Mudroom floor, connected to kitchen

klszalNovember 27, 2012

Hi all,

We are going to remodel the breakfast room - more like a continuation of our kitchen, which we did 5 yrs ago. It is also the entry to the house (back door), so we use it all the time.

Most of the floor is going to be wood (oak like the kitchen) but I want to put in a durable mudroom floor for the small entry vestibule, which will extend few feet into the breakfast room, in front of the benches where people will change their boots etc.

What is the durability of slate, other stone tiles, etc., for the floor? Any other materials I should be considering? Any issues with putting 2 different kinds of flooring in this room?

Thanks, everyone.

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laura mcleod

Would you consider using the oak and then having a practical but pretty rug that could take the abuse of the entry? Then you don't have to deal with what could be an awkward transition (not sure if it would be). Full disclosure: i am kind of a nut for floor sameness - I think it makes spaces seems bigger and more unified so take my perspective with a grain of salt :)

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Do you live in a place that rains or snow alot? I would go with ceramic or porcelain tiles.

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What's the floor plan like? Can you provide a pic?

We have brick floors in our mudroom and I could not be happier with them! They meet the hallway/kitchen which is hardwood

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I love our slate tile mudroom floor. We put it down over 20 years ago and it's still beautiful. Dh is about to lay some additional slate in a corner of the mudroom where we didn't put any down before. We'll take the opportunity to reseal the entire floor. I think we resealed one other time.

Our slate floor transitions to the maple kitchen floor in a doorless doorway. I like the way the 2 materials look next to each other

I think a transition a couple of feet into your breakfast room could work, similar to the way fireplace hearths butt up to wood floors.

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We have quartzite in our main entry, and also in the entry we use all the time which is open to the kitchen. Our kitchen etc. area is maple hardwood. I really like it and it has been in our main entry for 5 years, and the new kitchen for two. It has worn really well. I can post a pic if you would like to see the transitions.

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I think tile, rather stone or ceramic, would be a good choice. You could really have at it with the mud! I think 2 flooring materials would be fine. The transition between the 2 floors could be a real element in your design. Where this would be, what furniture would be there, how the walls will intersect this space. It will be fun to plan. Slate has a very good anti-slip rating, but I can't remember what it is. I think it will wear very well. The hospital I work at, put slate (probably from Vermont, it is green and blue) down on the new wing they built in the mid 60's. It gets heavy carts rolled over it all the time. It is still beautiful after almost 50 years.

I have just installed black slate in my mudroom/bathroom that is connected to my kitchen. I haven't used it yet, still working on completion. I bought a brazilian Montauk Black 12"x12". It is very dense and gauged. I had heard that the slate from Brazil had good characteristics. I special ordered it from Home Depot. It is not the stuff on their shelves which is flaky and irregular in thicknesses. The tile I special ordered was cut perfect. I ended up cutting it in half to 12x6" (minus a small amount of width to accommodate the grout line) and installed it in a herringbone pattern. I chose the herringbone to reflect the herringbone backsplash in my kitchen. They are seen together in views of my kitchen space. I am very happy with the product and the look. I used Spectralock epoxy grout which is water proof and stain proof.

Oh, I have to show it off, I wasn't going to post it but here it is. I have floor warming wire under it too:

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Wow, enduring, that tile is beautiful! Thinking I might look into slate now for my mudroom too!

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WOW enduring! That is one gorgeous floor!! TY for posting!!

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We have marmoleum in slate grey in the mud room off of the kitchen. Marmoleum is a type of linoleum, which is made of linseed oil & is very "green." It is supposedly very durable as well. We used a threshold between the walnut stained kitchen floor and the marmoleum mudroom floor.

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I have exactly the same issue and have been thinking about a rubber floor for the mudroom/laundry room area that abuts the kitchen, which will be oak flooring. My house has a contemporary/transitional look and I think this might be appropriate.

Has anyone had experience with the rubber floors that have the round raised pattern?

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Thanks all. I will try to find a pic to post - we have been avoiding taking pics of that room!

We are thinking of having the slate come in to the breakfast room and out to the edge of the benches that will be built in on either side of the door.

We are in New England, so barring another winter like last year, we should have ice, snow etc.

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Love it enduring! We went with something similar, a wood-look tile. I am so very happy to have gone with the dark floor, it makes the adjacent room (the fire room / dog room) look so cozy.

Good luck kszal!

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I should have mentioned that we are also in New England. Dh works from our barn and slogs either mud, snow, or garden soil in all day long. The slate has worked very well for us.

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OB2B, that floor is beautiful! The variegation really would help in hiding lint, etc that can be such an eye sore for some people with dark floors. would you tell us what brand and type of tile that is? I love it!

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Mediterranea American Naturals, Black Rock, 6x24. We found the best price from South Cypress.

enduring - I see you also set yours on the 45 degree, I just love this pattern so much!

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In our case the mudroom was converted to a pantry, but still acts as the back door to the house, and living in the northeast a lot of muck gets tracked in especially in the winter.
We too went with Brazilian Montauk Black slate for our recent reno.
We couldn't be more pleased.
It cleans up easily and is virtually bullet proof.
Here are a few shots.

Unlike "enduring's" gorgeous floor we went with 24"x24" tiles throughout the pantry & kitchen.
The slate transitions to a wood floor where it meets the dining room via a wood saddle.
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the transition.
The reason to use Brazilian slate, is that slate is often subject to flaking which may cause sharp edges.
For some reason, Brazilian slate is less prone to this problem.
If you decide to go with slate, be sure to obtain some sample pieces to assure yourself that this delaminating won't be a problem.

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OB2B, I really like the 45degree placement and yours is very special. Thanks for the tile info. I might be doing another bathroom and this could be the floor.

Will, thanks for the complement:) The slate you put down is beautiful. I love the large format. It is good to hear that over time you've been very happy.

Regarding slate flaking. I've heard poor reviews with India and China slate. I think the Vermont slate is good. I had some samples of the Vermont slate from a small quarry in New England and it seemed very nice. I would have bought "local" but the price in shipping just upped it too much compared to the special order at HD.

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We also have tile on the diagonal next to a wood floor and I really like it. The tile is in our mudroom, hall to back door, and in the powder room that's off the hall. It connects to our kitchen with a step down; kitchen floor is oak. We did our reno 4 years ago and the tile is great (the tile is sturdy and hides the inevitable dirt that comes with a fairly large dog and a teenage boy.)

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I am going to have something just like you describe - mudroom transitioning to eating area. I'm putting hardwood floors in the whole kitchen/eating area, but plan to put slate tile in the mudroom. I'm in the Northeast as well, so I want the mudroom floor to be able to take a beating.

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