Please help with kitchen layout!

maxcareNovember 14, 2013

Please help me with the layout of our kitchen. We left it up to the architect to design our plans as he is the pro and we have seen his work but I really don't feel this is functional for us.

We would like access to the master from the kitchen and not the living room. We want the master closet and bath reconfigured.

The island will be just a rectangle and not have a rounded side to it. The stove is in the island but because above the sink its all windows we don't see how to reconfigure it. I just don't like the layout at all but have no idea how to change it.

Please HELP!! I appreciate any advise you can give me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo album

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Fori is not pleased

I don't like it either.

Can you use the wall that is just cabinetry on the "top" for a proper traditional counter run? Or do something else with it. And the island--do people have to sit at it? If it were bigger, the cooktop wouldn't be that bad there, so perhaps embiggen it towards the top wall or something? I can't read all the measurements but...seems like just making the island deeper would solve the cooktop on a skinny island issue.

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robo (z6a)

One idea that puts a "cheater" door in pantry to your laundry, recesses a full size fridge into the pantry wall and puts a prep sink on the island. I centered your Master Bedroom doors opposite your dining room french doors. What do you like to do in your kitchen? Do you cook a lot? Coffee? Wine? Entertaining?

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Let me start by welcoming you to the Kitchens Forum! Have you had a chance to read the FAQs? There's a "Welcome/Read Me First" topic as well as several others. I recommend you take a look at them. They will not only help with designing your kitchen, but they will also help you navigate this site. I've linked to the Kitchens FAQ below.

So let's jump in! Is this kitchen supposed to be a one-person kitchen - and always a one-person kitchen (now and in the future). This means only one person preps and cooks and nothing else goes on in the kitchen during prep and cooking; cleanup never takes place during prepping and cooking and only one person cleans up as well. Does this describe how you plan to use your kitchen? This is not how most people use their kitchens, but you might be the exception...

Assuming you would like a kitchen that is functional for more than one person at a time, how do we fix what you've been given? The main issue I see is that the three primary work zones (Prep, Cooking, Cleanup) are all crammed into one small area.

  • So, first, what's final and cannot be changed?

  • What can be changed and how much can it be changed?

  • Can that long/wide window be changed? Maybe break it up into two not-so-wide windows?

  • How much seating are you trying for at the island?

  • Could you tell us about you and your family and how you plan to use your kitchen? There are other questions that would help us as well. I recommend reading the Layout Help FAQ ( and posting the answers to the above questions as well as those in the FAQ.

  • I noticed you have a pantry in the upper right corner (at least I assume it's a pantry, it's not labeled). You then also have a very long set of pantry shelves in the kitchen itself. Do you really need all that pantry/storage space? It's not useful for dish storage or for prep/cooking dishes/tools/etc. b/c the island is in the way (a "barrier") b/w the shallow shelving and the working part of the kitchen.

  • Last - what is your time frame for these changes?

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens FAQ Page

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(Select it/click on it to see it bigger)

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Thank you very much.

I like the idea of the frig and micro being on the wall of the master. I think I will have access to the master from the entry and what is the pantry now. I dont like the idea of french doors into the kitchen.

As far as the cabinets on that wall side I do want to have a flat screen large tv in that area and a counter top, not just floor to ceiling cabinets as it shows.

Looking at the plan I really want a big flat island maybe 4x11ish the only problem I thought I wanted chairs on what would now show the opposite side of the stove but I don't know how much room you should leave behind the chairs. Or I could just have two on the end towards the living room side. I plan on putting a rectangle table the opposite direction of the island between the living room and the kitchen.

I believe most of our time will be spent in the kitchen. It is dh and with 2 children that live at home 10/12 and 4 grandchildren that visit 6 months to 13.

I like the layout with the stove on the entryway wall, sink for clean up on the wall of windows, frig on the opposite wall of the sink. Sink for prep on the island.

I would like 2 garbage pull outs, and 2 dishwashers or 1 dishwasher and 1 dish drawer. Prep sink and a clean up sink, baking area, and maybe a beverage area.

Thoughts? :)

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