Thermador not worth extra $$$

Lyn603November 19, 2013

We did a complete remodel of our kitchen. I purchased the higher end appliances within my budget, Jenn Air, Thermador and Electrolux. We had the first Thermador induction cooktop installed a month ago, large center burner did not work. Technician came out and ordered a new PC Board replaced the board a week later, still large center burner didn't work. Week later installers came with a new cooktop, guess what, center burner didn't work. I am currently waiting for yet another one that they promise me was "tested" and works. Needless to say I have taken 4 mornings off from work waiting for servicemen to first diagnose, then fix, then replace, and now replace again.
Dealer is doing their part but I called Thermador directly and spoke to a supervisor in customer service. Her reply after my story was what more do you want you are getting a replacement! What I really wanted was an apology but her attitude was so laissez faire it perturbed me more. This cooktop replaced a GE Profile that lasted 10 years before the remodel with no problems whatsoever. I should of went with the GE this time for half the dollars and no headaches.

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Well, if it's any consolation, the GE Profiles of today are likely nothing like those made 10 years ago. All the "advances" in technology don't seem to make a positive difference in the longevity or quality of appliances. And customer service? Well, that definitely isn't what it used to be. The problem is, we remember how things used to be, and still hold out hope that things like "quality" and "customer service" are not things of a bygone era.

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Lyn, if you are a real consumer who has experienced what you've written here, I'm very sorry to read of your hassles. I hope your replacement works out.

If this story is somehow fabricated, and you joined GW today just to complain about a particular brand, I hope those who find your note in a general Internet search will take it with a grain of salt.

Otherwise, I hope the rest of your kitchen remodel is going well, and perhaps you can share photos soon.

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Thermador is owned by Bosch.

I have posted here before that we have had nothing but issues with a Bosch washing machine we purchased two years ago. The washing machine still only works intermittently after NINE service visits by Bosch. And, while that is irritating, the complete lack of helpfulness of their customer service has been the real kicker. I really hope that you have better luck with BSH (the parent company of Bosch and Thermador) than we have had.

We are replacing the Bosch washing machine on our own dime and calling it a very expensive lesson. I will NEVER own so much as a pencil sharpener with the Bosch, Thermador or any other BSH owned company name on it.

I post this here in hopes that I can save some others the money, time off work, and heartaches we have been through. I would strongly, strongly recommend that you stay away from appliances made by any brand owned by BSH. If you need service you will be dealing with the worst costumer service known to man.

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I bought an entire kitchen full of Thermador appliance almost 2 years ago, and LOVE them!! I bought them in Houston, TX, hauled them 1000, they sat for 3-4 months during the piddly remodel stuff, and the DH installed them.

I have a private service company in a small town here who can do service, and the one time he came out for the icemaker, I was not even here, and it got fixed.

I could NOT be more pleased with my appliances!

Just a little counterpoint......


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I have no idea whether Thermador is a decent brand or not. I do know that even the best appliances/cars/gadgets have a certain percentage of duds. Clearly Thermador is standing behind their product in addressing the repairs. You might feel it would be better to not be one of the people that ends up with a dud, to that I say, don't we all? Sooner or later it happens to us all. Lucky you that your "turn" was with a product that the company stands so firmly behind. Your post actually makes me think MORE of Thermador, not less.

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Well, Bosch (German) and Thermador (US) have a similar relationship as Mercedes and Chrysler had, so wouldn't lump them completely together.

Also, unfortunately, it's quite well-known that in general, the high end brands, like Viking, Thermador, Dacor are not as reliable as some of the less expensive brands; think Jaguar, not particularly known for reliability, either).

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Actually, there's a lemon law for appliances as well. If after 4 repair efforts your appliance breaks or i snot fixed, you can get a new one.

Here is a link that might be useful: appliance Lemon Law

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