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krycek1984November 15, 2012

I saw several people bring this up in a recent post but no details. How is it possible to put a range in front of a window? We will have three options: take out the window, put the range in the island, or somehow manage it in front of a window.

How is it possible to put it in front of a window?

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From what I understand, the window is supposed to not be operational. Different areas have different codes.

Personally, I really like the idea and have pictures of a few of them saved in my burgeoning inspiration file.

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sorry, not lauging at you.

Look up Angie_DIY. She did the most beautiful yet modest kitchen with the range under the window. The discussions leading up to her decision will help you greatly, as well, she has posted along the way through her project which would be incredibly helpful to someone beginning a kitchen.

You can start a thread called "Paging Angie_DIY: help with range in front of window" and tell her detroit_burb sent you.

here's the thread:

here's the result:

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Well, uhh, thanks Detroit! You are too kind!

Krycek, how can I help you? I'll give you any information that you would find helpful, but not sure what you want to know.

Here is the picture Detroit kindly referenced:

Below I link a thread that I found helpful. (It was also linked in the thread that Detroit linked.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Range in front of window? thread

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I posted the question about "range in front of window?" and after more than a year of using the space, I can happily report that I LOVE it. I finally have a space with plenty of light. Grease is not a problem at all, even without a hood. The only problem I have is that if I use a burner in the morning, it is impossible to see the flame (window is on the east side). If your code allows it, go for it!

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Swimmer: Cool! I didn't know you went through with that. Pardon my ignorance -- do you have any pictures posted? I'd love to see them.

BTW, ditto on not experiencing any problems with grease.

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Angie -- Here's a link to our big "reveal" -- fun to go back and see pictures from the beginning.

Loved reading about how you designed your beautiful window behind the range!

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Thanks, swimmer. What a great transformation. I remember your kitchen, but I think I was too mesmerized by the soapstone counters and sink to notice the range!! Nice going.

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Swimmer: I remember your lovely kitchen, too. I asked you about awning windows and your reply made me think about them more until I too, chose an awning window for over my kitchen sink. We have a nice view (not the ocean, but hey...freshwater is good) and I like the unobstructed view idea.

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I guess the main question I have I even need a hood? Ive never had one so I have no idea if they are really necessary or just fashion statements?

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Definitely get a hood. In the old kitchen we had an old recirculating hood that I never used. I use this one very, very often. To eliminate heat and odors, trap grease spatter, and sometimes, if it is hot, just to pull cool air into the kitchen from outdoors or the other rooms. Just cleaning the vanes (they pull out and go in the DW) makes me aware of how much grease is NOT on my walls and cabs.
My window/backsplash is smallish, but I love it. The window does open, though I seldom open it. Cleaning is easy and really not often needed. We had no code issues, but we wrapped the backsplash tile around the window so there is no wood on the back wall near the burners. Also used heat-resistant glass in the window.

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here some images that might help you design your own space.


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HI BOXER!!! Hope you are well!

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Thanks AngieDIY,
Doing pretty good thanks
How about you?

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Boxer-your pics are always AWESOME!!! How do you do that? May I ask where that bottom one is from?

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Our architect originally suggested it and I thought it was a cool idea. But after posting here and looking into it a little more I was a little nervous about doing it - primarily because of cost (you likely need an island style hood) and code. But I regret not having gone through with it because I think it's a really unique look and would have gone well with our style of kitchen. As it turns out we will need an island style hood anyway because of the way our windows flanking the stove rest and the way the roof pitch is so we should have just gone ahead and put a window behind it (but too late now). You will have to carefully consider the hood dimensions. Most island hoods are quite deep to capture more area (e.g. 26") and a depending on how you position your range you may be bumping your head, You may have to put the hood higher or place the range out just an inch or two or get a custom hood made. But with careful planning it can all be done. Here are a couple inspiration photos. Definitely worth looking into and considering.

Traditional Kitchen design by Dallas Design-build Ellen Grasso & Sons, LLC

Contemporary Kitchen design by Dallas Architect Domiteaux + Baggett Architects, PLLC

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