Please help - oil burn on stove

Morgan_13November 25, 2013

It's a long story, but I'm worried I just destroyed my grandmother's white, perfectly clean glass-top stove!

I was cooking a burger in a little olive oil and noticed after that there is an oil stain/burn on the back panel of the stove where the heat controls are. That part is white so it's really obvious. Further up under the panel it looks burnt.

I tried water and soap. I tried some of the stove polish cleaner. That made it chunky and sticky.

Can anyone help? Is the stove ruined or is this normal? I don't usually cook on a stove like this. Is there a way to clean it asap? Thank you!!!!

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There is special glass top stove cleaner. It's a cream. Look around in her cleaning supplies, as I bet she has some.

Also, a paste of baking soda and small amount of water left on the spot often helps (see the box).

Maybe you hadn't noticed the panel area before and it's always been there.

This is probably fixable. Don't get too upset.

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I've. Had success using Barkeepers Freind powser getting burnt oil off porcelain. Make a paste- spread, let sit for 15-20 clean off. Gently-repeat a few times. May work.

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Be very careful with anything abrasive ... you don't want to make it worse.

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Barkeepers is not abrasive- it is an oxy cleaner

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Oxalic acid. It dulled (very fine scratches) the surface of my quartz countertop.

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