update and need opinions! New subway tile option!

gardenwebnewbieNovember 14, 2012

After taking the great advice of the wonderful and helpful members here on the forum in my last thread:


My granite, it seems does change A LOT. Add in the factor that the warm and sunny summer light here in So. CA have diminished bunches, the granite seems to have changed tone altogether, no matter what time of day. The once light cream areas have changed to a more golden/amber honey with cream mixed in.

I have gone out and scoured some more tile stores. I found a store with an expansive Pratt and Larson line that just may have a good contender! Pricey yes, out of my planned budget, yes, however, at this point I am desperate. The plus side of this tile is it does have a bit of white in it around the edging which although overall not noticeable, would help it to blend in with the white window frame in my kitchen which at this time with the travertine, in my opinion, sticks out like a neon lightbulb. LOL I believe the various shading in the tile can assist with the fact that one certain color CAN'T be picked out of this granite at any given moment and essentially will corral a few of them to tie it in to the BS.

I also have the option of removing the granite on my window bench seat and replacing it with wood, which is what I really have wanted to do in the first place. We had extra granite so we had them place it there but it may have caused an overload and now a 'sea of granite' in showing in my kitchen.

So...short of ripping out the backsplash AND this difficult granite and replace with a granite with more true white to pair with a simple white subway, the idea of which I have SERIOUSLY been toying with as I am so frustrated...well, needless to say, I am running out of options and senility, both for my family as well as for myself.

The last photo is showing a bit orangey, I think it's because it's so up close. The tile in actuality is a true golden with perhaps even a teensy tiny tinge of khaki mixed in, which is fine as the granite can appear to veer ever so slightly that way as well.

I would love everyone's thoughts, opinions, etc. I need to know if it's a contender or nix it altogether. Thanks so much! xoxo

(more pics at the link)

Here is the coding on the back. I would love to be able to learn more about this tile. Any internet searches I have tried have come up short. I can't find any sample photos, kitchen photos, color name, nothing.

Here is a link that might be useful: P & L tile

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I have Pratt and Larson subway tile in my B/S. It is a crackle glaze like the sample you have and it is from their watercolor line. Pratt and Larson tile is hand make and glazed in Portland, Oregon. The tile has more of an irregular shape since they are hand made. I have been very pleased with how the B/S turned out. This tile was about $30.00 sq/ft. They do have an outlet store in Portland, if you have a chance to go to Portland. It is a very nice city.

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Your sample board is a liner (Box liner A), which is 3/4" x 8" and is color W71. There is a 2" x 8" field tile which is also color W71. Then there are tiles in the colorway of Cascade Blend #3, in colors W74 and C306. If you are considering these tiles, you really should order some current samples. Pratt & Larson tiles vary a lot from tile to tile, as well as from lot to lot. Which is what makes them so interesting. But you don't want any unexpected surprises that you might dislike.

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OK! This tile does look good. It seems to stay consistent in all your photos.
I agree with catbuilder. What makes the handmade tiles so special is that the colors vary. Hopefully the lot they are making now is close enough to the sample we are seeing here.
It just has to be able to blend in with the various colors of your granite and have the same undertone. As you know, this is why your travertine did not work with your granite.
I am hopefully optomistic that we will get you out of the ABB club soon!

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This new option looks great to me. I think the subtle shading variation is just what you need with your granite. If you order some current samples and they look like the board you have then I think you should go for it. I bet you can think of some thing you can cut back on to offset the increased price of these tiles. Good luck to you.

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Welll...I have sat and looked at this sample board for a few days now. The pictures were taken in the daytime. The first late afternoon night I had the board up, I knew they weren't going to work. The golden in them turned orangey, similar to how they appear in the fourth picture.

Back to the drawing board.... sigh.

In the mean time, I am hoping to have the splash pulled out and patched and then paint over the disaster that I am sure is under there. From there I will have a more color neutral base for which to place the tiles and hopefully get a truer overall look of any tiles I am looking at. If I have to live with it like that until I find "The One", so be it. I just want the existing one out ASAP.

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So frustrating. But you are doing the right thing by testing them night and day.
I lived for six months after I tore out my first backsplash before deciding on the Rixi.
If you can repair the wall and then paint it, it will give you some breathing space. We just left ours the way it was.
I do think you are on the right tract with a deeper color,

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Keep trying and something will talk to your beautiful counters.
In the same price range is Heath tiles and they are located in California.

There are so many choices- and yes i have many samples in the basement.

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