cheeper than the cabinets with roll-outs.

we paid about 14K (including the taxes, about 8%) for 26 cabinets in Arlington cherry (i think it was a Plaza door style, can't recall). See my blog for the photos.

the costliest cabinets were the corner 36" super susan, the 96" microwave cabinet and the 42" wide buffet cabinet.

Here is a link that might be useful: my decora kitchen

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Yana - I am so grateful for your pictures of your Decora cabinets. Your kitchen is wonderful and it's obvious a lot of thought was put into it. If my KD came in with $14K, I'd be positively giddy. Would you mind telling me the name of your granite--it's marvelous. I have chosen the Braydon Manor door in maple--haven't decided on the color yet. This entire project would be so overwhelming, if it wasn't for this forum and the great people who are so welling to share their experiences. I am so grateful for all help.

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Thank you very much for your kind words! I love the kitchen, and I get excited every morning when I see it - and it's been over a year since everything was completed.

It took me about 3-4 month to settle on the final design. My KD was a saint by putting up with me b/c I kept changing some cabinets around (that catalogue could also be a curse :)). At least we kept the general plan the same, I just kept finding more interesting options.

The granite is called Tropical Green aka Kerala Green aka Hawaiian Green and I also think Verde Laura. It has specs in it that match the cabinet stain. And I love the green! The granite was class B so that made it much more affordable.

I forgot to mention in my previous post (sorry, I was in a hurry) that the price reflects pre-2007 January price increase (i think it was about 6-7%). I can't stress enough the importance of shopping around. We really liked Decora so I got a list of local dealers in the area from the Decora site, and all were offering different % off the list price. The most expensive cabinets were from "do it all" kind of places. You should insist on getting a complete breakdown of the quote, because you may find it shocking what a small "specialty" cabinet may cost. It really helps to see piece by piece quote.

Also, glass fronts tend to be very expensive so sometimes people order just the door that is ready for a glass insert and get the glass in a specialty shop for a fraction.

Braydon Manor is a great choice!!!

there's a recent thread on decora cabinets (2 days back at the most), perhaps more people can share their costs.

Good luck with your journey!

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Timberlake is listed as better than Legacy? Bertch Legacy? I own a set and I think they're turds. Doors are nice, but the veneer on the finished ends is peeling, and the bottoms of some base cabinets are bubbling terribly from leaky drinks, etc. Perhaps there's a better line of Timberlake you're talking about, with something other than particle board/veneer box construction.
Mine are Wyoming Square maple in harvest (I think--looks like Diamond's harvest)

Also, my doors are shrinking. I realize this happens with many cabinets, but Bertch stains them prior to construction. Timberlake must not, because I can see bare wood on my insert where the door frame has shrunk.

People are correct in saying it's hard to nail a price down. Don't be sticker shocked though, there are things you can do to knock the price back down. Add crown moulding later, don't get a glaze (if you have kids, your cabinets will get a natural glaze after a year or so anyway in all the cracks), etc.

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Yana -- your suggestions were terrific: asking for a complete breakdown of the quote, get additional prices from Decora dealers, and do the glass inserts ourselves. All great points and certainly possible.

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Craig, I don't think we are talking about the same Legacy. I was referring to Legacy Cabinets, LLC out of Alabama. Bertch has a line of cabs called Legacy, I believe, but they are out of Iowa.

Anyway, that is just what the cab salesman told me...I haven't owned either Legacy or Timberlake.

mbarstow, I hope that you can find your Decoras at a great price! They looked like pretty nice cabinets.


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I am just embarking on a remodel. We are still finalizing the design. As of now, the written estimate I just received for Cherry cabinets and an island is $17,600. I will add a few things of course, like a couple of pullouts for spices, etc. but this price is much better than some of the others I was quoted (25 to 40K). I think it is worth getting an estimate from an independent cabinetmaker since they can usually beat alot of the dealer prices (esp Home Depot and Lowes)

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