think i found THE backsplash-need ur approval!!

veevsNovember 28, 2012

after 3 months of gardenwebbing, houzzing, googling and just downright OBSESSING, i think i found THE backsplash! but after so many decisions being made and then "unmade" im beginning to doubt myself. i would love to know what you all think and of course i am open to any suggestions/changes.

ok so here is the link to some pics (please excuse lack of accessorizing/window treatments- i am DEFINITELY open to suggestions abt those things too)


Here is a link that might be useful: KITCHEN PICS

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just realized i didnt give too much info about the kitchen :)
granite is bianco romano, maple espresso cabs- that will have stainless steel hardware soon (kitchen installer is being major PITA)
paint it BM stonington gray- looks totally gray in some lighting and pretty blue in different lighting but i like that because adds some color to kitchen and the gray in the granite is blueish too

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ok this is embarrassing i am stalking my own thread but i keep remembering things to say... first of all- do i tile around the window or stop under cabinets?

second- just wanted to tell u why i like this backsplash option so much. so first i was gonna go with a light cool gray but as you can see from pictures the counter on the left has a lot of gold, so the gray did not go well with that... then i went to the taupey gray thats in the granite and found some 2 x 8 handmade mushroomy taupey gray tiles that looked really pretty with both counters but i didnt like how the taupey gray went with my cool gray floor. then i had some white thassos that looked nice with floor cos it was nice bright white but i was a little scared it was too white AND local tile store only had little mosaics (3/8 by random)and i couldnt find size i wanted (which was something close to 1 x 10)

so this porcelain tile that i like is a beigey color that looks gr8 on both counter sides and i think it goes with floor too because even though its not white it kinda has a grayish tone to it. also the floor kinda looks textured/shaded so i think that goes well with this cool textured tile....

alright everyone... hope you agree! or if not, have some other options for me :) help stop the madness! :)

ps-(in terms of other options i should mention that i dont want to go over $30/sq ft)

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Let me put a couple of your pictures in the thread to make it easier to view....

And maybe I am misunderstanding you...but which are the tiles that you have selected? There are a few option in the photostream so I want to post the correct ones. I selected very similar elements in my kitchen too!

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thanks so much! i am not too savvy with this site... i think this time i uploaded the pic of the tile i think im going with..
is ur backsplash in? would love to see some pics of finished kitchen

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heres another one

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heres a close up and heres the glass tile oasis link

Here is a link that might be useful: gto link

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Well I understand the decision issues...I have gone through it with every house I have built. As far as your backsplash choice I absolutely love it. The color matches your counters perfectly I love the texture in the tile and the subtle design in the tile screams class and elegance. I love the granite too

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I think it works. It will give you color continuity up the wall. Is that what you wanted?

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The looks like the perfect tile for your granite. I like that it is one color but has the random sizes. That makes the tile interesting without being busy. Can't wait to see it installed.

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Ooh, I like it! So much in fact that I just ordered a sample to see if it might work in my kitchen. I have a very similar granite to yours. Hope to see pics when you are done.

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That's just perfect! Go for it!

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Sherrie Moore

Oooh I love it!!! Love the liner lines of it!

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Great choice for your new kitchen! Go for it!
Looking for another alumnus for the ABB club!
I stopped just above the beginning of the cabinet - your window is positioned in almost the same orientation from the counter and cabinets (although ours is over the sink and is a garden window)

Just looked at my pictures and realize that I took a zillion pictures but none straight on at the sink area with the tile in place - difficult due to the lighting!

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Yes, yes, yes! And you can stop the splash at cabinet bottom or go all the way up; it's just a matter of taste. To my eye going all the way up is more contemporary.

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I like it! Perfect with your counters and kitchen!

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I love your tile choice! Go for it. Your granite is so pretty too. I don't love a lot of granites, but that one is stunning.

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Great as others have said it makes an elegant statement and will be gorgeous and subtle . Perfect. c

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Nice, nice, nice. Classic, understated look, but with interest in the texture and size variation. Good find!!!!

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Thank you all so much! I feel so relieved and happy (and so does DH lol im driving the poor guy crazy) Really, all of your opinions mean so much to me. my mother and sisters kept telling me to just order something already and i was like well whatever i do i have to post it on gardenweb before i order anything! they all thought i was crazy but im so happy because this is way nicer than what i wouldve ended up with if i rushed thru the decision.

cindee- i no rite? decisions r the worst- i would say next time i would just get decorator but that does take away a lot of the fun :) thanks so much for ur vote of approval :) i also thought it was perfect amount of elegance- the glass samples tended to look to "cool"/modern and marble kinda looked too elegant (especially with the concretey looking floor)

kirkhall-i think i need continuity- its not a huge kitchen (220 sq ft) so definitely wanted to open up the space and theres already a lot of contrast with the cabs and granite. plus the granite is pretty busy so needed something that was simple overall

badgergal- thanks so much! ya i was pretty stubborn abt having interesting shape cos i knew i would have to do one color with my busy granite. ps-love ur kitchen btw :)

camphappy- so happy to help- hope it looks good! 12% off expires on monday!

kris_ma and buckeye thanks for the votes of approval!! every one counts! (i am literally counting them lol am i crazy or what? my only comfort is telling myself that everyones like this lol but who knows)

a2- i just learned about this ABB club from angies post lol but i dont even think im in it because our handles, fridge paneling, and pantry are still not in! weve been chasing after this guy but he is super busy and i think we may just start looking for someone else.

a2 and fouram- i think im leaning towards up to ceiling...ive been getting mixed reviews from ppl who come into kitchen so wasnt sure but i think im just too scared about having that "U" of paint kinda floating... theres not too much paint in the kitchen.. thanks a2 for looking at ur pics for me- just went to check some out too- ur kitchens beautiful and ur BS is SPECIAL! but ya like u said couldnt see a head on shot of window....

cat_mom! i looove ur backsplash! u have the wolfgang white artistic tile? opera glass? is tht wat its calleD? ive searched thru so many things i think its all a big blur. thatd be pretty embarrassing if i mixed u up with someone else but if its u- i love it! i think i was considering it but its pretty pricey? i have 55 sq ft of backsplash so had to be pretty careful. anyways thanks for the gr8 feedback!

thanks sailorgirl!! i love my granite too :) it is my favorite thing in my house

thanks trailrunner and rhome! this is so thrilling to get all this gr8 feedback. i truly value all ur opinions so much.

SO.... should i order tonite? ... or maybe ill just wait til monday... :)

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It looks great in your kitchen. Just the right amount of extra detail for the space. Don't second guess yourself order it now. And don't forget to post after-pics. I like what you have done so far.

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thanks blfenton! i think i really am going to! i just exed out about 10 tabs that i had open to other backsplash options- really big step for me :) im excited. will definitely post after pics!

thanks for everything everyone! :)

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That backsplash will look smashing in your kitchen!

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Trust me order it ASAP or if you are anything like me you will start second guessing yourself and thinking....maybe there is something better out me there is nothing better you have hit this one out of the park with this backsplash choice so go for it. Took me 3 years to pick a granite. I found one I absolutely loved but after a day or 2 started 2nd guessing myself and didnt get it. I kick myself everyday because when I went back a week later it was all gone. Order your backsplash tile it's absolutely gorgeous and I love your granite too!!!! Pleaser post pics when it is done.

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I used a somewhat similar backsplash in my kitchen. I think I would like yours better, and I really like mine.

Yours has a bit of depth and shine that I wish I had seen. Might have stayed with mine. Might not.
I think you will really like it.

By the way--I had no idea how tricky it was to pick a grout color. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to think this through.

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