Granite stain- HELP!

abctateNovember 13, 2012

We have beautiful White Delicatus on our island. I LOVE it. BUT... yesterday I walked in and there somehow was a wet yellow legal pad page sitting there. AND the kicker was the fuchsia sticky note below it... ALL SOAKED!!! I pulled it up panicked... yep... nice pink stain. I scrubbed it and dried it up an there is still a pink hue. Tried Method granite cleaner. 409 granite cleaner. Both helped a bit. Any other ideas? My only salvation is that there is a nice purple/pinkish spot that is part of the granite not too far away so to the normal eye you might not notice this is a stain. But to hubby and I it is horrific.


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I thought bleach was a no no on granite? Why not try that poultice that everyone talks about? You'll have to look it up but it had peroxide in it.

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Bleach would scare the crap out of me! poultice? never heard of that... I can look it up.

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I had blue gatorade that stained my granite, and I poured a drop of the clorex bleach cleaner for kitchens on it, it took it right out, don't be afraid, it works!

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Debbi Branka

I agree, bleach.

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I've heard bleach. Is there a fabricator company near you that you could call just for advice?

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Start more gently.

Mix up a poultice of talcum powder or baking soda moistened with hydrogen peroxide til it forms a paste. Cover with plastic wrap and tape it down for a day or two. Then remove the plastic and let the poultice dry completely before removing.

This is what I use on marble. You could try one of the famous "inconspicuous spots" first, since I don't know what your granite really is.

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Could I try bleach on a q-tip?

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A q-tip or that Chlorox bleach pen-type thing, something tiny-tipped.

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Magic erased might work too. But I would do the poultice first.

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I have White Alaska granite, and came home from work the other day to a nice orange-ish stain on my counter (looked like the color of the sauce of Spaghetti-O's). Freaked out when neither soap nor granite cleaners worked.

I called my granite fabricator, and he told me to use Acetone. It worked! But it will also remove your sealer, so you'll have to reseal the area afterwards.

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Bleach won't hurt granite, but it can reduce the life of the sealer. Since your granite stained, it probably needs to be resealed anyway. So I wouldn't worry about using that or acetone.

A poultice is just putting an absorbent material (e.g. diatomaceous earth) and a solvent on the stone. The solvent dissolves the stain and the absorbent material soaks it up. The absorbent material is covered with plastic to keep the solvent from evaporating before it does its job. That can get a stain out when a brief application of acetone or something similar doesn't.

Sometimes the stain will evaporate away on its own too.

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