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2LittleFishiesNovember 25, 2012

We are doing Seagull dimmable LEDs for UCL and are also doing them around the face frames of our upper cabinets. I'm wondering if we should do the same temp for both spots? If we mix them does it look bad?

Also, I'm deciding between 2700 and 3000 K. I like warm so am thinking 2700 but I hear 3000 is still warm. Any thoughts?

Our kitchen cabs are white uppers with a warm yellow on the lowers. Walnut and white Imperial Danby marble counters.

I posted in Lighting but didn't hear from anyone so far : )

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I think you should do the same LED temps throughout the kitchen. I don't know if 300k will make a difference. My installation is the 2700k, the cool option would have been 5000k in my brand which is noticeable to me.

For me the colors of LED's have a different look compared to incandescent or CFL's. I have a brand called Diode LED. I chose them when I saw a nice display at my electrical wholesaler/retailer. This company also has an online retail business called Elemental LED. When I talked with Elemental LED about this very question, they recommended staying with the warm white. The fellow I talked with said he had warm white throughout his house. He said the cooler white is better for retail displays/stores. So I went with the all warm white (2700k).

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I don't have an opinion on mixing.

I have 3000 K lights, which were the warmest I could get in the brand I chose. I like them a lot, but wish they were a little warmer. Thus, I would recommend the 2700 K lights, if all else is equal. (Like enduring, I don't think there will be a big difference between 3000 and 2700 K, so I wouldn't make a choice, say, between brands based on that.)

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Thanks, the electrician said he'd go with 3000 (and tell me if the rest makes sense) b/c with dimmers I can lower the intensity.

I'm no expert but just b/c you DIM a light would that change the temperature??

Are the bulbs replaceable I assume if I want to change it after?

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No, that doesn't really make sense. Light output (lumens or watts) would be affected by dimming, but (especially with LEDs) the colour doesn't change.
IMO I would go with 2700, I tried both for flood lights in my kitchen and enjoyed the yellow colour much better with the 2700K rather than 3000K.

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Co-Co is correct. The color temperature DOES change for incandescents upon dimming, but it does NOT change for LEDs.

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The color/temperature is named according to the color of black body radiation. When you dim led, the intensity changes, but not the color/temperature.

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My DH says lights shouldn't be yellow- we went with 3K vs the 2700 that I was first considering and a good thing as I blew it by putting in 5 inch cans which have less flexibility. oops but saved.

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a2gemini- We did the 3000 and I think it looks good!

What do you mean about the cans???

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The cans are 5 inches instead of the standard 6 inch - I was thinking of using the new GE bulbs but then didn't like them. We really like the 3K version - but it might take getting used to if you are used to "yellow" incandescents.

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