Maiden kitchen voyage amd goodnight moon.

secondhalfNovember 23, 2012

Hi everyone- my kitchen is still packed up but I dug out the basics and used my beautiful new oven was like Christmas morning. Made the homemade bread I've been baking since I got married and coq au vin. They were not perfect...haven't had the pleasure of an electric oven for years...but oh was it fun. Amd then I put the kitchen to bed. I love those few moments after dinner is cleaned up and basically tucked in for the night. It reminded me of Goodnight Moon.

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How wonderful! Goodnight Moon is a family favorite. I read Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site to my grand babies tonight. GM is next.

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Second half.
Congratulations! Looking great - definitely need to see more pictures

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Looking good ... when will it be finished? Love the listello!!

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I remember when my Wolf looked that clean. Beautiful kitchen. Congrats and we loved Goodnight Moon at our house.

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Beautiful and what a wonderful image...i too bake bread and revel in my kitchen and images. Look forward to seeing your completed space. I have the same style cabs. Details when you have the time. Congratulations ! c

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Looking great! Can't wait to see on a computer screen vs iPhone.

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Soapstone and range look fantastic! Well, everything looks great, now that I mention it!

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"goodnight light and the red balloon..."

Loved to read that to DD (now 18 as in 'you know I AM 18 now, Mom").

Beautiful countertops! Glad you had fun... your bread looks pretty perfect to me...

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Thanks so much everyone. We were without our kitchen for almost 3 months. Today, I'm making Ina Garten's pot roast. We move out on this Thursday so our contractor can bring in the hardwood floor guy- they are redoing the entire first floor. And THEN I GET MY HOUSE BACK!!! I will post pics and details after we are back in and the electrician finishes up. You all have helped me on this journey, both in ideas and in giving me the confidence to pick what I love. As a result, my husband and I are so incredibly happy and proud of what we've done together and with your help.
Deedles- now I have that line stuck in my head!! My 19 year old daughter says the same thing (well, she says I AM a grown woman mom) but it's when I try to recite The Grinch to her every Christmas. I used to read it to them so often I know it by heart now.
Enjoy the last light of Thanksgiving weekend everyone.

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Yeah secondhalf! Your kitchen, bread, backsplash, sink, stove, oven all look beautiful and your description of the quiet and calm when all is done made me smile. I tried coq au vin many years ago (18+ ack!!?) and was appalled by the red color of the chicken so have never attempted since. Bread, on the other hand, I love to try. Please do post your tried and true recipe if you like :) Best, oldbat2be

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Goodnight Moon is a real favorite with our little ones. Looks like a fantastic first meal in your beautiful kitchen.

I just posted a request for pictures of 36" hoods over 36" ranges, which looks like what you have. Could you please post a stright-on picture of the hood and range? What kind of hood do you have and do you like it so far? How much space do you have between hood and uppers? (Looks like 1-2" maybe.)

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Back splash looks lovely, something about the beads and vines with glossy glaze - makes me think of soft serve vanilla ice cream, it is just yummy looking. I know that's silly.

Good night light and the red balloon.

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Your kitchen is lovely. That soapstone is to die for. And your sink looks so much like the one I had growing up, it makes me sigh.

How was the hood while your were browning the chicken?

Can you please post how Ina Garten's pot roast turned out? I am always looking for a good pot roast recipe, and the recipes I have come close, but are not quite, what I am looking for. (this is not an invitation to go OT with everyone's pot roast recipe :), just want to know about Ina's)

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I know you will post everything when done, but I love your faucet--can you give me the details please!

Your kitchen is beautiful!

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Oldbat2b- I will post it when I move back in my house...I know the recipe by heart except I always have to check the sugar amount...this one is almost like a Portuguese sweet bread but much firmer. Incredible with stews, soups and as toast. So happy you like's not crazy original but it "feels" exactly the way I pictured it would- like my grandma's kitchen but in this century :) Your comments helped me many times through the process and I sincerely thank you.
Kaysd- I posted on your thread
Detroit_I'm from Michigan originally! Born in Lansing and had a cottage in the UP. When I tell people where I'm from, I point to a spot in the palm of my hand. Do you do that? And it DOES look like soft serve - not silly at all.

Chicago- thank you! I had to have the sink because it's like the one my grandma had. THe hood was good while browning- didn't completely eliminate odor but it was much better than my old OTC that's for sure. Ina's recipe was very good, though I wouldn't say it deserved the 450 five star ratings people gave it on food network. I've never made a bad dish from her recipes...I love that woman's cooking...but I would say this was just very good. Though honestly part of it may have been that I had to interrupt my cooking of the dish for about 45 minutes for some construction issues that needed addressing. If you try it, let me know what you think!

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