SS Double sink 60/40 vs. 70/30

shannon319November 11, 2010

Could someone please give me the pros and cons of having a double bowl sink in these sizes? Is the small side of the 70/30 split too small? What do you use that side for?

Thank you!

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I just installed a Ticor 60/40 and love it. I too went back and forth between the 60/40 and 70/30. I just couldn't do a single bowl sink. When I actually measured it out the small side of the 70/30 was just too small for me. I mostly use the smaller side to air dry things I don't put in the dishwasher. The larger side is plenty big enough to get a cookie sheet or larger pan to soak or wash.
Hope you find a sink that works for you.

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Thanks...I really want a side big enough for just about anything, but I want a second bowl for "not so yucky" stuff. No prep sink, BTW.

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I think this decision really depends on the size of your cabinet base. What size is yours? If it is at least 36", then the 60/40 is a better choice. If the cabinet base is smaller, then 70/30 might be better so that you have at least ONE bowl that is a good size for soaking roasting pans, cookie sheets, etc. The 60/40 configuration in a smaller cabinet base may leave you with two bowls with neither being large enough.

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70/30 vs 60/40 is not what should decide the sink...what are the actual bowl sizes? For example, my 70/30 Ticor sink has 21-1/2" and 10-1/2" bowls...both large enough to be useful. It's in a 36" sink base. To me, a 60/40 would have made the large bowl too small for my pans, etc. I wanted the "best of both worlds"...a bowl big enough for my pots & pans, etc. but two bowls. The small bowl is small enough for "small jobs" and to soak things in.

So, what sink are you looking at?

Here are examples of what the Ticor S405D will handle...

Small bowl fits my 8qt stock pot:

But it's small enough to serve as a "utensil" catchall and easy enough to fill for soaking (and less water than a larger bowl plus no dish bin to try and find storage space for when not in use)...

Large bowl big enough for my longest cookie sheet, all my pots & pans including their handles, all my refrigerator bins & shelves (except the 32" or so meat/deli drawer), all the components of my rangehood (for cleaning)...

Several bowls, etc.

And fits in a 36" sink base without modifications...

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I am looking at a Ticor 60/40 split

Ticor S105-8R Undermount 16 G Stainless Steel Double-Bowl Kitchen Sink

small bowl is 13.5 x 16 inches and the large bowl is 17.75 x 18.5 inches. I would also love a huge bowl on one side like yours, but here's where I hesitate on the 70/30 split...we usually just handwash large pots and pans and then leave them to air dry. I would prefer to let them dry in the small side on the grid vs. on the counter. I'm afraid there wouldn't be enough room in the small side to let them dry.

Thanks for all the pictures, buehl, they are very helpful!

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modern life interiors


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anyone else?

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Ordered the Ticor 60/40 from GTS. Ordered on Sunday evening, arrived on Thursday. Also got a special order faucet from HD (Delta Leland), it came in 2 DAYS shipped directly to my house! Very happy with the sink so far, can hardly wait to get it hooked up!!!

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