1960s 6' long Kitchen Sink - on Kijiji (like CL)

sochiNovember 13, 2011

Hi there,

Following up on remodelfa's amazing CL find, I came across an interesting sink on Kijiji today. Does anyone have an idea of what a used sink like that might be worth - I really don't have a clue. $500 seems crazy high for a used sink, but I don't know.

DH and I are currently shopping for a lot to build a smallish cottage (cabin) on. While we haven't found the right lot yet, I of course have already totally designed the cottage (well the preliminary inspiration for it at any rate). That sink would work in my plans for the cottage kitchen, but, I may not actually need a sink for 2 or 3 years! So I don't think I'll buy this one, but I'm interested to see what people think a big old used sink like that might be worth.

All thoughts welcome, thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: ad

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No idea how much it is wort but we have one just like it in our faculty room at school!

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wow - i love it! but I couldn't pay that much for it. might be worth it to some - especially if they have the money and would spend that much on a new 'new' one if going that route. Many people do spend that and more on a sink.

Several here have those old sinks in their new kitchens and will hopefully pop in and give an idea what theirs cost.

probably also depends on where you live and if many of those are available.

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I have the single version with one drainboard and love it. I wish I had the version you showed. Mine is from 1940 (I think we saw a stamp on the underside).
It will save you the cost of some counterspace because it is built in.
I really lucked out and got ours for free, but this could sell for more than $500 if it is in good condition.

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The value is it being in 'excellent' shape. A lot of these types of sinks have worn porcelain coatings because heavy abrasives (like the old-fashioned product, Comet cleanser) over many decades gradually destroyed the finish.

I had a single sink, single drainboard sink of this type. I LOVED this sink, and the only thing I wished was that it was a little deeper like modern sinks are. What I don't like about the one the ad is showing is that it's a small double sink.

We dislike double sinks, they don't work for our large cookware. We got rid of a Kohler 32" double sink for that reason.

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Great advice, thanks. If it were cheaper I might just snap it up - although storing a no doubt very heavy 6' long cast iron sink may not be a simple matter. Great point about the counter space dianalo, I hadn't considered that. It is quite a sink...

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BTW - I was dying to use a real vintage sink cab like in the picture for our cleanup zone, but could not find one. I'd ask if that is included!

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