Sink 9" from edge of island okay?

hedgehoggyNovember 11, 2012

We are having a double sink in our island and (due to layout reasons) would like to have it 9" from the edge of the island. Would this be too close to the edge? Does anyone have anything similar? Thanks!

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No, it needs a minimum of 18" from the edge of a counter to the side for safety reasons. And 24" to the other side.

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Much too close to the edge/end if it's your main clean-up sink. Esp. since it's an island, I would always be knocking stuff off the end of the counter.

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Change that double to an 18x18 10" deep single and recalculate. You'll be ahead.

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My prep sink is about 8 or 9" from the end of the island. I didn't realize this was a safety hazard. I like the placement because it gives me a large span of countertop for prepping, projects, etc.

That being said, it is a popular place to set down a glass while you pour a drink from adjacent fridge. I had planned landing space to the left of my fridge, but its just not practicle once the side by side fridge door is open.

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Thank you dilly. Your picture has really helped!

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Dilly, may I ask where you got your pendants? Thanks.

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I just saw a photo of a situation like dilly_ny's except the sink was a little closer to the edge. There were 5 cups balancing there, none on the other side that had more space. This was a photo for my work of a policyholders house so I can't post the photo. I know it would not work in my house.

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There is a difference b/w a prep sink and a cleanup sink. Prep sinks are generally used on just one side of the sink and the items you might put on the shallow side are usually fruits & veggies, not dishes or glasses!

"...double sink in our island...and due to layout reasons..."

What are the "layout reasons" that your sink is in the island and has insufficient space on one side?

Perhaps if you post your layout here others will find a solution to your dilemma rather than having to make suggestions without enough information. (We try to help, but having sufficient information can really make a difference in the quality of our answers!)

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Go to and in "Kitchens" search for island sinks. You will see some that are close to the edge. At any rate, there may be a kitchen island there that would help you decide on the position of your sink.

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Dilly - Can you tell me the dimensions of your island? We're thinking of having a prep sink, but I hate to give up counter space....

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