Double oven to single oven??

cookingbuffNovember 3, 2012

Right now I have a double oven and a microwave that's above the cooktop. I am planning a remodel and weighing my appliance options. The KD suggested having a wall oven and a microwave/convection oven above, or getting a slide-in oven under the cooktop and microwave/convection build-in. I know I definitely do not want the MW over the cooktop again. Has anyone gone from having a double oven to a single with a MW/convection?

Also, I have a 30"electric cooktop now and leaning towards a 36"induction top. Do you really think that the extra 6" is worth it?

So many decisions...I hate to make any big mistakes!

Welcome any and all input! TIA

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There are so many decisions in a kitchen remodel, I found the appliance choices very hard, so don't feel alone. Getting rid of the over the range microhood is, IMO, a great first choice. It is a choice that improves function and form.
I am a very good cook, and I cook everyday- full meals from scratch, I also garden extensively which means food preservation- drying, canning, freezing.
I really wanted the 36" cooktop. I also really didn't want many uppers: I like openness. Because of this aesthetic choice I really needed to get cabinet space in the lowers. When I gave serious thought to how often I used all 4 burners on my 30" range at once and would I need a 5th, or a 6th I decided not to do it. I would have loved a stove with a built in grill, but I would have thought it was a pain to clean so we'll just keep grilling on the patio. I figure it makes it more special-lol. It came down to want v. need. I wanted a 36" range. I didn't need one.
It was the same with the double oven. I wanted one. I would use it sometimes, but not everyday, and not every week. It was a want, and not a need. I didn't get one.

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I went from a single oven range with a microwave above it to a wall oven with the Advantium MW/ Convection/Speedcook above it. I didnt have room for 2 ovens and a microwave. Like local eater said, getting rid of the MW over the cooktop was a great choice.
I think the Advantium was a great choice also. It is so versatile. I find that I am often using it now instead of heating up the large oven. The speed cook feature does a great job on cooking things faster without microwaving them. I also use the Advantium to keep food items warm as I did not opt for a warming drawer. You do have to switch between glass and metal trays in the Advantium when changing from microwave to convection/speedcook. I have a drawer at the base of my oven cabinet and that works great for storing the metal trays as while as a few other items.
Since I didn't actually go from a double oven to a single, I can't say if you will miss the second oven but I can tell you I love having my 36 inch cooktop with a a 3 drawer cabinet under it. The top drawer is shallow but holds a nice amount of items like long tongs, spatulas, large chef's knife, trivets etc. the other two drawers are deep and great for cookware or dishes. I don't use 5 burners on my 36 inch cooktop much but I really like having more room there than I had on my 30 inch range.
I think your decision depends on how much room you have in your kitchen and how often you think you would be using a microwave at the same time as 2 ovens.

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Thanks so much for your input. I am still debating-so many decisions.

I guess I don't really need the 36" cooktop, but if I change the configuration of what I have now, a 36" cooktop would fit.

Has anyone had a double oven and went to a single oven with a microwave/convection above? Do you miss your double oven? I don't use it on a day to day basis, but it's nice to have when I need it. But I guess I could do away with the second oven. Sorry I am just many decisions!!

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I went from a range with OTR MW to the wall oven with single oven and Advantium over top.

I also went from a 30 to a 36 inch induction cooktop. I liked the arrangement of the burners and the extra features. I have never had more than 4 pans going at one time - but use different burners based on pan size and where I need the pan. I love having the larger cooktop - just so much more flexibility. I might have gone flush mount if I realized that was an option.

If I were buying today - I would look at the Gag/Thermador cooktop. It only can use 4 pans at a time but you can put them anywhere. I asked about the concept when I was looking and the first appliance guy said never - 1 year later - it exists.

A word of caution - even though I was practicing with my single induction burner - there is a learning curve. Also different pans make different sounds - especially when first warming up. The more layers in the pan, the noisier the pan - but the advantage of the layers is heat conduction is better with an aluminum core sandwiched between the ferrous metals. My quietest vessels - Staub and my cheap old tea kettle.
I have a mixture of vessels (buy the test me models) - All Clad, Calphalon(yes they do make some induction), CIA, Staub, and DeMeyere. Between them all, I pretty much have a full set!

Second word of caution - find out the requirements under the cooktop - I was planning on a drawer but turns out I could not do a drawer due to needing 6 inches of clearance between the counter and anything combustable. So, I have a false front with a flip out - I store my little silicon grippers and handles in it - so works out fine. I had to snarf one spot in my drawer for some items that I planned to store under the cooktop.

I did keep my DeLonghi countertop oven (aka toaster oven - long story on why I can't call it a toaster oven - but it is similar to the Breville) I keep the DL in the walk in pantry which I powered.

I use the Advantium as a MW about 80% of the time but do use the other features and liking it more as I use it more. I cooked 2 giant potatoes in speed mode in 9 minutes flat and they looked and tasted like they were baked for over an hour! I am going to teach DH how to use the Speed oven to reheat frozen pizza today. He doesn't know it yet but will like it.

Be sure to plan where the extra Advantium trays go. Mine are above the advantium which works as I am tall enough to reach them. I also have the ovens a bit higher than standard as I didn't want to have to crawl into the bottom oven to get the turkey out.
If you are not at least 67 inches tall - you will want to go lower.

The only thing I might have done differently - was to splurge for the L series oven, so I could flip the controls around - the clocks are different colors - doesn't really bother me, but might bother others.

Here is a couple of pictures -
Wall ovens - Wolf E series bottom and Advantium 240 on top - trim panel to match Wolf.

Wolf Cooktop

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a2gemini--Thanks you so much for this follow-up. I have so many things to look into, and I appreciate your guidance. One more thing, I see you have a counter depth french door refrig. What kind do you have and do you like it?

Anyone else have experience going from double to single oven? or opinions of single oven with speed cook oven above?

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Thanks. Our fridge is an elux- about 2.5 years old. I love it. Food keeps so much better than our old fridge. I would not recommend the ice thru the door. The ice maker is small and takes up too much fridge room.
In the summer, I keep a jug of water in the fridge and the rest of the year out tap water is plenty cold.
I do have an ice maker in the freezer and have adjusted to it.

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