What size pulls?

blackchamoisNovember 2, 2013

I'm trying to figure out what size pulls to get for my drawers.

My cabinets will be white shaker style. I plan on doing knobs on the doors (with the exception of the pantry door) and pulls on the drawers.

I really like the Amerock Highland Ridge in polished nickel. It comes in a 3", 96mm (3.78"), 128mm (5.04"), 160mm (6.3"), and 8".

I'll have a 14" wide 4-drawer bank, a 22" wide drawer above a base cab door, and a 32" wide 3-drawer bank.

I don't really want to go smaller than the 3.78", so I was thinking of using the 3.78" on the 14" wide drawers, and the 22" wide drawer.

On the 32" wide drawers I don't know if I should do two 3.78" pulls per drawer, or a singler, longer pull ?????

On the pantry door, instead of a knob I was thinking of using the 6.3" or 8" mounted vertically.

Any suggestions? What do you think would look best?

Here is a link that might be useful: Amerock Highland Ridge

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Those are very similar to the Amerock Westerly pulls I used. We did 96 mm on the uppers and 128 mm on all the lowers. It looked fine on all the sizes, so I decided to go with the uniform look.

Here is 128 mm on 12 inch and 27 inch drawers

128 mm on 30 inch drawers (both stacks)

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williamsem - Thanks for the info and photos. Hmmm maybe I will do the 128mm on the 14"w and 22"w drawers.

Still wondering if I will either need a larger pull for the 32", or do 2 per drawer. I just don't want them to get "lost" on the larger drawers.

Any additional feedback/photos is welcome!

Thank you!

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Long pulls can be much more than 2x the price of shorter ones. Woodworkershdwe.net had the best prices on mine; shipping wasn't very fast, but I think they come direct from Amerock so I'm not sure it would be better with anyone else.

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What helped me most was getting a piece of cardboard and drawing a scale outline of the drawer sizes. In your case, I'd just worry about the 32 inch. Outline the drawer and then add the outline of your door style with the right width. Then make two pieces of paper the size of your pulls. I'd try the 128, 160, and 8 inch. You might also want to try two 96 and two 128. You will probably know inside a few minutes what looks right.

After reading how many people end up pulling on just one of the two pulls if two are used, I decided to stay with a single one everywhere. Plus it fit better with the clean lines and easy cleaning I was going for :-)

Two pulls can look really nice though, if it fits with your design.

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kksmama - Thanks! I will check out their website. I know my cabinet maker can get them at a discount. Not sure how that will compare to online so I'll price them out.

williamsem - Great idea! I don't know why I didn't think of that. If there is one thing that I am learning through GW is the value of mocking things up. Also, very good point about pulling on only one handle!

Thanks so much!

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There was a thread I recently found when I searched GW for pulls but I don't know where it is. Basically, it seems like it is very subjective. One person recommend the rule of thirds (the pull is a third of the drawer). Another said it was just up to you. I liked the larger pull look so mine ended up being about half the width of the drawer. For the upper cabinets, I ended up using a pull which was about 20% of the length of the cabinet but my cabinets are very long since they go almost up to the 9 ft ceiling and there's molding on top. But because I went with a bigger pull, I ended up using smaller sizes on the very tiny cabinet above the refrigerator and then at the last minute, a different but still small size on the cabinets below my farm sink since those were somewhat smaller than the other cabinets, too. I don't think anyone will really notice that the ones under the farm sink are a different size. For my very wide drawers, two 38" and one maybe, 24"+, I went went a longer pull which was total about 17". Yes, there was a big jump, but I only had 3 large pulls and I felt that it looked in proportion that way.

Good luck! And yes, "try on" different sizes by holding them up next to the cabinets.

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I also went for as close to half the drawer width as possible. The pull I selected though, came in 4", 6", 13", 17", and 12" in the thicker door grabs that I used for my refrigerator. Something in the 9" range would have been nice, but I made do.

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I did a Schaub pull very similar to your pull. I did all the same size, 5.125" , throughout the kitchen & put 2 pulls on the bigger drawers. I used a knob for my uppers and a couple of lowers that were not drawers.

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I have 128 mm pulls on all my drawers and doors, except for one 9" drawer (that got a shorter pull).

I put one pull on drawers up to 24" wide, and 2 pulls on 34" drawers.

On the pantry wall, I used just one pull on each drawer - they are 30" and 32" wide.

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Thanks everyone!

Also, I'm hoping that polished nickel is similar from brand to brand. I don't know that I care for the Highland Ridge knobs so I'm looking for a style that will coordinate with the Highland Ridge pulls.

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I was SURE I wanted some knobs. Specifically glass knobs. Ordered 3, never found the right one, and eventually went with all pulls. Knobs were more expensive than the small pulls, so that is one area where I actually saved money!

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I was sure I wanted all horizontal pulls. We tried it out with samples on our old cabinets, and thought it looked great. I've loved the ones I've seen here with horizontal pulls.

Until the new cabinets were installed. Then, holding up the pulls both ways, vertical on the doors was a clear winner (except for trash and over the fridge). Sometimes you just don't know until you can see it all together.

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modern life interiors


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modern life interiors


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Well I ordered the Amerock Highland Ridge pulls and knobs and they arrived today. I wasn't sure I'd like the knobs but they are great.

I found the very best prices at ahturf.com

Still trying to determine what sizes I'll use where (I purchased several sizes) but I have a general idea.

Love the Highland Ridge! :)

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The KD used all the same size on everything. I expected the 5", but he ordered the next size down (to save $$$?). It gives a clean look.
I do like your pulls a lot.

excuse the mess; I'm in process of moving things back in.

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@romy718 - Is the 5.125 ctc? Or is that the overall length?

Thank you!

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@bookworm - I do like the size you have. If it's like the HR, it's the 96mm or 3 3/4 (ctc).

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My pulls are 4" CTC and 5 1/8" overall length. I used the same size throughout with two pulls on my bigger drawers. The Highland Ridge are beautiful.
Bookworm, your kitchen looks great! You do love your countertops now, don't you? How's your backsplash search going?

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BlackChamois, here's a pic of some of the bigger cabinets with two pulls per drawer. I also have a two banks of smaller drawers than these on my range wall that have 2 pulls per drawer. I used knobs on my uppers. In retrospect, my frig pulls could have been bigger on the doors. If you need any drawer measurements, let me know.

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@romy - Thank you! Your kitchen is so beautiful! And I really like your pull placement and sizes. How did you determine the placement? i.e. did you go in X" from the stiles?

I see that I misstated the width of my largest drawer bank. It will be about 29", not 32".

4-drawer bank (17" w):
Top 3 drawers - 6 5/8 tall each
Bottome drawer - 10 1/8 tall

3-drawer bank (29"w):
Top drawer - 6 5/8 tall
Bottom 2 drawers - approx 11.5" tall each

Single drawer over door (22.5"w):
Top (only) drawer - 6 5/8" tall

If I do the "rule of thirds" my concern is with the 3-drawer bank. I am comfortable using the 160mm on the two bottom drawers, but on the top drawer, being that it's not as tall, I'm wondering if the 160mm will overpower it. (With the HR, as the length of the pulls increase, so does the projection as well as the width. Therefore, would it look silly to have a single larger pull on the bottom 2 drawers and 2 smaller pulls on the top drawer?)

The other option is to just be consisent with the size throughout and do 2 pulls/drawer on the 29" drawers. (I really do like how they look in your kitchen!)

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The width of these drawers with two pulls (the actual drawers when you pull them out) are 29 3/8 ", the cabinet box is 33". The outer edge of each of the two pulls is 5" from the edge of the drawer. There is 9 3/8" between the two pulls (edge to edge, not ctc). The top drawer is only 4.5" tall. The bottom two drawers are 10" tall. These pulls are 5 1/8" in length. The height of the pull is 1". The projection 1 1/8 ". They are Schaub pulls, #742.
My 17" to 24" drawers have one 5" pull centered. I hope that helps. Let me know if you want any other measurements.

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Hi BlackChamois, I am new to GW. A 1st time poster, long time lurker! Pictures from GW really helped me with my kitchen re-model. I too struggled with cabinet hardware!

I used RH 8" Ephram pulls. KD recommended:
Less than 30" cabinet = 1 pull
30" cabinet or larger = 2 pulls

I used them horizontally and vertically. I was happy with the results.
Good luck!!

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