UK Wood-fired Cookers + bunnies, especially for Lavendar Lass

liriodendronNovember 14, 2012

I rarely start threads but this link was too good to leave out.

Laughable and Lavendar's comments on Laughable's recent thread caused me to re-canvas the world of wood-fired cookers.

That lead me to this English company (they will sell in the US, in case you want one) which makes AGA-style but not AGA-branded English cookers, at least one of which is fueled by wood.

The Gallery link provided what I hope is a treat for LL: Bunnies and a wood-fired cooker. (The Bunny tiles may be available separate from the stoves). You will see kitchen chickens are still popular in the UK.

The cookers are pricey (@ a bit less than 6K pounds in the UK); who knows what here. But if you were looking for a modern (as opposed to my mid 19th c Stewart) wood-fired range with sophisticated design and clean-burning, wood combustion-technology you might want to look at these. They are DEFRA-certified so usable even in the most-restricted central London air quality zone.

One intriguing thought I had was that combining this range with a domino of induction burners, and maybe an electric speed oven would provide a very interesting combo if you also had solar panels and a source of wood ..........(or so sez the gal with panels and a woodlot) Very flexible and completely renewable fuel sources, unlike my current propane range. Hmmmmm.



Here is a link that might be useful: Wood cookers and wabbits (a bit slow loading, but worth it)

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Oh those tiles are fantastic !

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Interesting that that site calls out that wood cookers fall through the cracks of US regulatory agencies being neither electric (UL) or gas (CSA), so their wood-fired cookers don't have (or legally need) any sort of government approval to be sold in the States as do other appliances.

Are there any safety regulations for wood stoves in the UK?

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There are air-flow and ventilation regulations, and smoke regulations that would apply, but solid fuel stoves have been around for a very long time in the UK: AGAs can operate on wood, coal, oil or gas, as can most if not all of their competitors such as Rayburn and so on.

According to Wikipedia, the US pollution rules would apply, and these may vary from town to town (our next town, here in CT, has stricter rules on smoke nuisance, for example, than my town).

The bunnies are from Beatrix Potter illustrations for Peter Rabbit - instantly recognised by any Brit!

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Those are beautiful stoves, Liri! Sigh, they throw me into a tailspin. How I love the idea of a cook stove. If we heat our home with wood anyway, why not cook on it, heat our tea water on it, cook beans and stew on it, raise bread by it, incubate yogurt nearby, warm our toes by it....

Lehman's sells quite a few wood cookstoves. Almost all of the reviews are amazing, many are from longtime owners.

Some are very utilitarian, like the one I saw in an Amish home, some are downright purdy, and some are massive, like the Pioneer Maid. One is an Aga style like the ones you linked in the UK. For $9k.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood Cookstoves at Lehman's

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I visited the Lake District, a beautiful magical place. Thanks to Beatrice Potter.

"When she died on 22 December 1943, Beatrix Potter left fourteen farms and 4000 acres of land to the National Trust, together with her flocks of Herdwick sheep."-from Visit Cumbria website

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Here are a bunch more cookstoves. I really like the description of how the Kitchen Queen heats its oven. And it's supposed to heat up to a 2500 sq. ft. home. Not too shabby. It's supposed to heat up to 40 gallons of water an hour, too, if one was wanting to get rid of their hot water bill in the winter time.

Here is a link that might be useful: More wood cookstoves, including Kitchen Queen

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All right, Liri, you've created a monster! Here's a beauty of a stove, and it's more reasonably priced than the one at Lehman's. I like that you can see the fire. Base price, $5,600.

Here is a link that might be useful: Esse Lionheart stove at Obadiah's

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L- Thank you for the great link! Exactly what I needed, today :)

Nice to see I'm not the only one, with bunnies in the kitchen (LOL)

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Lehmans in Kidron is 10 miles from my house.

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Lucky you! : )

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