Need opinions on cabinet colors for tomorrow! Pics included!

htraceyNovember 6, 2012

So I need to give my cabinet guy a decision on color tomorrow. I wanted a grey, and while this was darker then I was originally thinking, I think I like it. Hubby won't budge on the wall color, he like this yellow. The slate is going to be on the floor, and I would love to use carrara as the backsplash. We are leaning towards walnut for countertops. The grey is the cabinet color I am considering. It is BM "Revere Pewter"


I also just ordered this light. Hubby wouldn't get on board with chrome, so its looking like out finnishes are going to be pretty warm colors.


Forgive the crudity of the photo some of the paint is still wet and I look the pic with my phone.

Basically I am looking for input on the cabinet color and the backsplash. I could probably budge the wall color a tiny bit but not much, and not without a battle. I could drop the carrara... but I swoon everytime I see it. The slate is staying.

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designing the kitchen around a wall paint color is odd. Go to a wheat color on the cabs-that gray for the cabs is a nice gray but not with the walls-it reads plum. If you offer to paint the walls will he let you pick the paint color?

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Thanks for your input. Do you see the paint swatch that is proped up under the light? Is the lightest yellow on the swatch more of a wheat color? I'm not great with colors!

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The paint card under the light appears to be wall colors,correct? I don't see any wheat-wheat would be a default paint color for your cabinets if one of those yellows must be the final wall color. Wheat would be a warm off white-go to the paint store and ask for a swatch for "warm whites" suitable for cabinets. I just don't see gray cabs with the yellow walls.....maybe the palest of a warm gray??

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Hmmm... I don't know if I agree. I think grey cabinets and yellow walls will work, I just have to get the right shades. I can change the wall colors. Like I said it will involve a small battle, but I can handle that. Here are some other yellow walls with grey cabs. Not the same yellows and greys I am going for but I definitely think they can work together:


Contemporary Bathroom design by San Francisco Interior Designer Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs"

Contemporary Kitchen design by Seattle Architect knowles ps

Traditional Kitchen design by Austin General Contractor Soledad Builders, LLC

Modern Laundry Room design by Minneapolis General Contractor REFINED LLC

Traditional Kitchen design by Other Metros

Eclectic Kitchen design

Contemporary Kitchen design by San Francisco Architect Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design

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the first colors you showed don't resemble these pictures-maybe it's the screen.

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My 2 cents is if you are going with the grey as shown for the cabs, wait to pick the wall color until the cabs are in or at least until you get a sample door in the painted finish. The grey also reads plum on my monitor against that gold wall. It's not bad but depending on how much wall will show that gold might be a bit strong with the grey.

People on here suggest painting large patches with the colors you want to pick to see how the colors change with the light through the day.

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I actually like the wall color with the slate and your light, and I always love walnut, lol, but I just don't think your choice of cabinet color is working with any of the other selections. I don't see any plum on my monitor, more of a taupe. Maybe it is all due to monitor differences, but I also don't see enough of a contrast between the proposed cabinet color and the slate tile.

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