Reveal on a Farm Sink-- can't decide!!! (have to by tomorrow!)

2LittleFishiesNovember 15, 2012

Stone guy is coming tomorrow to do our template for the perimeter marble. We are doing eased edge. I still can't decide on the sink reveal for our Kohler Whitehaven cast iron sink.

I'm thinking I'd like to see some of the sink on the edge and that it would be better if a pot or dish hits the sink vs. the marble which will crack/chip easier.

Does it start to look bad at the exposed edge where you have to clean constantly?

Obviously if the marble overlaps the sink the bottom edge will get cruddy but it won't be seen (although would still require cleaning).

Any other thoughts? Here is a pic of a sink & counter that the same granite company did.

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Clean up constantly..definitely a relative term. Really, how often does company come? :). No comment on your question, I'll leave that to the experts. Best, oldbat2be

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I have a positive reveal on mine (black pearl granite). It would have driven me crazy to know there was gunk hiding that I would have probably been trying to clean it all the time even if it wasn't dirty then worrying that I didn't get it all since I couldn't really see it. I'd probably spend more time looking for gunk than I do cleaning gunk that's actually there. IMO it's a nicer transition as well. A negative reveal kind of detracts from the large apron.

Mine was templated directly from the paper cutout positive reveal location.

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oldbat2be- very true!

lisa- Thanks for those photos!! It's often hard to really see. I have been leaning towards positive and your pics help : )

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