Backsplash--would you tire of a pale blue 3x6 subway glass BS?

alexxNovember 29, 2012

I see so many threads on backsplash meltdown and I am totally joining that club! My cabs are just off white (not cream) shaker and the counter will be a pretty solid colored silestone "Altair" sort of a medium dark greyish/brown.

I love the beach, pottery, natural colors and so am thinking some shine and a little color would be nice via 3x6 glass subway tiles but I am hoping I won't tire of them and wish I had picked something more neutral and highlighted colors (I might like orange next year) with accessories. Only one wall will have a backsplash, the other wall is open.

Thoughts? Is this just a chance we all take with decorating decisions? So many choices!

Thanks and good luck to everyone else in this boat!

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If you love blue, why would you tire of it? If you do tire of it, you can replace it.
My gut feeling is that you will love it for many, many years. Also, at some point your kitchen will not be the end all in your thought process. There comes a time when the kitchen is just the kitchen. You will be busy going through every day life and won't dwell on your backsplash choice.
That said, why not post your choice here? If it looks to be a mistake, we will tell you!

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I got samples and "vapor" (light blue) or "ocean" (more grey blue but may be too dark under the cabs)resonated with me--. I also got samples of "sky blue" was fun but really blue and much less subtle and "surf" was more green than I liked--that said, they were all nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Subway Tile Outlet Glass Subway Tile Link

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Vapor looks totally beachy to me! I never really understand people thinking they'll tire of a tile with a little color more than they'd tire of any other tile choice. IOW, the likelihood of tiring of any choice with which you have to live for the next 20 years seems high regardless.

Go for what makes you happy.

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The vapor looks a bit like my b/x except mine is a 4x12 and matte finish. I can't imagine I'll tire of it!

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In my old house, I put a brilliant french blue backsplash in the kitchen, and was sorry I couldn't bring it with me to the new house 10 years later. A color you love is likely to remain a color you love, maybe even more than a neutral that you're, well, neutral about! I love vapor, and would start researching it if I didn't already have my backsplash lined up. I think it will look great with the off white cabs and gray/brown counters.

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To just answer the question? Oh, God yes.

However, you love the colors, they're obviously speaking to you, and they give the beachy feel you like. Sounds great with what you describe of your other elements.

Go with what you love.
Me? I'd die in pastel hell. But ... I'm not a blue fan!

So like everything else, it's up to you! don't be afraid to commit. Despite paralysis, things can always be changed.

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I think the vapor is gorgeous and very beachy looking. That's not something I would tire of for a long time.

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I will never understand why people fear tiring of something interesting faster than of something boring.

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I really like both the blues you ordered, I am sure either one will be lovely.

Just as an aside--what part of $17 a square foot is "outlet"?

Carla in Sac

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Ditto marcolo.

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I think you should go for it.

I think that a big hangup is cost. With tile it is 1. costly, and 2. A big ordeal to replace.

But, when talking about using a paint color that is a little outside the box, people say, "oh, it's only paint, so pick a color you love and change it down the road if you want".

However, let's be real people....paint is not cheap. Not if you buy expensive paint, equipment, or hire someone to do it for you. And just because it is expensive, it doesn't mean you probably won't change your mind and repaint at some point.

I think most of us with a tile backsplash would be less likely to change it out because we remember the cost, but do we remember how much that paint job cost 8 years ago? Probably not, therefore we would repaint but not retile.

So, if you love that blue tile and live with it for many years and for some reason you hate it in 10 or so years, rip it down and replace it. And by the way, orange goes very nicely with blue. :)

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Marcolo--so do you think the glass subway tiles are interesting or boring? Just wondering :)

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Well...if you love it, GO FOR IT! (Says the woman who just put in THIS ever-so-subtle backsplash...) From Daytime pics kitchen 1129 From Backsplash closeup

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If you got tired of that particular color tile, how much would it cost, including labor and material, to replace that tile with another tile?

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There is someone here with a green subway tile that I LOVE if that helps. It's Ayer's kitchen. I had some similar concerns to you, especially whether it would go with the cabinets. However, I think hers works in part because of the white cabinets and adds a great splash of color.

That being said, I don't like the light paleness of the Vapor color. It makes me think of Hospital blue or industrial or something. I would pick something more vibrant.

Good luck with your decision, and please make sure to post a pic when done!

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My mom is a "blue person", and she put pale blue tile into her kitchen about 20 years ago -- not glass tile, of course, 'cause that wasn't around back then. Her kitchen DOES NOT have a dated look today; rather, the choices she made are all rather timeless. The blue is a subtle color that can "blend" with other things. She has essentially all blue, but IF someone else wanted, they could use all black accents or all red accents or all white accents, and it would still look great.

I understand wanting to stay neutral enough that you won't feel like you're living with avacado and harvest gold in a few years . . . but I think you're fine with pale blue.

Who says this? A TOTALLY RED PERSON!

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Do you usually feel the need to change or are you content once you put in something you like? My neighbor is of the "lets refresh this house regularly" school, and her house always looks great and current. I decorate once, then don't want to change it unless forced to because something wears out. I don't think either of these is wrong. But if you are of the first mindset, you will tire of anything you put in, and if you are of the second, you will not tire no matter what you choose.

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@olivertwist: do you have a link to Ayer's kitchen. I searched but couldn't find it.

All: Thanks for all the comments...I feel like I am looking for "the one" and not quite sure if this is it. To Ginny20's comment, I love my choices and then for some I wonder "why did I pick that" and for other things I continue to love them many years later. Since this backsplash is rather small, I'm keeping my sanity by telling myself that this is something that would be the easiest to change (between the counters and cabs) and that this new kitchen will be so much better than what I have now.

All that said, I'm not tied to blue--I still do like the subway glass so if any of you know a pretty blue/green glass subway, please recommend.

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Check out this thread, there's some pictures of ayerg73's kitchen

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