Storing new cabinets

mountaineergirlNovember 20, 2012

Due to extensive water damage, we are remodeling the kitchen. Its been 10 weeks, and we are JUST NOW starting demo. (issues with contractors and insurance which have all finally been resolved) Anyhow, I couldn't hold off delivery of the new cabinets any longer but it will be a few weeks before they will be installed. So, they are now stacked in my garage. They are painted cabinets. DH is worried about storing them where it will get cold, even tho its dry. KD says they will be fine there, because they have been in a warehouse that probably wasn't heated either. He says we should bring them inside a few days before installation so they can get acclamated to the house tho. If we were to bring them inside, they would have to be shifted around so they can paint etc and I don't want them handled any more than necessary.

so - are they OK in the garage? (It is an attached garage) or should I have them moved inside where they will be somewhat in the way?

thanks for your advice!

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I'd leave them in the garage. Ours stayed in the garage for about a month before we brought them in, and they were fine. We were dealing with heat, not cold, but either way it doesn't hurt them. Remember that before they were cabinets, they were trees, and trees do just fine outside. Have you tried moving one of those boxes? They aren't the sort of thing you just shove over so you can reach the wall. They're heavy! You'll also have a new floor which may go in before the cabinets. You definitely don't want to be shoving these heavy boxes around and scratching your new floor. Just pat their little heads before you go to bed and they'll be happy enough in the garage.

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Thanks suzanne I feel better now. They wouldn't be stored on new flooring, but in the family room which has carpet (that will get replaced also) but yes, too heavy to just shove around. And there are like 26 of them. I think after all the drywall/paint is done and they will bring in hardwood floors to acclimate, they can bring in the cabinets then. They will have plenty of time to acclimate while wood floors are getting sanded/stained etc.

I'm so anxious to see one of them it driving me crazy!

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Our cabinets sat in a detached, unheated garage for 1 year. They were fine.

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Our warehouse is unheated and we've been in business for 30 years. No problems! Even had a kitchen stored here for a builder for almost a YEAR!!!

The only time we ever had an issue: We delivered inside a family's home. They were do-it-yourselfers and took forever to get the room ready. They got tired of having boxes in their living room, so they moved them out to their BARN!!! With a DIRT floor! They sat there in the Ohio humidity for 3-6 months!

Let me tell you....the cabinets practically exploded from the absorption of moisture! They were completely ruined...about $10,000 worth of cabinets. Of course, we felt horrible for these people and they were in shock!!! Normally, warranty would NOT cover this. It was obvious abuse to the cabinets. We worked with them and KraftMaid Cabinetry and worked out a deal. We each paid 1/3 of dealer cost to help them get new instead of having to pay another $ was closer to $2K to get replacements. My company lost all of our profit, but it was such a horrible thing to happen!

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Wow I can't even imagine that! storing them on a dirt floor?? I wonder if their homeowners ins would have covered that? they cover some pretty stupid mistakes (like us not turning off the water while on vacation) I hope they know how fortunate they were that you were willing to help them.

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