Wolf range arrived damaged, would you keep it if this happened...

threeapplesNovember 18, 2012

they offered us a $1500 discount if we keep it. I worry that, though it looks cosmetic, it might have done something to the inside of the range. My husband looked it over and said the inside seemed fine. It has a 3 year warranty. This side will be up against cabinetry. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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can you look inside? did they tell you how it happened? it just looks like a ding on the side...

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The problem with the warranty is that they will try to fix it when something goes wrong. Could you ask them to agree that if you have more than, say, 3 problems, they will replace it and you pay the difference? Also, what exactly is covered by the warranty? Are there still charges for the service call?
I'm saying this because I once had a slightly dented Miele washer. Well, it broke constantly, which was then fixed for free until the next problem. Of course, in the meantime, I had no washer. After about 8 years, and a long list of repairs and letters/emails/phone records, I got a new Miele washing machine with a huge discount. Still, it was a big pain (and I got to know pretty much everybody who worked at Miele, from the local repair main up to the head of Miele USA.)

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They don't know how it happened. I'll see about discussing the warranty with them.

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Well, I'm a retired insurance agent, so my perspective may be different.
Question 1- Are you content to buy a " dented and dinged sale item"?

2_ Did they look at it, or was it assessd for damage to internal parts, especially gas lines and burners.

3-Will it be added in writing on the warranty contract, that this damage is not a pre-exisitng condition, and all warranties apply as if it were undamaged?

My experience dictates that they look at it, and say don't worry, and it is not documented properly, and problems could arise. Looks like it was hit pretty hard, and who knows what else was damaged?

No, I would not accept it, even with a discount.

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Make sure it has full warranty, which I'm betting it will, and then consider: Would you have been happy to buy it from the scratch and dent area of the store in that condition for that price? Some are happy with a dented good deal and some want new and perfect. Depends on which you are, I think.

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Looks like a scratch and dent issue. Ask to have the item looked at by a certified Wolf service person to confirm there is no damage that impacts the function. If it checks out take the discount. I have purchased many scratch and dent items with no problems. Our Wolf L Series double oven is a floor model and the control panel display lighting was not as bright for the lower oven. Wolf sent out a service person and the entire control panel is being replaced under warranty. What can you do with that extra $$$$?

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i have a similar story about a viking range that broke for every holiday for over a year... it was a gas range but it had electric ignition and that is what kept failing and then i couldn't use the oven. if i could have carried it, i would have buried it in the back yard.

the problem is most repair people just follow a defined process. they kept replacing the wiring harness. finally i took a good look at the failed harness and i could see that the insulation was burned off and then i looked at how they were routing the harness and i could see it touching a piece of metal... when i ran the oven long enough it was melting the insulation. i made them reroute the harness and never had another issue.

but my point is that most repair people these days just blindly replace parts. they aren't problem solvers. so i agree with nosoccermom...get a deal like she says.

you know, i always hated that stove, even after it worked.

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I would not accept it without a significant discount and an extended warranty.

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Wolf's warranty does not cover damage in shipping and handling--we bought it from an appliance store out of state. After flipping out, my husband pointed out that the dent is only a small circular dent, that dark wavy line is a reflection from the garage. i'm obviously going to go inspect it myself tomorrow (dh was there when it was delivered today).

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Wanted to mention one thing in the event that you do decide to keep it. If whatever caused the damage did in fact give the range enough of a jolt to damage something internally, consider that the techs may have to move your range out from against the wall for future repairs.

I recall at least one person on this forum had damage to countertops and/or cabinets when the repairmen slid the range out to repair it.

If you have fragile countertops like marble or soapstone, this may be a consideration.

That said, $1500 is a lot of money. For $500, I'd likely ask for a new range, but for $1500, I'd be tempted to roll the dice and take the discount.

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well, our stainless fridge door now has a small dent from opening the door when the fridge was pushed in too far and the door hit the wood trim. i think those stainless "skins" dent pretty easily... something similar could have happened to your stove. if that is all that happened, you are golden.

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I can't imagine that that tiny little dent would have damaged any of the internals. I'd try to weasel a little more compensation out of them but would be content with the $1500 offer.

Once installed, you'll never see the dent again and, after a few years, will probably forget that it was ever dented in the first place.

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We bought a floor model Wolf all gas range (sight unseen). When it was delivered, there was a dent on the top front metal piece. We called the appliance shop who arranged for a repair main to come and replace those parts at no cost to us. The range has worked great since them...we've had no problems with it other than the small rubber feet on the stop top grates breaking off. But I called Wolf and they shipped us out all new ones (with a new design with attached metal feet instead of rubber) again at no cost to us. If it is a cosmetic dent only I'd take the $1500.

Could you hook it up and confirm that everything is working properly before you decide. Would the appliance store agree to that?

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I personally wouldn't accept the range - you bought a new one, not a damaged one. Yes, $1500 is a lot of money, but you could have problems down the road, and as you already said, the warranty won't cover damage caused by the shipping.

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i bought a 30" AG wolf at a scratch and dent with the same issue. Saved a similar amount and it has worked perfectly fine. I say buy it and save the money for something else!

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you can have problems even if no damage... my fp oven was incorrectly wired.

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I agree with the earlier post...what could cause that much damage, while it was packed? If it gets dinged up on the showroom floor, it was probably a lot less of a hit than getting that dinged up while packed for shipping.

I'm certainly not an expert...just my two cents.

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I would be very tempted to take the deal IF it truly is just a small dent. You will never see the dent since the range will be pushed between two cabinets and yes I automatically think of what I could do with that extra money. The only thing that gives me pause is that you do not know how the dent occurred. Was it dropped? or was it just leaned against something that created the dent? I would push for great warranty coverage and see what you can get to protect yourself.

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I agree with Weissman, but it looks like we are in the minority.

If I had the budget to afford a Wolf, I'd want it to be perfect, and not have to worry about it. You expend so much time and effort designing and building your beautiful dream kitchen, and then you get the dented range.

I would think that an expensive range like a Wolf would be packed and shipped carefully from the manufacturer. Wolf is one of those companies that takes pride in that sort of thing. So my wheels are turnin', thinking, "what on earth caused that, where was it when the dent happened, why didn't it arrive at my house in its original manufacturer's packaging, and what else might have happened?"

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$1500 for a skin blemish you won't ever see?

Lucky You!

If it looks in any way that there was forklift damage or that something was dropped, that may be different.

It appears that it's a ding--no big deal.

Can you have your installer offer his opinion?

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We had a small dent on the bottom front panel of our GE Monogram range, caused by improper placement of the dolly when they unloaded it from the truck. GE replaced the cosmetic part, paid for a full service inspection, and gave us a 5-year extended warranty (only came with 1 yr standard).

I would have loved $1500!! But only in addition to the extended warranty, not instead of it.

I would ask for an extended warranty (maybe ask for 3 additional years so 6 years in total, settle for 5/2 if they counter) in addition to the cash. If they give you the cash plus extended warranty I'd take it. If it's just the discount I'd rather have a new range ... as it's the unseen longer-term issue I'd be more concerned with personally.

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the store we bought it from said they'd fix the stainless steel panel and, while it's being fixed, inspect the entire stove. it was the delivery guy who said they'd likely give us money to keep it, but when my husband spoke to the appliance store they mentioned nothing of money in exchange for the dented range. i'm not sure i want it "fixed," but rather would prefer a new range altogether. it arrived in the wolf packaging. we have no idea how it became damaged.

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Oh three apples,
Ask for a new one, actually demand one. You don't need anymore headaches. I'm also sending you a virtual hug because you just can't catch a break!

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I would not take it.

I see the point about the money, but... you are spending A LOT on this item. The discount, in comparison, is insufficient. I would not want anything else other than perfection, especially when the dent may just be the tip of the iceberg and there is no way to actually determine what happened. You will have no recourse with Wolf if something happens down the line -that is potentially related to this damage- simply because you took the money. Just my opinion.


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Sorry this happened to you!

Having recently purchased a DF 48 inch Wolf range (being installed tomorrow, fingers crossed), paying that amount of money and this happened to me, I would ask for a new one. Even if all was deemed well inside the unit, it would always bug me knowing the large dent was there.

Was the box dented?

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thanks for the hug, chris. :)

many things in our house are looking great--the tile jobs are fantastic, the trim is looking perfect, the doors are great, etc.

but, yes, we've been through the ringer.

the dent is actually very small (the dark colors on the range are reflections from other things in the garage). but, yes, i'm demanding a new one tomorrow (or having my husband do so). let's hope the appliance store will comply.

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sorry for the headache! is the range dual fuel or all gas? if it is all gas, i would take the discount because all gas models tend to be simpler and i think wolf ranges are built like tanks! but if dual fuel, i am not sure i would accept the damage without further inspection since sometimes the electronics could have been damaged. good luck with the appliance store!

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Take the discount.

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If I understand correctly, they're not offering a discount, they're offering to fix it? No freakin' way! I'd demand that thing be taken away and a new one in Wolf shipping packaging be sent in its place. This is not a scratch that happened when a delivery guy got too close to the door trim, this happened while in the packaging, which to me says it could have been a big impact that caused what resulted in a small dent. Under no circumstances would I let them replace anything and call it a new range. That's just wrong.

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Fori is not pleased

You're spending enough money that $1500 is nothing. Insist on a replacement.

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