Which way to run tile?

susied3November 8, 2012

We are about to start laying the terracotta tile, it is 6x10. I'm curious to what you think the direction should be for laying the tile? DH and I have conflicting opinions. Tile will be inside the red lines and from the back door on left side, and about four feet in from island.

The rest of the house is wood, and it runs vertical on the layout shown below.

Cabinets are here, taking up room and ready to get this part DONE!!

Thanks Here is the floor plan

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I don't think there's a right or wrong here...I can argue different ways for different areas of your space. I'm no help, but you know you can't post a question without me saying 'hi' and trying to help. ;-)

I THINK... maybe... I would vote for running it vertical, so it's parallel with the stove wall and runs lengthwise down the hall, but I'm by no means set and thinking that is right and the other way would be wrong.

If you're willing to share your and dh's reasoning and vision, maybe that would help... You wouldn't even have to tell who said which.

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Hi Rhome, how are you? We seem to be trucking along on the DIY route, and seems like *something* comes up on a daily basis to stop us in our tracks. I ordered cabinets back in August, my step-father got sick and was in hospital from late August until he died in October. Cabinets were delivered on October 10th, and they are sitting, well, it's a mess...:)

You are in line with DH in your leaning. My whole reasoning is rather silly, I'm very OCD, and coming in from the back door to tiles going the opposite direction bug me. I want to come in to straight lines. Isn't that ridiculous? DH insists they should run same way as the wood. He laid several in front of the new pantry for measuring the door height and trim, and I kept walking in to the pantry and would move them to be going straight! If it's really the right way to lay them, I'll get along, at least they will be straight to me when walking from the bedroom into the kitchen in the morning. :)

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