in wall over next to fridge

blondie859111November 1, 2010

Hi, I'm making some last minute changes to my kitchen plan that you all helped me develop, and need to add a wall oven. Is it ok if it is next to the fridge? Thank you!

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Fori is not pleased

Yup. I mean you might have traffic issues or door matching problems, but don't worry about the heat.

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Blondie- You might want to re-post your plan. I remember I liked it and you switched the U for the island...but for details, you might want to add a link :)

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lavlass, I don't know how to link to the plan rhome made me, of I would have. I will keep trying to figure it out. Thanks!

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The thing to make sure of is that the oven handle, and maybe the door edges, are angled so that it doesn't block the fridge door.

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To emphasize plllog's point - You don't want the fridge door to get dinged on any part of the oven that might stick out whenever you open the fridge door. Usually that means that you want a curved oven handle. One appliance guy we talked to said a lot of people upsize their oven cabinet to help give some buffer space (put a 27" oven in a 30" cabinet).

We have our SxS fridge next to our wall ovens, no extra cabinet space. We don't have any problems but we quadruple checked that the clearance was OK.

To fori's point our oven handles are curved and our fridge handle is straight. We didn't want a curved handle on the fridge but a lot of people on this forum have a big problem with handles not matching, especially if the appliances are close together.

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Blondie- Here is the link to your kitchen floor plan. If you scroll down, is Rhome's plan still the one you're using?

If so, how about the oven at the other end of cabinets on the back wall, so you have a place to set down items, between the fridge and the wall oven? It would be hard to turn and use the island, if people are sitting there. Are you putting the microwave above the oven, or elsewhere?

Nice plan :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen floor plan

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Ask and receive :-)

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Oh, thank you so much!

I am making the change because I bake so much and currently have a double oven. I'm not sure how I would do with one oven, especially at holidays.

The broom closet space is actually 15" of "dead space" because the back wall of it is cut off at a diagonal so I was thinking of putting the wall oven (single wall oven with built in microwave above) there. It can actually go in 14" from the left wall because of the depth. This would be all built into sheetrock.

Next here would be an additional 4" of sheetrock then the fridge. So, basically up to that point it will look like a sheetrock wall with an oven and microwave above, then more sheetrock, then fridge.

Then continue with a small coffee area like rhome shows, and my husband will really enjoy as a place to fix toast and coffee. I love it because it will keep the grape jam and coffee stains limited to one section of stain resistant countertop surface! Then on to a smaller pantry closet for canned goods and dry goods.

I am open for and thankful for any ideas, since my plans have proven I have not much insight in the area and the final electrical has to be finished this afternoon, then no more moving things that plug in or are plumbed.

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Blondie- Great idea about the coffee/toast area!

Where is your baking area, in the plan? I think your doorway is wide enough to be okay for the oven to open into it (I have a similar situation right now) but I'm not sure where you're going to put the hot items, coming out of the oven. With the fridge right next to it, I guess you'd have to turn around and set the hot items on the counter to the right of the stove. Or, go past the prep sink and set them on the island. This could be a problem, especially if people are over and you're entertaining.

Is there anyway you could put the oven on the other side of the coffee/toast area, next to the pantry? You could always make the pantry a bit smaller if you had to...and it would give you space for a small broom closet or if it fits in better with your dead space...what about some bookshelves for cookbooks and display, then the fridge, coffee/toast area, wall oven, then pantry. Just an idea :)

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Blondie- If you have a deadline for today, you might want to start another post saying...electrical deadline today, need help with final plan...or something like that, so Rhome and everyone can see that you need some input as soon as possible.

Your kitchen is going to be amazing and by putting the fridge and microwave on that back wall, you're going to have a great snack area, too :)

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Lav I have a favor to ask you please. I have npo internet connection todayi everything is falling apart! I go for my cancer checkups tomorrow and will be out of state for that for two days. I can respond to a post but not start one on my phone. Would you be kind enough to start an sos post for me as you suggested I do? I was hoping to keep snack area lg enough for 4 18" upper cabs- have a pretty config. Not sure I really need panrty closet anymore with all my cabs- maybe just a small one. Thanks so much for saving me on this. Sheetrocers are waiting for me to have electrical and plumbing done!!aargh! Thank u and hugs to you.

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Blondie- No problem! I'm doing it right now :)

Good luck on your checkup...hugs, back!

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I like the idea of framing in the oven, but am concerned about how far that moves the fridge. Actually, as long as you have the prep sink, that shouldn't be a problem. I think the only thing is the doorway/oven door hazard, but you have to think about how that will work for your family. Some know their kids or others will rush through there without thinking, and for others it would never be a problem. Think not only of the door, but getting hot things out and having to turn and put them across the aisle as your nearest 'set down' spot. Just to be sure, and to solve the problem LL mentioned about the landing space for hot things, I'd like to see the oven on the other side of the fridge. Could you shrink the broom closet any to shift things to the left and not lose so much of the pantry?

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Rhome thank you. What I have now is this left to right:
42" pantry closet, 36" fridge, 6" wall to frame in the next area which is a 72" coffee- snack area like you suggested, ending with in wall oven/micro combo. Should I make any changes? The reest of the plan is exactly like you posted it and I love it! But willing very happily to make any changes.
Thank you!!

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Blondie- I don't know if you can read the other post, but Rhome is updating your floor plan, which will include the wall oven/microwave.

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thank you!I can read both posts. You guys are amazingly kind! I will keep my eye out for it!

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No problem, Blondie. You have a nice cup of tea (or favorite adult beverage) relax and have a nice evening. Everything is going to be fine with your checkup...I'm sending you happy/positive thoughts. And your kitchen is going to be amazing!!! :)

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I'm reading these posts while my husband watches the news with all the not so great things. This has nothing to do with the OP's post but I have to say it touched me reading your posts and the kindness that was extended. I hope your checkup is fine Blondie. And to the other posters I think you are amazing, so nice to see good, kind things happen.

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Oh. I did this wrong. But, I am not seeing the point of having the oven by the dining table and so far from you while you're cooking. I will show the options I've drawn, but will also go back to the other computer and try your layout as described above.

Be back with the other as soon as I can.

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Wow, seeing it on paper, I think I like the last option. It gives you a bigger coffee/toast/snack area and the pantry looks good by the fridge.

That's your second oven, right Blondie? What kind of upper cabinets do you want to use in the coffee area? Anything fancy, to match the dish storage, or just solid uppers?

I really like your kitchen! Nice plans, Rhome :)

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Rhome, thank you so much! - am so in awe of how special and giving everyone at this forum is. I know I can't thank you in any other way other than words but when I go to Dana Farber tomorrow I am going to make a donation towards childrens cancer in the name of gardenweb kitchen forum members. You are all so thoughtful.
I hope the last layout makes ok kitchen sense. I like that the fridge and micro flank the snack area. I'm putting a 18" cab w breadbox then a 36 then an 18" trash beneath snack area. Probably will only use the wall oven at holidays but glad to have it incorporated. Thank you for helping meet my deadline. When I look at the kitchen plan I started with then look at this I am so happy I took the great advice!

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It's a beautiful kitchen, Blondie. Thanks for the donation :)

Maggie- That was very sweet. There are so many nice people on the GW forums, but the ones I visit most often are this one, smaller homes and cottage garden. Always friendly, helpful people, who are very caring and supportive.

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Thank you all! I am so appreciative of ALL the suggestions, and thought provoking ideas. I am at a computer for a minute while my service is still down and wanted to post while I could!
LavLass, I am going with Dynasty?Omega mix, Brentwood in pure white. It has a pearl type edge on it and it matches a picture of a kitchen I have carried around for years. Not sure which glass uppers I will use, but I did post on my own little construction website a picture you can see of what I am planning to do with the coffee/snack area rhome made for me. I hesitate to put up the link because truly I am not sure where I got the pictures and if I am breaking any laws, but I will post the link then take the pics off in a few days- just wanted to show you what I was thinking of and getting input. Please, if I have posted pics I should not, let me know!
Below the coffee/snack area I am thinking of an 18" drawer with top breadbox, a 36" something , then an 18" trash. I know I have a trash over by sink, but I think that's a great place for a trash/recycle double. So when you make a snack or toast there you can then tidy right up. In glass uppers thinking of coffee cups, tea cups, dessert plates and so forth. Some flatware in the top drawer of the 36". On the counter, a toaster and the K-cup coffee machine.
I am head over heels in love with this plan! I will post for suggestions when it comes to picking out actual cabinets, but I feel great knowing I can leave with everything moving along and no pressure of anyone waiting for me!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Snack/Coffee Area Inspiration Pics

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Blondie- I love your inspiration picture for the coffee area. It's so pretty. Are you going to do the beadboard backsplash, too?

Another trash area is a great idea. My mom has one under the sink and one on the back wall that way...and it works out so well. When people are over visiting, they can throw things away, without getting into her work area.

Your plan has turned into a really wonderful space and I know your kitchen is going to be absolutely beautiful! How exciting!!! Be sure you let us know how things progress :)

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