Loving My Interim Makeover

aloha2009November 10, 2013

Frustrated with the current layout, my DH and I decided to make a mini makeover to tie us over until we take the full plunge of knocking walls down etc next spring/summer.

All we did was exchange out the frig with the cabinets next to it and WOW what a functional and aesthetic improvement! I now have a 7.5' long counter and moved the frig out of being the "centerpiece" position of the kitchen. It visually opened things up dramatically (we're estimating about 50%). We had the same countertop as the rest of the kitchen (except the edging) in our garage.. We did lose a semi functioning ice cube maker in the process but being we don't use that much ice anyway and the dispenser was broken, it hasn't been missed.

You don't get the full feeling of how much more open it feels IRL but I know pics help to explain things.

Total Cost = ZERO in materials and about 6 hours of our time.

We had started to remove cabinets drawers before I realized we needed some before pics.

Relatively the same angle (a tad blurry though). Though I increased the counter from 5' to 7.5' it's like a gained a whole prep area because now, I like prepping there (my prep area has been by the DW).

We still want to open up the kitchen more to the great room, have island seating, add the 2 windows, get the sink out of the angled corner, have all drawer bases and better venting but at least I like my kitchen and it isn't frustration every time I even look into the kitchen.

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Amazing how such a little change can make a huge difference in functionality.

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Your change really illustrates the principle of not unnecessarily allowing counter runs to be broken up by tall items or a obssessive focus on symmetry that divides counters into two equal, but much-less useful halves.

When in doubt, Go Long!


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It looks much better! You have a wonderful space to work with with great windows and so much natural light.

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What a great idea! It's amazing what a little re-thinking and a goodly amount of elbow grease can do.

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Wow! That makes a huge difference.. What a great idea.

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wow, what a difference! I'd have been terrified of not being able to rehang the cabinets properly or somehow breaking the fridge. Kudos for jumping right in and making such a quickie fix with dramatic improvement.

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I knew that others on GW would appreciate my excitement, even if it wasn't the finished product.

It was so freeing to make the decision to move forward and just do it. Knowing it's only temporary & it was at no cost, makes decisions a heck of lot easier.

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Great job, it looks so much bigger!

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Big improvement! Looks like you've created space where there was none before. Magical

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Yay - What a smart change!

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Terrific change! You were so clever to think of that and actually DIY. So much more functional. Great job!

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