Help with Kitchen Layout!!!

kitchen_mamanNovember 21, 2012

Hello everyone! I hope that you will be able to give me valuable advice. My kitchen is a small galley and so is my budget. My sink will actually be in a 24 inch base. I want my 36 inch Aga Legacy centered on the wall between the wall and the window. I am not sure how big the mantel hood should be. If I do the 42 inch, will there be enough for any cabinet space on either side? The space with the upper cabinet is 32.75 inches. The window is 36 inches (and the sink to be centered--it is a 24 inch farm from Ikea). The section with the stove is about 66.25 inches. We are going to have a dishwasher drawer with a panel to the left of the sink with a drawer for dishes under. The idea is to have 15 inch 3 drawers on either end of the kitchen.

I will next post a picture of the other side of the kitchen. It will be open to the left--to the living space with countertops--and in the space above the cabinets. It is about a 60 inch space. The fridge is panel ready. To the right of the fridge will be a pantry. I am not sure about the lower cabinets. I do want one with pull out drawers for keeing my mixer and baking items. The other I want drawers for my pots and pans. I am not sure if I like the idea of a 30 inch drawer. I am also not sure if I want two big drawers next to it or if I would want two shallow drawers and two deep drawers.

The new dining room will be off the back of the kitchen.

Thank you for your advice!!

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This is the other side of the kitchen.

Thank you again for your advice!

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I have a 48" hood over my 48" rangetop. If you're short on space for the usable uppers you want, I think I'd consider going to a 36" hood over your 36" range. I think the upper cabinets flanking the stove help to funnel odors, steam, etc up into the hood and make it less necessary to have a hood larger than the range. My opinion, but it works for me, and always has.

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Thank you. I was planning on the 36, but have thought about the 42.

I don't know why the first picture is blurry.

What does everyone think about 36 inch uppers vrs 39 inches. Is it worth it to have the extra three inches? My ceiling height is 97 inches.

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Base cabinets @36" + counterspace of 18" = 54" Or will you have undercabinet lighting and/or a trim piece underneath the uppers that will raise it a bit more?

54" + 36" = 90, or 54" + 39" = 93. (Thinking out loud)

Will you trim to the ceiling either way, or what was your plan with the extra inches of space?

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We do plan to have molding up top and trim at the bottom. I haven't thought about under cabinet lights, probably because we will really only have the few uppers. So with 36 inch uppers, that's a lot of moulding. Double stacked. I don't mind, but I also wonder if an extra 3 inches is important in the uppers. I am short so I will probably store things I dont frequently use.

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3 inches of storage could be nicer/more useful than 3" more trim. And maybe cheaper and possibly look nicer, depending on the trim style you like.

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rhome410, that is what I was thinking. Even though I am short, I can put larger items up top that might not fit in other places. I think in the long run, the molding would be more expensive than the extra 3 inches of cabinets!

Does any one else have thoughts?

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