Help with 80's oak kitchen!!!

kbk_84November 23, 2012

Hello all!

I need some help on what to do with our 80's kitchen. My thoughts are right now are to paint the cabinets an off-white, change hardware to oil rubbed broze, add new countertops and flooring. Also maybe replacing the upper cabinet doors to get rid of the arches? Can I pull this off with keeping the trim and doors still the oak color??? Any thoughts, suggestions are appreciated. Thank you much!! (any tips on uploading photos? says mine are too big?)

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For photos, I use Flickr.

I am not a layout guru, but my first question is how much do you want to change? Do you love the function of your layout today? Or are you planning to keep this layout to keep the cost down?

Have you seen the Rustoleum Cabinet transformations stuff? I have not used it, but it has been used on oak cabinets before.

The only advice I can give is that painting cabinets requires really good quality paint and good technique. Cabinets take a lot of use (abuse?) and a paint made for walls is not likely to hold up as well as an enamel paint or other formulation made for furniture. A friend did this (paint, granite, new hardware, marble backsplash) and the results were GORGEOUS.

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I just did our 1984 kitchen and posted pics on the thread below.

Here is a link that might be useful: our update...

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I did something very similar with my last house. I had arched uppers but left them and had a few cut for glass. They are on this link (which has some other painted cabinets);

I'd strongly suggest having them professionally sprayed.

Here is a link that might be useful: painted cabinet thread.

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I agree if you are going white go professionally sprayed.

However, you might consider a dark inky stain that would
work with the rich texture of the wood.

Here is a photo of my old oak bathroom turned into a new space.

Note the hideous 80s stripe wallpaper. FUGLY.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh so much more sooothing...

And then of course here are some other beauties that
might inspire you.

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thanks everyone... what abiout keeping my trimwork oak and having the white cabinets...I posted a link for the pictures above!

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If you look at the link I posted you'll see my window trim remained stained. You can't see the other trim in the pics but it was stained.

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If you look tat the pics in my link, my cabinets are white with white moulding but the trim in my home and all windows mullions remains a walnut color. In our kids bathroom, we put in white moulding and crown moulding, but the walnut window trim and walnut mullions remain.

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