Ornamental White granite

bbstxNovember 4, 2013

I went to the granite yard last Friday. I found Ornamental White that I like. I wanted White River (or River White, I can't ever keep it straight) but all of the slabs available to me had huge yukky rust stains. I looked on the Table of Most Popular Granites to see what I could find about Ornamental White. It is not listed. It is mostly white with smudges of gray and pale green, and garnet dots and black veins.

When I look for it on houzz, I get Giallo Ornamental.

Does anyone know anything about this stone?

Here is a link that might be useful: Table of Most Popular Granites

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Sorry, I have not heard of this stone, but it struck me as very similar to the one I picked called Viscon(t) White. Similar long flow pattern and coloring minus the green and garnet dots. I'm sure some of the rock experts here can help you identify it's properties. Very pretty!

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Rock experts, where are you? Am I buying a giallo that is white instead of gold? That is the only stone I can find with "ornamental" attached.

Is it soft? Does it stain easily?

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I'd guess it's not soft since it's actually a granite (well, it's a granulite really, but close enough) and not a marble. Does it stain? Good question. Can you get a sample to test?

I can't comment on the trade names, since I'm only conversant in the geologic names for rocks. All the more reason to get an actual piece and put it through some tests. It's a pretty one though! Love the garnets.

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Apparently I'm having a less than TKO-moment. I know to test granite for staining and etching but somehow I totally forgot on this piece. Thank you, Karin_mt, for bringing me back to reality!

I read somewhere online that honing makes granite more absorbent. Is that true?

My fabricator does a technique he calls "brushing." It looks about half way between polished and honed. Wonder how it would look on this piece? Guess I need to get more samples and test that too.

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It looks like Kashmir white to me.

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Yes, it does look like Kashmir - a little. The sample of Kashmir I have does not have any black in it though.

(Speaking of samples, my car trunk is beginning to look like a stone yard! I have refused to take samples of things I didn't really like, gently, I hope. Nevertheless I have a bunch. I've tried off-loading them onto the cabinet guy to have in his shop as "examples." I don't know what else to do with them!!! Ideas?)

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