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janefanNovember 8, 2008

Yikes! I'm actually a little nervous to post finished pix! In the wonderful GW spirit of sharing an entire experience, this is a loooonnnnnngggggg post. But here goes...

First, a big, huge, giant THANK YOU to all GWers. Ive learned so much here and can only hope that my experience helps others. Overall, IÂm very pleased with my kitchen. Most of the time, I LOVE it. That said, not all is perfect. So IÂve created 6 categories: What I Feel I Need to Justify to Those Who Know (you guys); What Had To Be That IÂve Grown to Love; What I LOVE; What I Waver On Daily; and Miscellaneous Thoughts. So, for those who are interested, here goesÂ(otherwise, skip to the list and pix-no offense taken!!)

What I Feel I Need to Justify:

1. My big, huge, barrier island. I posted a layout months ago and rhome410 and buehl both pointed out that my island would be a barrier between the range and the refrigerator. Thanks to rhome, I slid the fridge from the right end of that wall to the left which makes the trip from oven to fridge shorter. Thank you, rhome! My island still would be considered a barrier island, but the fact is that it really works for my space and my family.

2. Outlets vs plugmolds: I was torn here. For me it was outlets vs. hanging cords. I think most people who use plugmolds probably donÂt keep the appliances plugged in, and as much as IÂd like to say we unplug the toaster and coffee maker, we donÂt. So, I just decidedÂitÂs a kitchen, it has outlets. Let it be.

3. Giving up a separate, formal dining roomÂDH couldnÂt care less, he was really the one pushing to lose the wall between the original kitchen and dining room. He doesnÂt see the need for a formal dining room for usÂwe rarely have formal dinner parties. My "vision" was to make the dining area a little more formal. Not sure I pulled it off. Either way, this layout really works for us and weÂre hoping to be in this house for a long time.

4. AirswitchÂyes, I know the current finish is glaringly silver in a sea of brown! I ordered a special Mocha Bronze finish for the button. Still havenÂt gotten the button. ItÂs on backorder and I was told that they now donÂt have any idea when it will be available!! Ugh.

5. Molding odditiesÂbecause of the slight drop in the ceiling in the "alcove," the crown molding is at different heightsÂyou can tell when looking at the upper cabinet to the right of the stove. CouldnÂt be helped.

What Had To Be That IÂve Grown to Love:

1. Originally, the entirety of the wall between the original kitchen and dining room was supposed to come out; same with that shallow wall next to the doors leading to my backyard. One couldnÂt be completely removed because of a major pipe. and the other couldnÂt come out because itÂs a structural support. That pipe is also the reason for the protrusion from that wall to the ceiling. Though disappointed about this at first, I now love how the cabinets and counter wrap around that wall; and with that on one end and the other wall on the other, a somewhat cozy alcove is created for that space. I think of these things now as architectural details.

2. Island countertopÂmy original vision was a beautiful, rich wenge edge grain countertop. Got a sample, LOVED it. Literally fondled it for an evening. My GC and DH were vehemently against wood for the island. Despite my assurances of super-durable, water-resistant finishes and the fact that I would welcome some dents and scratches as patina, they wouldnÂt budge. I couldÂve forged ahead without their approval, but decided to see if I could first find something that would be a happy compromise. I didÂa granite called Cabernet. It reads a pretty flat chocolate brown with faint black movement. It gives the same general look as the wood, though the wood wouldÂve provided such a wonderful warmth that only wood can give. That said, IÂm really happy with the granite.

3. The stoolsÂthis is very, very minor. Ideally, I would have chosen a dark brown woven stool, probably backlessÂsimilar to those seagrass Pottery Barn stools. However, cost, durability, and comfort had to come into play. With little kids, I just couldnÂt see having backless stools and I with as much use as theyÂre getting, I worried about crumbs and such. So, these will do for now.

What I LOVE:

1. The sinkÂcopper sink, 14 gauge, Dark Smoke finish from Copper Sinks Online. Love it. Everyone who sees it loves it.

2. FaucetÂWhitehaus New Vision Curved Handle. Retails for over $700, got it for under $300 because itÂs been discontinued. I worked directly with someone at Whitehaus via email and he was wonderfulÂfound the matching soap dispenser at a lower price for me, too.

3. Cabinet hardwareÂordered from Rejuvenation. Looks ORB, but is burnished brass.

4. Paint colorÂI just really like the way it works with the browns, greys, and white in the kitchen. ItÂs Benjamin Moore Nantucket Grey. Reads mossy grey/green.

5. The tumbled marble mosaic. This was a last minute decision when my GC said that taking the carrara slab all the way up to the ceiling (around the hood) was a bad idea. Turns out I LOVE the way the mosaic looks around the hood and I love how the band around the rest of the perimeter turned out.

6. The FratelliÂweÂre not gourmets, but I prefer the look of the pro-style ranges. The Fratelli was a great option for us, not a bank-breaker, but great visual appeal and great function (as far as I can tell!). I really love the look of it, the "dainty" knobs especially.

What I Waver On Daily:

1. Pendant lights over islandÂLOVED these when they were up without anything else in the space and most of the time I still love them, but there are moments when I wonder if theyÂre all wrong!

2. Carrara marbleÂwhile I do love it, sometimes I worry that itÂs a tad too grey for the white cabinets; I also think I wouldÂve been happy with the mosaic between the range and the hood versus the slab, but the slab will be easier to keep clean. I do like the slab under the AdvantiumÂwhere itÂs very nook-like.

3. Using different hardware on the cabinets in the dining space. I fell in love with the idea of a pendant pull, but didnÂt want them everywhere. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I think I shouldÂve just kept everything the same.

4. Pantry PulloutsÂwhen I first loaded these I thought they were a painÂtoo rigid storage-wise and I wished I had just done tall cabinets with pullout shelves. Now, though, I can see their value and I can reach the top on tippy-toes (IÂm 5Â6"). Could still go either way on this. DonÂt love the hardware placement on them, but that really goes under a new categoryÂDonÂt Love It, But Can Live With It.

5. Position of cabinets between kitchen and diningÂtheyÂre not centered on that short wall, but mimic the cabinets across from them, by the dining window. I let my GC win this one and I sometimes wish I had pushed for them to be center on that wall.

6. DonÂt really waver on thisÂI wish I had done all drawers on the window side perimeter. I just donÂt think I gave it enough thought. Oh well.

Misc. Thoughts:

1. Why the gold/brown finishes vs. silver/chrome? While I love the silver/chrome finishes with the white cabinets, I gravitate toward browns and reds and yellows. These are the hues in our family room thatÂs open to the kitchen. ThatÂs why I thought burnished or antiqued brass tones would work better for us.

2. IÂm still trying to warm up the space. I know I couldÂve gone with rich wood cabinets, but that part of the house is so darkÂdespite all the windows and doors, it gets only filtered natural light. Plus, I was always drawn to the white kitchens in all the magazines. I just felt it was the right way to go for this space.

3. Have contemplated putting corbels under the glass uppersÂthoughts anyone?

4. Big blank wall between fridge and opening to mudroomÂwas originally going to put a black bench there. Now IÂm thinking of putting two rows of white magnetic strips there for childrenÂs artwork, holiday cards, reminders, etc.

5. Used magnetic paint on the shallow wall near the doors leading to the backyard (and on one wall in our mudroom). Not very strong, though, so I need to work on getting stronger magnets. Those plastic magnetic photo pockets (if anyone knows what IÂm talking about) stick pretty good.

6. Will likely incorporate some window treatments at some point. CanÂt decide if I should try to find a fabric that would work for roman shades or do a dark brown woven shade.

7. Though itÂs counter depth, the fridge sticks out more than I expected.

The List:

CabinetsÂKountry Kraft Alpine White

Fratelli Onofri 36" EvolutionÂsingle oven

Kitchenaid 72" French Door Refrigerator


Zephyr hood

Carrara marble, honed, on perimeters

Cabernet granite on island

HardwareÂRejuvenation Arched Mission Pull in Burnished Antique




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Wow!!! That is amazing. You must just pinch yourself when you are in there. I love it all. So nice of you to give so much detail on your dilemas and thought process. I am sure it will help others.

I almost went with Nantucket I wish I had. The pendants are fabulous!


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Jane, your kitchen is just beautiful! I think you should add your other close-up pics of your backsplash and marble counter from the other thread.
I love the mix of the light marble and the dark granite! There are so many things to love in this kitchen -- the island is incredible, floors are gorgeous, cabinets, just lovely! Beautiful job! Enjoy it!

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Holy cow! That is insanely fabulous. Crazy terrific! What a transformation and I just love love love all your materials together. There is nothing cold or cookie-cutter about your kitchen ("cold" because white kitchens with marble can sometimes read as cold -- I say this because mine certainly does! [I love it, though], and "cookie cutter" because your kitchen SCREAMS custom, personal, gorgeous) -- it's filled with beautiful details which work so harmoniously together.

You had an amazing vision, janefan.

I love it!!!

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fantastic! i love it... the marble/granite combo looks so great together

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What a beautiful kitchen. Excellent mix of color and texture. Clean, and not at all stark.

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You have done a great job and it is a beautiful kitchen. Love your Cabernet granite and please show us a closeup shot of it. Your marble backsplash and counters are perfect with your alpine white cabs.

I find the space very warm with your hardwood floors, granite and the Nantucket grey. Such a nice combination of different colors and textures that you will enjoy for many years. Please post more pics when you get a chance and thanks for sharing all the details.

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Jane, answering your question about the corbels under the uppers, I do like that idea. They look fine without but I'm imagining the corbels -- they'd be pretty, too, especially since you wanted to "formalize your dining area -- they could be a nice touch. But post a closer photo of those uppers for us! :)

RM is right -- your kitchen is warm looking. And RM is also wrong -- hers is not cold! :D

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wowo! I had to scroll back up because I couldn't believe it was the same space! great job!

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I love the pendants! I also think a white kitchen is perfect for that space with those beautiful floors. You have done a fantastic job and it is obvious you thought out both function and form for your family. Enjoy your new space!

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Your kitchen is beautiful and warm and I too love the pendants. Well I love everything about the whole room!
I'm sure you're glad to be through the remodel and enjoying your new room!

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Love it!! I think it the gold tones look great and its so nice to see something a little different from the usual chrome/nickel/orb. You did a great job!

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Wow-What a transformation!!! It is stunning - you've done a beautiful job. Another kitchen to "save" in my files while I'm working on mine : )

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What a great kitchen! I love the pendants, and I love the marble. What color is your paint? I think it is the same as mine. I need to post pics of my finished kitchen soon. Yours looks great.

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That's great ... thanks! It's particularly timely for me (because this is all about me ha ha), because my dining room and kitchen are, like, exactly the same colors as your originals. We (kd and I) are going toward white cabinets, dark counters, different color island ... he is pushing a dark gray island (and probably marble top), which I think is gorgeous and unusual even though classic, but I'm sorta scared. Everything in my house is so much warmer right now ... but seeing all your colors like that makes me feel much better about it.

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Good gravy what a change. It's fabulous!!! I adore that island lighting (I'm a lighting freak...I'd have sixteen chandeliers in the kitchen if I could figure out how to make it work)

Wonderful :) You must be in kitchen heaven :)

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Janefan, your kitchen is beautiful. I enjoyed your "lists", especially "What couldn't be helped that I've grown to love". We also wrestled with an immoveable partial load-bearing wall. I was disappointed with ours as well, but I love how you now view yours as an architectural element. Sometimes it's those little "quirks" that give your kitchen its character. Well done.

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first of all, you shouldn't feel the need to "justify" anything. i myself am having not just a barrier, but a whole continent to serve as an island! while it will house an additional sink most here will balk. (we're not anywhere near done yet).
as for plug molds, you're right. if you keep appliances plugged in the cords look absolutely horrible. i'm going to assess as we get closer, but for now i'm thinking we'll do a mix. you're kitchen looks wonderful and i wish you very happy times in it. please tell us where you got the pendants. i love them! happy cooking!

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I love your kitchen! The walls are great, the stools fit in perfectly, the appliances and all the changes are just perfect! I love the hardwood floors in the gloss finish. What species and stain are your floors? Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on a wonderful renovation.

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Wow, I love it!! Beautiful choices, and thank you for such detailed descriptions and thoughts. I absolutely love those pendants....could you share where you got them? I would love to hang out in your kitchen!!

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So many things to love about yoru kitchen. I LOVE your marble! Those drum pendants are awesome... and OH... that space... what i would do for such a large open space! ENHOY!

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janefan - what an absolutely gorgeous kitchen! While I love looking at your pictures, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts/insights into your process. such helpful, encouraging info! Enjoy -- it is a breautiful space!

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I love it! I really like the range/hood/splash combo...just looks so RIGHT. Love the pendants too. great job.

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You did a great job! Your color choices look beautiful together and I love the pendants. You must find yourself gazing at your kitchen and feeling wonderful about how it all came together. Congratulations!

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Gorgeous! Funny - I'm looking for barstools like that. Where did you get them?

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Need to justify: Outlets vs. Plugmolds...just went through this and decided on outlets so let me add to your comfort since I noticed you have little kids based on the barstools. As I age I find my 5 foot self less limber so a straight shot that I can see to plug something in is easier then bending to see and fighting gravity to get that plug in. I thank my younger GC/Kd for pointing this out with grace and charm!
Had to look at your AWESOME kitchen again this morning, I'm with lovetocook9 and will be saving this kitchen in my 'file'. Just about done planning and thank you for sharing your thoughts too!

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

It is gorgeous! Warm and inviting. I love the cabs and counter choices. I don't think it looks cold at all. It is beautiful and inviting. I wouldn't change a thing in it at all. I would love to see a close up of the sink and the granite. I also love your range and if you find it missing one day.....

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Love it! You did a great job of mixing and making it your own!

I totally understand the "justify" part...being on this forum you learn so much and feel you have to justify for going in a different direction. I think the
common lesson here is that you make it work for YOU and you did a wonderful job of that, congrats!

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What a beautiful kitchen. You should be really pleased!... Can you tell me where you found the rug that is partially shown in one photo? It looks like a cream background with taupe floral design.

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janefan, that is one beautiful kitchen! I am sure you are really enjoying the new space (and making all of us jealous!).

Thank you for the details. It really helps to have a glimps at your thoughts as you live with your decisions.



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Maybe my post got buried, but I would love to know the floor species wood grain and stain or what your floor is since it is wonderful and perfect for your kitchen. Again, I love how the wall color and everything works so well together creating a stunning kitchen.

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Your kitchen is stunningly beautiful!

I agree it looks very warm while elegant!

I think part of the reason is your smart choice of the paint! Choosing a vivid while subtle color adds so much life and warmth!


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Beautiful kitchen. I too love the marble mosaic backsplash and I think it looks really smart where you stopped it. I also like how you incorporated the pipe that you couldn't get rid of. I have one of those as well, but I am more than likely stopping my kitchen at that point. It has been one of those really annoying design issues. Again, great job and enjoy!

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Just gorgeous!

RE: outlets vs. plugmold-- I just went through this with my hubby, since he is our electrician. In the end, we rationalized the way you did. We leave things plugged in, and the cords would look awful. As much as I think "House Beautiful", that is just not real world with two boys, and one that thinks he's still a boy. ;^)

I feel so much better knowing I am not alone!

    Bookmark   November 9, 2008 at 11:45PM
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I agree with igloo. I'm drooling over the pendants..where are they from?

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I LOVE the marble backsplash above your stove. It has such great movement. And I like your pendants-(they remind me of mine =)!) I saw a close-up of your pulls and they are wonderful. It must be terrific to have seating so close to the sink-dishes can just go right in for rinse off! So simple with kids. I also like the legs on the end of your island-and what an amazing island-how long is it? So glad you will enjoy your new kitchen in time for the holidays! Great job!

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And you were nervous about posting?? WOW! truly gorgeous. love the island with the pendants among other things. Great job.

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Thank you all for the wonderful feedback--coming from this community, it carries a lot of weight!!

rmkitchen--Just wanted to thank you and let you know that you and your kitchen were very inspiring and helpful to me!

pluckymama--I'll try to post a close up of the granite tonight.

jeannie kitchen--The paint is Benjamin Moore Nantucket Grey.

kateskouros, positano and jennabanenna--I ordered the pendants from This was my third or fourth purchase from them--all problem-free.

mustbnuts--I will try to post a picture of the sink and dark granite tonight.

bestyears--The rug is from Ballard Designs; it's indoor/outdoor (the space where I have it is a direct path from our back door to the garage--heavy traffic!). There were several from Ballard that I wavered between. I would say that it's definitely more of a dark brown vs. taupe--not sure how that color is reading on your monitor. I'll try to post a link below.

lynn2006--The floors were put in to go with existing hardwood already in the house...they're pre-finished oak (??) in gunsmoke. Don't have much detail here...just told my GC to match it all! I'll try to look through some paperwork tonight for more details.

cosmo nj--The stools are from JC Penney! I ordered them online--sight unseen. Had to assemble them myself, but it was easy and they were so reasonably priced, I couldn't resist.

stiles--Believe it or not, after worrying so much about the length of the island, I can't remember exactly how long it is! I think it's just over 11 feet. And you nailed it with the clean-up comment--so easy! Another thing that makes it work is that I can reach the sink from the other side of the island really easily. Plus our aisles are pretty wide and both ends of the island are open, so I think that helps a lot.

minette99--Thank you! Here are the shots of the two sets of uppers I'm thinking of adding the corbels to:

Not sure if a corbel would look odd butted up against the wall on this one:

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pluckymama and mustbnuts--Well, turns out it's hard to get a close up shot of the granite! Here's one attempt...I'll see if I have better luck in daylight tomorrow...

mustbnuts--here are two closer shots of the sink, but it looks terrible! The dark spots in the photos are not that dark in person. And I don't know what those white splotches are--again, I don't see them in person. I will say, though, that the finish does change. It's actually shinier, new "coppery" in spots where I guess the applied "patina" has worn away. I haven't tried re-waxing it yet, due to laziness and the fact that I'm fine with it changing--kind of cool to see how different elements impact it.

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Any chance you could get a clear pic of the Fratelli? I'm learning about them and saw the thread over on the appliance forum. So little info...Thanks!

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owls4me--below are some closer shots of the Fratelli. I also had trouble finding information about it...found a thread on but I just looked for it for you and can't find it now. Choosing the Fratelli was a little leap of faith. I can't remember where I read these things, but I remember that the company has been around for a long, long time in Italy, but only recently began selling in the US. I also remember reading that the ovens are made in the same factory as another well known, higher end brand...maybe Bertazzoni (range experts, please don't flame me if I'm wrong!!).

We've been using it for a few months now and it's been great. The burners are totally efficient, it's easy to clean, the oven functions perfectly as far as I can tell (not a gourmet, though). It's also pretty roomy capacity-wise, but I may be biased since I was coming from a horrible, horrible, small wall oven. And I continue to love how it looks (now I'm really going to get flamed by the function over form folks!). Anyway, here are the pictures:

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Janefan - I keep meaning to respond to your post but keep getting sidetracked!! Just wanted to add my two cents.

I love your pendant lights, I think they're just perfect and wouldn't change a thing about them.

Corbels below the glass uppers? Yes please. Simple corbels though, nothing too ornate.

The red fabric on the chair just speaks to me. Perhaps you could incorporate them into the kitchen to warm up the space, as roman blinds or chair cushions for your bar stools?

I don't understand how counterdepth fridges can stick out (although it doesn't look terrible, but i see what you mean). Were your cabinets in that area more shallow than normal?

I LOVE your kitchen - especially the grey paint colour, your hardware which is fabulously mismatched, and the legs on your island. Very, very nice.

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hi janefan ~
May I archive your kitchen in the Finished Kitchens blog? If so please submit the Category Checklist to give your permission. Thank you!

    Bookmark   November 15, 2008 at 9:35PM
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Don't know if you are still checking this thread Janefan, but if you are ... just wanted to know how your stools are holding up - I just ordered them in black - your kitchen is beautiful - hope you are enjoying it!!

    Bookmark   January 15, 2009 at 4:54PM
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gail428--just checked on a whim tonight! The stools are holding up really well. I had trouble deciding b/w the black and brown, since I knew I wanted to eventually introduce some black elements into the kitchen...I still wonder how the black stools would have looked!

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Absolutely love it!! What a great transformation! I think your idea of having the 4" mosaic backsplash and THEN the plugs above is the perfect compromise...sometimes it's tough when you have this gorgeous, fancy backsplash and then WHAM--there's the outlet. But this looks perfectly fabulous the way you did it! Kudos!

And FWIW...I found that I deliberated over Plugmold after I found it on here (and thought it was the best thing I had heard of since sliced bread or toekick drawers!). I actually did half of my kitchen with it...and the area with the coffee pot and mixer without. So as long as you think about YOUR usage of the kitchen, lifestyle, age, etc....and not what everyone else thinks...most of the decisions come out right in the end.

Sarah from Albany, NY

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I second redroze on the corbels. And I thought I had responded already, but I didn't: I love your kitchen. It's warm and soothing and clean. All things I need in my hectic, clattery life. You must be so happy! Enjoy!

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