Paint Color Mix Up?

Mugsy42November 29, 2012

In the process of remodeling my kitchen that is attached to my family room. The old faux finish had to go with the orange oak cabinets.

My new cabinets are Alder with a dark brown stain with common walnut floors. My KD and I had picked a taupe beige to carry through both spaces. It seemed to work with everything. The color was BM Ashen Tan.

However the paint guys ordered by number and got BM Annapolis Gray. While not a horribly different color, it truly reads more gray than I am comfortable with. It also has green undertones. I think.

Does anyone know how different these colors actually are formula wise? Any advice? Of course, I would like them to paint again, but I sense some push back on this from my contractor. And my husband just wants it done. If I had liked the color, I don't think I would have noticed.

Cross posting this to the paint forum to see if there are any experts there. Thanks so much.

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Did you specify the paint color number? Or did they order the wrong color? If all you specified was the name, and they ordered the paint, then they made the mistake. If I truly hated the color I would make them re-paint. If, however, you spec'd the wrong paint number--error was yours. So you should pay to have it repainted. (It shouldn't add all that much time to the project...what's another couple of days?)

Heck, I painted mine myself and PAID a painter to come repaint because I was unhappy with the color I'd initially chosen...and I realized there was no way in heck I was re-painting that ceiling. I'm too old for ceilings now. Found a wonderful painter...I probably won't paint again. Ever. (Which is saying something, because I always do my own interior painting.)

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After going through all the trouble of picking the perfect paint color with your KD, I wouldn't let the painters and your husband steamroll you into just accepting the mistake.

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The outside of our house is painted that color. When we had the addition painted, we looked at the 2007 paint, which said "Exterior body color: Classic Colors 996 Annapolis Gray." By the time we revisited, color 996 was called Ashen Tan.

I learned that every paint place mixes the "formula" with different bases, or something. Also that depending on the lustre, the same color can look very different.

For what it's worth, our new paint is considered a "custom color," and is called Annapolis Gray 996. The formula that this particular can is:

Annapolis Gray 996
OY 30
BK 24
RD 13

The N105 means 'flat'

The 2007 formula was:

Annapolis Gray 996
OY 1x 31.00
BK 24.00
RD 13.00
Gal Can 1B

The N103 means 'low luster.'

It reads far more "tan" than "gray," but the tan is "ashen." It doesn't read at all green to me, but I'm sure it depends on the light. Since it's our exterior color but your interior color, it's hard to say. Lustre (sp?) makes a huge difference too."

Wish I could tell you the "formula" for Ashen Tan! Then you could get them to mix some and compare it with Annapolis Gray. I gather that BM used to have the numbers on its website, but not anymore.

Stick to your guns! I understand wanting to get it done, but you will be looking at that color all the time. And maybe head over to the Painting Forum.

I feel for you. That whole paint process was aggravating.

Good luck!

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Fori is not pleased

Repaint it!

If the painters brought the wrong paint, your contractor needs to take care of it. Period. It should not cost you anything except patience.

(If you screwed up, of course, you have to pay, but it's probably worth doing even so.)

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