Venting a range hood - options??

kdsetNovember 20, 2012

Hello all, new to the forum! We're building a new home, hence - new kitchen.

Our design has our 48" professional range on an exterior wall facing the front of our house - it's my big indulgence. The plan was for a custom vented hood above it.

Only after the design was in place and the build was well underway did I learn that a large range hood like that will require a 10" diameter duct to vent it. The exterior is, as I said, the front of my house, near the entrance. The idea of that *huge* ugly duct vent on the facade of my home is awful!

Looking for options - we can't move the range. Can it be vented through the above room (master bedroom) and out the roof above? Is this safe? Joists run the wrong way to get to another exterior wall, unfortunately. Any other thoughts? Different sized ducts that might work? Help!

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Never mind the appearance; you certainly don't want people walking up to your front door and being blasted with cooking odors.

It can definitely go out through the room above if you can live with a ~14" square box running up the wall (maybe you can combine it with a closet or bookcase). Try to use a silencer and remote blower in the attic space to avoid noise in the bedroom and kitchen.

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I'm curious to see some comments too. I'm about to buy my hood. thinking of going with a 42 for a 36" stove. I can vent directly out the wall if i want - no problems as its on the 2nd floor and on a wall i don't care too much about.

or i can go straight to the roof. i'm going to use a hood without cabinets above (i like the look). any pros and cons of going to the roof vs out the wall?

i think thru the roof is generally preferred but i'm not sure why...

sorry for the thread jack. just thought that with 2 similar questions we might get more responses.

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Thanks for the feedback - we can live with the 14" by integrating it into a bookcase. My GC is really reluctant to do this - he is worried about safety and grease fires in the future. His concern is that, 5 years from now, the long ductwork will have a layer of grease built up - then, if you have a grease fire on your stove, you've got a big chimney of grease that will ignite.

Does this sound like a reasonable concern? Don't people vent hoods through roofs all of the time???

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