Peninsula on wheels?

olivertwistkitchenNovember 12, 2012

I love my peninsula but it's hard to reach the uppers above it. Don't want to get rid of it. My 10 yr old suggested I make the peninsula detachable on wheels. What do you think? Will it not look right when it is in place because of the split in the countertop? And can I make sure it doesn't roll all over by accident? And will it be too heavy or weird because the drawers in it will be filled? I guess it is like an integrated rolling cart- but I have never seen this incorporated into a peninsula rather than as a stand alone. Thanks .

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Is it an island or peninsula? If peninsula, isn't it attached to something already? Do you need the uppers? Or can you put stuff in the uppers that you hardly ever use? There are big wheel casters with lock out there but it would depend on what you are working with cabinet-wise.

Somebody will know the specific issues with this, I'm sure.

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I think if you want to make it detachable, it stops being a peninsula and becomes a movable island that you just keep in that peninsula-like spot.
I think it can look great as long as it looks like an intensional design element and not an afterthought. I probably would do a different countertop material, each countertop would have a finished edge, I might make one slightly lower or higher, probably the island lower so it can slide under the other countertop edge.
You can make sure it doesn't roll with locking wheels, these have a heavy look though and may not work in your design style. It will be heavy and depending on how many drawers, what's in them, it may be unwieldy(think full cart at BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club).
Different surfaces

Eclectic Kitchen design by Chicago Kitchen And Bath Rebekah Zaveloff
Half of this island is moveable, with split in countertop:

Modern Kitchen design by Austin Architect Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
If you visualize this island pushed up against the hutch, is that what you want?

Eclectic Kitchen design by Seattle Photographer Louise Lakier

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Oh, wow, thanks, those pictures are so helpful.
You are right, there's no way to make it really look "flush", but maybe a tiny island that's always pushed in to make it like a peninsula? Probably will make me crazy, with crumbs falling in the crevice...

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