Anyone Have Low Windows

aloha2009November 22, 2012

We're looking at placing new windows at 69" from the floor. We realize that this is lower then standard windows but being that I'm only 63" and my DH is 68" we think it would be OK.

I think having a very short backsplash window below cabinets (50" or so from floor) would drive me crazy not being able to see out, I don't want to be constantly frustrated not seeing out windows that would only go up to 69".

Pics and advice are welcome.

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I'm confused. A backsplash window, as I think of it, is just that -- it runs along the backsplash, UNDER the upper cabinets. This is usually done on a wall where upper cabinets are wanted/needed, so there is no room for a traditional window, but there is still a desire for light/view/feeling of a "window" to the outside. Is that what you're talking about? And you want the top of that window at 69" rather than 50"? Meaning your upper cabinets will be almost 5' off the ground, similar to an over-the-fridge cabinet? That seems very odd. And then it doesn't make sense that you're describing this as "lower" than standard windows.

Or are you talking about a traditional window that takes the place of where an upper cabinet might go? And you're just wanting it to not be as tall as normal because . . . I'm not sure why not. To save money? Mightn't it look odd from the outside, anyway?

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Jakebody, I think you do understand what I'm trying to do about the backsplash window being under the cabinets.

We have 9' ceiling, and visually I think it would be nice to have upper cabinetry even if most of it is unusable. Having the upper cabinets come down to within 36" of the counter would allow for the upper limit of distance between counter and venting. Instead of a standard backsplash window going to 50" or so, we would extend it higher to 69" but not the 80" that many of our other windows are (some have transoms and go higher).

I'm concerned that the window may give an uncomfortable feeling when looking out and viewing of the entire area where other windows are higher (and much higher) ultimately having these new windows look like an afterthought.

By bringing the windows down though would decrease some of the angle of a western exposure that has been a continued concern.

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My range hood is at 69" and I can't imagine a wall of cabinets starting that high off the ground with windows underneath them.

Try standing at your range hood and imagine looking out the window underneath it, then reaching up for things in a cabinet that high. Plus a lot of your view will be of the underside of the cabinets, which isn't exactly a great look.

I'd prefer doing just a few regular cabinets and then keeping a larger area free for a counter-to-ceiling window if the light and view is important to you.

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I think it would look odd, almost like you tried to take "close to normal" sized windows and squish them into a backsplash area ... Without thinking about the effect on the cabinets. I dunno, I think even though it would be intentional it would look like a mistake.

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Taggie, we did exactly what you indicated, and for myself it felt fine. I was concerned though it may feel fine for me being shorter but possibly not for someone much taller.

EngineerChic, I found a few pics that semi reflect what I was considering and we did mock it up. Oddly enough having different windows altogether seemed to fit better then having windows more like the others in the room. It seemed to give the kitchen area more of it's own character while still in union with the surrounding rooms. Not something I would think would look right.

I also placed the windows as high as the others in the room with no ability to get to the upper cabinets w/o a step stool. It placed the vent for the stove at the upper 48" limit and that could be asking for trouble. Considering though how rare we have ever turned on a vent in 30+ years and that windows would be nearby, I'm not sure how crucial a vent is for us.

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Hi Aloha, I found a picture that you might want to check out. It looks like what you might be considering.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW thread w/ a picture that looks like what you've described

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What about putting the top of the window approx 64" off the floor when the others are 81". This would allow a little breathing room between the cabinets and counter. Would that visually be a big enough difference (17")?

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Great pic, laughable. It just goes to show you, SOMEONE out there has done practically everything! I personally think that having upper cabinets that high up is only suited for giants or people who like to climb those neat library ladders... I guess if you wanted to put things in it you use a few times a year, I could enjoy that space.

Alora, I know you are thinking this through, but are you sure you want your cabinets that high up? I have trouble reaching even the 2nd shelf on my uppers in my short-ceiling house... I'm hoping to improve that a bit post-renovation. We are bringing the cabinets down a few inches.

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