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onlygirl73November 22, 2012

Can I just say how thrilled I was to stumble across this forum whilst navigating a very dull google search!!! Anywhoo...I am at the very early planning stage of a kitchen gut and renovate and am struggling with some layout questions. The kitchen is currently a galley style open on one end to the dining room which is overlooked by a living room. The opposite end has a low window (18 inches from floor). The front door of the house is on the same window wall with a 4ft divider wall between them (thinking about removing) and the main hall runs parallel to the kitchen opening in the dining room and butting up into the stairs going up. I am attaching some mock up drawings of some layouts I am considering (I must have 15 variations) and I would LOVE some feedback! Questions? Shoot!!! I am anxious for help :)

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Sorry about this but not sure how to post multi pics :)

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Another option...

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and another...

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that's it for now...

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Some pics of the current layout.

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opposite wall

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oops :( sorry

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from the window end (sorry about the clutter!)

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If you haven't already, read the "new to kitchens" thread that bounces around but is usually on the 1st page.

One of the diagrams shows "no drawers" in the base cabinets. Why? I would make all the bases, all drawers, where possible.

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Couple of things putting the Dw on the end by an entrance might be a hazard for people when open.But the again, I'm kinda klutzy. On the last plan, I think codes are-you need 18in of landing space on each side of cook top. I'm sure others with much more knowledge will chime in.But so far, my vote is for the #3 plan.

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I like the last one (Nov 22, 12 at 18:48) the best. Some of my most important criteria are:
-having enough room between range and sink, but...
-not having to cross aisle between range and sink.

That last plan (but, I think, none of the others) fulfills them.

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ugh... so frustrated with this initial phase! I am attaching a look I really like and would love to replicate as best I can, however I do not have an actual window in the counter areas only one at the end where the banquette is in the diagram #2. I am thinking I could simply do a pass thru to the dining area and hang a decorative old lead glass window with a free standing shelf under it on the pass thru counter as a compromise? Thoughts?

Here is a link that might be useful: cute kitchen goal

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So this is my latest incarnation...I love everything about it but am a tiny bit worried that the distance between runs is too far at 7.5 feet from fridge wall to range wall. Each square is 6" on the diagram so 2 squares = 1ft. Any thoughts? Suggestions??? Thanks all :)

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I am struggling with the ikea online planner as it keeps crashing my computer just when I get to the end of the design! UGH... anyway, my hubby has been out of town for 7 weeks and returns tomorrow morning to begin this process with me. Does anyone have any advice/thoughts on this most recent design? I am going with IKEA for the budget but also for the range of products available. White cabs, wood and white counter, wood floors, shabby chic decor throughout the open rest of the home. I have been checking out many threads and am finding excellent inspiration but could use some back-up on my design ideas. Please and thank you!!!

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Bump :)

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Onlygirl, your kitchen seems to be moving out into the rest of your floor plan. Is that a good thing? It'd be really helpful if you posted your entire living area so people can see the relation of spaces. Your cottage style is charming and should be very doable with Ikea. Ours isn't that different, with white lower cabs only and wood counters.

Without knowing nearly enough, I'd probably go with a really good galley (hard to beat for function) with a spacious main work counter between sink and stove on one side and fridge and storage on the other, conceivably with a cleanup center over there too. Instead of a breakfast area, since there's a dining room right there--and since we're empty nesters, I'd have a sitting area on the window end with very cushy, inviting seating and a small table for drinks and snacks.

So, what are YOUR needs here?

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