Anyone not put in a prep sink?

MardoNovember 30, 2012

We are building a new home with a very large kitchen. Our island will be 2 tiered: main island approximately 8x5 with a lower attached table approximately 6x4. Although I appreciate the functionality of the prep sink I've dreamed of having a grand island with no interruptions on the surface. Placing a prep sink on the perimeter counter area is not doable, nor desirable IMHO.

Are there any other non-prep sink'ers (not quite a word) out there and why did you choose not to add one into your design (remodel or new).

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I didn't put on in, but my kitchen is probably much smaller than yours. Just didn't have room and the sink is only 4 steps from anywhere in the kitchen

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Most of the kitchen gurus on this forum highly recommend a prep sink and are not in favor of main sinks in the island. Because my kitchen is small I do not have room for a prep sink and because I wanted a more open layout I put my only sink in the island. So I went against conventional wisdom but it works really well for me. So if you think what you want will work for you then do what you want. I doubt that any one will walk into your kitchen ask "but where is your prep sink?"

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A prep sink isn't mandatory. It depends upon your layout. A well placed prep sink (or lack of one) can make or break how well a kitchen functions.

I have a large kitchen and I put a prep sink in the island because I needed one for function. If I didn't have a prep sink, my island would have become an awkward barrier rather than a very convenient work space.

Why don't you post your layout and so people can take a peek and give you an informed opinion. If your space doesn't benefit from a prep sink, you'll be glad to hear other people voice that opinion. If you really would benefit from one, then it gives you something to think about. Either way, you'll benefit.

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I am building a small kitchen, and prep sinks don't make sense in these spaces. In any kitchen, I'd point out that a prep sink is relatively expensive, takes up storage space, and -- if it breaks -- is an expensive repair. I do not have one in my current large kitchen, and I am not one bit sorry.

Of course, I'm also not a fan of dual sinks in bathrooms.

To answer this question -- and any similar question -- I'd say you should stare at your floor plan and mentally go through the motions of making a typical meal (or, maybe, do it every night for a couple weeks "preparing" whatever meal you made) and see whether a prep sink would've helped you. Examine your own habits. That's more valuable than all of our opinions put together!

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My KD wanted us to have a prep sink. He wanted us to also have another garbage pail next to it. My husband and I talked to folks with prep sinks and they said they rarely used them and missed the counter space. We decided not to do it. I don't regret it. We have a 12 by 20 kitchen.

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We haven't even seriously started planning our remodel yet, but we won't have a prep sink. There's just no room. I don't actually know anyone IRL that has 2 sinks in their kitchen.

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To me, it depends more on how you'll use the kitchen--we have a (relatively) small galley. We'd LOVE a prep sink, because it's a 2-butt kitchen with 2 teens as well, and we ofter are cooking & cleaning simultaneously. NOT having to get out of the way of everyone else quite so much? Worth it. Loss of counterspace is a worry, of course, but...well, we're still planning & thinking. But if we weren't both in there wanting a sink at the same time nearly every day? Then, no, we'd never have a prep sink!

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We are in the middle of our kitchen remodel. The kitchen will more than double in size, but we are not putting in a prep sink even though the KD strongly urged us to do so. We're retired military and have moved alot. Some of our homes have had prep sinks and I never used them much. I would rather have the extra counter space and storage. I will have an extra large 2 bowl sink that has a fantastic view and is next to the DW, recycle, waste and compost receptacles. I like to clean as I go and like the DW next to the sink. If I had a prep sink, I would want a DW next to it and that would reduce storage even more. So often, in my experience, the prep sinks are too small to really be of much use.

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11B1630--I'd be willing to bet that you've never owned a house with a properly placed or properly sized prep sink. I can't imagine how a properly placed and sized prep sink wouldn't get used. I never had one before this kitchen nor even seen one IRL, but because of the location of mine near the fridge and right across from the rangetop and because it is roomy enough, I use mine for every prep activity. And I cook from scratch every day so that's a lot of prep. There's no way I could use the big cleanup sink for my prep. I would want to shoot myself.

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Thanks for all the insights. I have mentally prepared meals in my new kitchen and I'm pretty confident the prep sink won't be missed (I don't have one now in current house). The majority of my prep will be standing at my large surface island directly across from a large sink with dishwasher located next to it, garbage and recycle, etc. So in theory if I was prepping at island and needed the sink all I'd have to do is do a 180 turn. So many of the homes being built in my area with high end kitchens have all the bells and whistles and once in a while I stumble and begin to question whether I'm putting enough into my kitchen (we're not sure if its our forever home). But I've designed our kitchen for what we (2 adults) really need and made some decisions that will make our home unique so I'm back on track now, Thanks GW'ers.

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I have a an 11' island. I also didn't want anything to break up the large surface. I have a huge sink that I use for everything. It's next to the DW and trash.

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I have a prep sink now. Did not before. Never worked in a kitchen with one!!
And I love it. Especially when I am in the midst of something messy and used pots and bowls and dishes are piling up in the cleanup sink and I can continue with prepping in a clean sink. Perfect! The cleanup sink has the window and the lovely view. And I don't use it.

Prep is on an island across from range and near fridge. It makes prepping SO much more efficient. I would NEVER do without one if I had the room.

If I understood you correctly and you have a large island where you plan to prep, I really urge you to consider a prep sink.

You might want to consider a second post asking "If you were doing a new kitchen, would you want a prep sink?" or "Why do I need a prep sink?" instead of asking whether anyone did not put one in. You might get different people answering.
And there is no right answer, of course. Each of us does things differently.

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The only people who do not benefit from a properly placed prep sink are those who have small kitchens, or who work alone without any other help from family members, or those who have the main sink on the island so that the prep occurs next to the main sink. Even then, if the kitchen is large enough, a secondary sink always makes sense. Combining the prep and cleanup areas around a main sink has to be very carefully thought out. It generally works in a small kitchen, because the kitchen is small. The larger the kitchen becomes, and the more people using that kitchen, the more necessary a prep sink becomes.

Please post your layout and you can get plenty of ideas from a wide variety of kitchen users as to whether or not a prep sink would be a useful addition to the continent you have planned. Just without viewing it, and only with your verbal description, I'd have to say that the traffic patterns around such a large obstacle will have to be carefully thought out or it may become more of a giant barrier to the successful functionality of the kitchen rather than adding to the functionality.

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Whether a prep sink will be helpful can depend on all the factors mentioned earlier and on the floor plan around the kitchen, too. My kitchen is 18 x 24. Next to it on one side is a butler's pantry, and then a formal dining room. Next to it on the opposite side are breakfast and family rooms. The island prep sink and dishwasher often get used by people entering from the breakfast room, and the big clean-up sink and dishwasher get used by people entering from the dining room. The plan actually functions like two kitchens. I mention this as an example of how adjacent rooms can also affect the usefulness of a second sink.

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I wasn't going to have one. Thought my kitchen was too small and it seemed more for luxury than function. I was informed that I was mis-informed, and then I started to think about it and pay attention to what doesn't work for me now without one. I've reached the conclusion that I'm having one. I generally don't clean as I go but rather dirty stuff piles up in the sink and then I have to stop, clean that up and continue. The way my new layout is configured, I have no doubt that it'll get used and will be accessible to 3 areas for the few times a year there are multiple cooks in my kitchen. Actually, I can't wait.

Now, in our 1984, 18ft Toyota motorhome, all I have is a prep sink... and that works too, lol.

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One person washing up, one person doing prep, only one sink = PITA. We have never had one, but we know we need one.

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I am currently planning my kitchen remodel (approx 14'x14' kitchen directly open to eat-in area and family room) and do not plan on putting in a prep sink. I currently have a cooktop on my island. I am moving that off and am so looking forward to having an island with nothing but granite. I can just see having a sink there and water splashing over everything on the counter (homework/etc.) - I just see nothing but a mess.

As someone else posted, I will have the main sink (33" apron front stainless) directly across from the island. There is enough counter for any dirty dishes that may pile up so that the sink will remain useable.

I am thinking about having the plumbing put in though in the basement in case a future owner might want one. Since the basement isn't finished, I don't think it should be too hard. Not sure yet though..... it would purely be for resale value.

I should point out that I will have a pot-filler, and I don't really cook from scratch very much (nothing extravagent anyway). I can see how people who are cutting vegetables, meats, etc. and doing what people who cook do might find it useful. :)

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I did not put in a prep sink. We have an island work table, which is too small for one. And then we have a larger island that is copied after a general store counter.

I didn't put in a prep sink because I think they look modern and I wanted a farmhouse look. Also, we don't have two cooks at a time very often. I did put two faucets in my extra large sink, though. That was so that one person can scoot in to wash their hands, rinse fruit, etc, if needed. I think the kitchen w/o the breakfast room is about 14x28.

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In my house, the kitchen island is not just used for cooking and eating. I have lived in this kitchen and with island for years. So I know how we use it. Because how the house is laid out, there is only 1 logical layout that makes any esthetic or functional sense. So we did not vary from that layout. Like others have said, I pivot 180degree to use the sink when I am working at the island.

We use the island more like a center table in the kitchen, rather than the cooking/cleaning surface. My kitchen is about 15x15 ft. No a huge kitchen but not a small kitchen either.

We use it to do homework, read the paper, wrap presents, lay out buffets, eat quick meals, pile groceries and more. I had to make a columns of FOR prep sink or AGAINST prep sink on the island. The only time the prep sink made sense was when we had 2 people quite busy in the kitchen while cooking. We only cook and clean about 2 hours total per day in the kitchen. We have someone sitting at the island nearly all day when we are home.

If you have a house where the kids sit at the table next to the sink to do homework, visit etc, then the island predominantly functions as a part of the kitchen, then the cooking function trumps the design. In my kitchen, that was not the case; my kids do not sit at the table that is next to the kitchen. They prefer to sit at the island....

Majority of the time we are using the island, the prep sink actually detracted from how we use the kitchen island. I decided to go with the majority function of the house/kitchen/island; no prep sink.

I don't regret it. This is a very personal intentional decision on my part. There are moments now and then when 2 sinks would have been nice. But there are more moments where the prep sink on the island would have been PITA.

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An 11' ISLAND? whole kitchen is 11'11" by 12'11"...

Needless to say--no prep sink (or island!) in my small-ish kitchen. I WILL say that if I had a large kitchen I can see the positives of having an appropriately place prep sink...

It's never a bad idea to do rough-in plumbing if one thinks one may need it/want it down the road and one has the budget to do so.

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Re: plumbing for an island sink "just in case", the key part would be making sure the drain vent is in place and done to code.

I don't think it makes sense to try to second-guess what some future buyer might want to do. I seriously doubt doing that would have any material effect on resale value.

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