Pot Filler Location - center or side?

SkidkidNovember 3, 2012

I have been doing a kitchen remodel and I am going to install a pot filler. I am trying to decide if I should install the pot filler in the center or offset. The kitchen is pretty modern. Lots of detail below so you can give me more useful advice.

It will be over a new 36" Thermador 6 burner range, granite counters and bamboo cabinets (vertical grain). I am installing a stainless Modernaire hood. The cabinets are 24" deep, 7/8 solid panel doors, with 1/2 overhang on the granite.

I have the Moen model #S665CSL in stainless. That means it it extends ~5-1/2" out from the wall. The back edge of the stove grate is 3" from the wall and the burner is just over 6" out from the wall.

My concern is that centering the wall connection/handle over the stove puts it on top of the burner. Offset to one edge and you can't reach across the whole stove. Maybe between two burners so it is only slightly offset is a good approach.


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I have been working on this for a few more hours and I think I am starting to get an idea. Visually centered when retracted puts the mount point 3" off center. Conveniently that moves the handle out from directly over the center burner.

When retracted the mass is just above the spout. With that in mind, vertically I could put the spout 16" above the cooking surface. The mount point would be 3-1/2" below that. The grates are 1" above counter grade so that puts the spout 17" above counter. The hood is 34" above counter (I am very tall) so that puts the mass very close to the vertical center. Unfortunately, that can make things look low but given the hoods extension from the wall I think it works. Thoughts?

Is 16" above the cooking surface too high? Most of my pots are 10" or less but I am not sure I want it TOO close to the cooking surface.

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Sounds perfect to me !!

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My pot filler is 16 inches above my grates and I think that it is perfect. Your spacing sounds good.

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I prefer it mounted to the side so that I don't have to reach across the hot bubbling pot to fill the kettle.

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I have it all installed and the spout set at 16" above the cook surface. The flow for the pot filler is GREAT and it doesn't splash or spatter. The wife filled a 2 qt sauce pan the other night and it was perfect. Thanks you all for the help.

Hood was delayed so no hood yet. I guess thanksgiving dinner will be cooked venting through the 10" duct. I will post a picture soon.

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