Can someone explain about glides for pull out drawers

LybanNovember 23, 2012

Everwhere I read that you should get full extension glides to make it easier.

But in my daughters home she has 3/4 extenstion glides and when open all the way there is only 6 inches of shelf that is inside cupboard and therefore not hard at all to see things.

Why is everyone so against them. Am I missing something.

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If you have your food processor stored in the back of that drawer (like I do), with 3/4 extension slides, you have to remove whatever is in front of it in order to get it out of the drawer.

I have full extension slides so I just lift it straight up out of the drawer.

I have one 3/4 extension slide on the bottom drawer of the bathroom vanity and that thing drives me crazy when I need to fish something out of that drawer.

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I store pots and pans in my drawers and its relatively easy to get them out. Except the stock pot drawer .. That one requires some jiggling or juggling to get a big pot in back past the big pot in front. However, I usually only need the back pot if I am already using the one in front (like when I make 2 big batches of soup).

I think it depends on how you use the drawers. Full extension slides mean that you have the ultimate flexibility.

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Thanks for the ideas. These will not be used for any small appliances.
Mostly pots and pans and casserole dishes, bowls.

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